Cost of Pollution Under Control Certificate (PUC) in Your Area?

May 30, 2019
Navi mumbai
Just got the PUC of my Tigor diesel done today, it costed me 170/- i.e. 110/- cost of PUC and 60rs was charged as 'service charge' by the PUC center, I had no other choce as I checked almost 8kms from my residence and only 2PUC centers were functioning and out of that, one wasn't offering diesel PUC. This certification is valid for 1 year so it looks good to me. This is the first PUC which was done by the centralised system realtime testing machine which are linked to the authority Database, all my earlier PUC were done by the older machines, infact once the person did not even insert the exhaust testing hose in the exhaust pipe.

This time it was a propper one, the guy asked me to align my vehicle to the fixed camera on his booth, this camera eventually takes the picture of my rear registration plate.
Opens the bonnet, conects two clips to the battery terminal, the two clips are connected by wires to a socket which is then connected to a device which shows RPM readings(this was also showing some emission reading when accelerated, i.e. it was turning green or yellow sometimes) which is hung under the bonnet, another cable runs from this RPM meter device, to a hand held device which the operator is using.
A hose is inserted into the tail pipe and a cable from the hose connects to the hand held device.
I am still surprised to as how do the clips connected on battery terminal give out engine RPM and Oil temparature readings!?

The operator conducted 3cycles of acceleration from idling at the lowest RPM which was shown around 700 on the device to around 2800RPM. Based on the 3 cycles the average is calculated by the system. All the readings were automatically captured by the system.

Attaching the certificate.

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On enquiring with the operator, what about the old method where a reading was taken by inserting the nozzle and making a manual entry in the Green colored certificate, he said, all those centers have been made invalid and now this centralised system is mandatory as the records are directly updated in the state and central servers.

I guess this is another step in implementing a strong scrappage and vehicle fitness policy.

Got the PUC for my Alto K10 done a few days ago, this time got it done from a different PUC center, I was asked to align the vehicle with the camera and this one used the regular nozzle in the exhaust, and not the advanced mechanism as used for my Tigor, but this system is also linked with vahan website and got a SMS fro. vahan, 5 minutes after completing the process.
On enquiring about the difference, the PUC center operator told this is the BS3 method, which has become invalid for diesels but are valid for Petrol vehicles. He said that the centres which have BS3 mechanism can give certificate for only 6 months and centres with BS4/6 mechanism can provide 1 year certificate. When asked him if this system will be overall invalid in coming months, he replied there is no clarity on that from authorities itself.
It costed me 100/- for 6 months.

Attaching the pic of the PUC Certificate.
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