DIY: Plasti Dipping Is An Art

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Apr 19, 2016
Indian's love Chrome elements. Atleast on the cars. But i was one of the few who didn't likes even an single chrome part on my ride. But got used to it for many years, till i got to know about plasti dip.
FAST FORWARD - My New Ride (Hyundai Elite i20 ASTA 1.4 CRDi) 2018. Used to come with say No or little chrome, and that all was visible only on emblems on the car. I decided to get even rid of chrome emblems.

PRODUCT :- RUST OLEUM PLASTI DIP (PURCHASED FROM AMAZON.IN) appearently that was the last red spray on i have seen in last 4 months. My friends request me to buy one from tthem even for double the price. But red spray isn't available anywhere over the internet.

PS : Will not make the tread long with posting whole process, because you can understand it better on YouTube video, in details.

If any doubt ask me, i will be happy to help.


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