Conditions Of National Highways in India

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Apr 14, 2014
Hey Guys,

Hope you are doing good !

I have seen multiple posts on TAI about conditions of various Indian highways. There are different queries for different highway routes and lots of members have helped us with their experiences with textual and pictorial details.

We do have a lot of information online about various highways but its mostly jam packed in paragraphs. I personally find video responses the most helpful because they give us the exact details in minimum time & we can relate to it more effectively. I tried to find a forum which can help me with such info. But couldn't find any. So, I have started sharing a series of vLogs about my highway journeys across Indian roads. The main character in my vLogs in the highway itself !

These are some of the vLogs about my recent highway journeys and plan is to share as much vLogs as possible going forward. Can you guys explore these and share your thoughts please. And also share what else can be done to share highways conditions even more effectively.

Mumbai-Pune Expressway -

Pune - Bangalore National Highway (NH48) -

Mumbai-Ahmedabad Highway (NH8) -

Pune - Nashik Highway (NH50) -

And many many more to come !

Cheers !

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