Drive / Ride Long and Prosper

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Aug 9, 2016
Hi folks,

I am happy to join this forum and hope to learn a lot from other car/bike lovers like myself. Here is a little bit about myself.

The name is Anirban. I am based in Noida currently and work as a Marketing professional in the manufacturing sector. The vehicles i own currently are a ratty old (but trusty) 2008 Swift and a cute little 2015 Nano. Vehicles i have owned in passed in chronological order are: 1992 RX100, 2004 Pulsar DTSI v1, 2009 Pulsar 220fi, 2009 Ninja 250R.

I have been off bikes for a while now but have decided to dive back in, this time with off-roading and touring in mind. The steed i have selected for this is the exciting new Himalayan. She will be home soon. Will update you as soon as that happens.

Drive/ride safe and cheers,
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