DIY: Auto-Dimming IRVM & Anti-Glare ORVMs in My Maruti Swift

Jul 22, 2013
The steps for installation:

Step – 1: Using a flat-head screw driver, pull the ORVM glass out of the mounts from the mirror assembly*. The glass holder is what is removed from ORVM unit.

Step – 2: Blow hot air using the hot air gun over the glass holder (plastic) so that it is easy to bend the cover to free the glass from the plastic holder**.

Step – 3: Carefully push the plastic cover over from the glass to free it. The process is the same as used when a new tyre is required to be put on a wheel.

Step – 4: Once the OEM glass is free, blow hot air over the plastic cover again and fix the new anti-glare glass in its place.

Step – 5: After the glass is changed, fix it to the ORVM mounts carefully.

Step – 6: Test both the ORVM's for the electrical adjustments so as to ensure if they have seated fully-in or not. We are done and good to go!!

*NOTE: Exercise caution to be gentle or else the mounting pins will be damaged making the install useless (MASS will quote for a full ORVM replacement if it does happen).

**NOTE: Exercise caution as it is direct glass that is being pulled out. Wear gloves so that there no cuts / bleeding later on. The glass has sharp edges!

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I’ll let the pictures do the talking so that things are understood easier:

What the suppliers @ AliExpress had

View attachment 189388

What type I was searching for

View attachment 189389

Choices that I was offered

View attachment 189390

OEM ORVM - Part Numbers

View attachment 189391

ORVM Unit with the glass removed

View attachment 189392

Glass Comparison - (Left: Anti glare glass and Right: OEM Glass)

View attachment 189393

View attachment 189394

LHS & RHS ORVM's changed to Anti glare glass

View attachment 189395

Both Side OEM Glass

View attachment 189396

Anti glare mirror - View at Day time

View attachment 189397

Glare - As seen from OEM Mirror

View attachment 189398

Glare Reduction - OEM to Anti-glare

View attachment 189399

Last but not the least, here is the vision that I am seeing every day when I drive at nights.

View attachment 189400

Thanks for reading guys. [:)]

Hope you all would have liked it![:)]
Hi Anurag, I was searching a pair of anti glare orvm's for my amaze and I stumbled up on this thread. Any leads to where I can procure one?
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