"Drona" By Team Inferno - Extracting 240 Kms Per Liter

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Oct 23, 2013
Traversing a distance of 250km one a measly one litre of petrol is no mean task. Yet, a student team from MVIT College has handled the same with aplomb! The Shell Eco Marathon, a yearly international event draws in teams from across the world to participate in building prototypes which touch unrealistic mileages of >500km/L! Team Inferno took part in this prestigious event first in 2012 with a car nicknamed “Drona” which delivered a mind-boggling 240km/L!

What started out as a competition transformed into an entrepreneurial experience with a steep learning curve. Technical details being paramount, the team roped in sponsors who provided critical support in the design and production of the final product. After clearing a couple of theoretical and technical rounds which were basically an appraisal of the design features of the prototype, Shell awarded the team with cash incentives. Now all that remained was to accompany the car to Malaysia on a voyage that marked a turning point in the competition.

The actual event turned out to be runaway success. Teams from all over the world were on the same stage as theirs and what an experience it was! They were one of the best teams from India and even got the opportunity to compete against a Pakistani team (all in good faith!) The team came back to India, enriched, rejuvenated and inspired to come up with a better performance than before.
The result: Vidur; their entry to the 2014 edition of the same event. Featuring an improved engine with innovative upgrades and a vastly improved design, with changes all over the board, this team from Bangalore will seek to sizzle the competition and hopefully tip the scales in their favour!



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