Does It Make Sense To Buy BS-IV Vehicle Now?

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Feb 4, 2011
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I have a BS-IV Scorpio bought in 2011, which has run 1,70,000 kms ! It is in good condition and would run for many years to come.

With BS-VI cut-off going in to effect from April 2020, does it make sense to replace my vehicle with another BS-IV Diesel vehicle ?

At any point of time, 6-7 people in our family travel in Scorpio. So, my requirement is another SUV or MUV / MPV only. Our run-in is also quite high as evident from the odometer reading.

Budget is up to 15 lakhs only, not more than that. After going through models from various manufacturers, we zeroed in on Xylo H8 (will be going out of production soon or already out of production), Marazzo M6 and Suzuki Ertiga VDi or ZDi.

Mahindra & Suzuki have not yet released BS-VI ready Diesel vehicles. Suzuki has come out with BS-VI ready Petrol Ertiga only.

I have the following options:

1. Use my Scorpio till 2020 or more. Wait & watch for good BS-VI Diesel offerings from various manufacturers that come with in my budget and buy.

2. Sell my Scorpio now and get a new BS-IV Diesel vehicle with good discounts

Government is now saying that all BS-IV vehicles purchased before April 2020, will be valid through out its registration period (15 years).

What will happen after 15 years ?
Will those cars be compulsorily scrapped ?
Will car manufacturers offer buy-back scheme, similar to what was offered in some European countries ?

Please advise...
Sep 25, 2017
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If your Scorpio is running without ANY problem, then I would advice you to use your Scorpio till 2020. Or, you can just sell your scorpio and get a BS IV Marazzo or Ertiga Petrol (if BS VI is really neccessary for you).
If I was in your place, I would just sell the Scorpio (as it is aging, it might crop up niggles and problems) and buy a new BS IV Marazzo. And, I would, for sure, advice you, NOT to look at Xylo.
Nov 19, 2014
I second Drifter bro's thought - better to survive with Scorpio for some more time . The BSIV vehicles will definitely have a shorter period - maybe 6-10 years only (there will be a phase out ) .
Dec 6, 2013
It does not make sense to BS-IV vehicle now unless your requirement is a big SUV/MUV because Diesels make more sense here and something like an Innova will be a very good buy because the engine is bulletproof and you will get spares too. Globally all manufacturers are moving away from Diesel so manufacturer will not be interested in diesel tech anymore. The switch is happening but dont know how soon does it take to happen in India. And not to forget about the effects of ULSD fuel on older diesel engines. It basically a dry fuel so need additives to keep the injectors and fuel system lubricated. And dont know how long spare part manufacturers can provide critical spares for older diesels as Diesel car sales are becoming lower day by day.

What will happen after 15 years ? : Could be sold in small villages. (only prediction because 15 years is a long time. In 10 years time, it is highly likely that it is sold outskirts or in villages.)
Will those cars be compulsorily scrapped ? : Can't say, very hard to predict.
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