Custom Armrest For Maruti Baleno Alpha

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Jul 10, 2017
Centre Armrest

Hi friends,

The Centre Armrest in a car does help in comfort on long drives in its own way.
The OEM Armrest of Baleno doesn’t serve me any purpose because it’s far behind for a 5.4” person like me.

Baleno has served me very well on all my trips, however, I always wished for an adjustable Armrest to rest my hands on long drives.

IDEA struck[gun]

One fine day I just thought of a Tailor made cover to be fixed over the existing Armrest which can be adjusted back & front.
Approached a shop nearby and showed him the AR, took the measurements.

Informed my basic requirements:

• It should be adjustable front and back
• Should not be thicker than 2”
• Should not be longer than 12”
• Should be strong enough to take weight when rested hand on it
• The outer material should be same as my Seat covers for Overall finish
• The top side should be soft

And to my Surprise, the tailor did a Fantastic job.

Looks as good as original, meshes with the overall look,
Is now at a comfortable place for my hand to be rested,
Doesn’t interfere in using the Handbrakes.
Doesn’t interfere in using Storage Bin in the Armrest.

And now to the most important part…… Cost?????

400INR Only

Side View

Top View

Front View

Top Bottom