DIY: Replacing Mahindra XUV500 Keyfob

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Oct 20, 2011
Hi All,

I am writing this thread as most of the Xuv owners will face this problem of damaged Keyfob. I have ordered the outer cover body (only the front part) of the Keyfob from and replaced it myself by looking at some videos on youtube.

Although it helped me, but I will throw some light on the pros and cons of the keyfob which are available on some of the e commerce website.

The Process of replacing the same is as follows:

Before removing anything put the key in close form.

Step 1- Remove the Back cover of the key and take out the cell. You will see a tiny screw on the corner of the key, remove it. After removing it, use the screwdriver to loose the key areas from different parts, as the front and back part are quite tight.

Step 2 - Take the metal part out which is placed on the lower side.

Step 3 - Now take the green part out of the damaged part and place it in the new key fob.

Step 4 (Most Important step) - You will find a chip in the upper left corner of the key (See pic 3), take it out and put it in the new key fob, as this small part is the immobilizer, and without this the car won't start.

Step 5 - Put the screw back in and place the cover back and tighten both the parts.

Some of the Cons:

1) These key fobs are not the perfect fit. You will find the irregular gaps between both the parts.

2) I need to press really hard to unlock the car, as the unlock button is not placed properly, I think. Other buttons are working fine.

I will use this key as the spare one, as its better than the original one, which has all the buttons damaged.


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