Don’t Stop People Riding Without Helmets, Fine Them: MH Chief Minister

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Jan 16, 2016
The city of Pune has been in the news for some time now due to stringent campaigns against the compulsion of wearing helmets while riding two-wheelers. This issue, in fact, has become quite highlighted as several politicians, businessmen and other prominent people from the city have joined hands to protest against wearing helmets on when riding a two-wheeler. Speaking on the same, Maharastra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis on Tuesday has asked Pune police to use CCTV cameras to zero in offenders and then send challans to their homes.


According to a report by The Week, Fadnavis said people should not be harassed on the roads for helmet-less riding. Apparently, he was visited by some MLAs from Pune which led him to issue the statement. To let you know, a full-fledged helmet cremation took place in Pune a few months back which saw support pouring from all walks of the society. Speaking on the issue, the Maharashtra Chief Minister said,

May 30, 2019
Navi mumbai
Pune has a bad reputation when it comes to safe and secure mobility here are a few examples of how Punekars have rejected some really good initiatives due to sheer bad attitude

  1. BRTS; where as now BRTS is flourishing in a lot of cities, Pune was the city selected for pilot project, the people however could never understand and accommodate the concept. Rather they saw BRTS as an unnecessary hurdle. I laugh at times when these punekars visit Ahmedabad and praise the BRTS there.
  2. Cycle Lanes: Pune was one of the first cities in india to have more than 100 km of dedicated cycle lanes. The climate of Pune also encouraged cycling yet again today hardly a few stretches of cycle lane exist.

Now coming to the current topic of helmets, it is utterly ridiculous to see that not only politicians but renowned celebrities and influencial people are supporting unsafe riding practices by voicing against helmet usage. Usage of helmets is as important in biking as having brakes on your bikes, people have to understand that this has nothing to do with law but it is about ones personal safety.
Now lets look at reasons what Punekars quote for not wearing helmets
  • It feels hot inside- then rather have a half helmet or keep the visor open
  • It feels heavy to the head- now a days all branded helmets are very light in weight
  • Cant hear the horn of rear car- thats nonsence all helmets are designed with enough grooves or slits for ventilation and sound
  • Cone of vision reduces- false the design takes into consideration maximum cone of vision.
  • Cant carry everywhere after parking bike- buy a decent helmet lock dude.
  • Helmets are costly- Bro! Is it costlier that your head? Most good quality helmets fall within 1000rs price range, comeon if you can afford a 40000rs bike you can surely afford a helmet.
  • Cant chew pan tobacco gutkha and spit- indeed helmet will not only keep you safe but save from cancer
Also another trend in Pune is that most bikers remove rear view mirrors, when confronted a few of them they say that it spoils the look of the bike.(please note that there are many responsible bikers in pune who pay utmost heed to safety but these observations are made with a view of majoritarian practice by bikers in pune)

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