Ciao TAI. A Hello From Like Minded!!

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Jun 20, 2016
Hello TAI and the members(petrol heads). Thank you TAI for giving me this opportunity. It's been a while since I have introduced myself to someone . Last I remember, were my in-laws who successfully faced it.

I am Tanuj Kandari, currently revving in pune. I am basically from kotdwar (uttarakhand), a small town in the foot hills of himalayas. Being from uttarakhand (Garhwal to be specific) you can also call be hill boy [:)] I am currently funding by fuel expenses by working for a private firm as finance professional. I am also a hobbyist photographer.
My first drive was my father's multi color lambretta scooter. I still remember, how I used to enjoy weekend washing of the scooter with my dad, while my brother enjoyed doordarshan. My first four wheeler drive was office provided Versa. It was a common car for five employees and other four being seniors, were happy to sit and let me drive[clap]
Colleagues kept changing and so did cars, from versa to sumo to grande to scorpio. What never changed was me driving. In 2011, I gifted myself a pre-owned enfield AVL. Many miles already crunched with my BULL and she's still a great partner. Two years back I decided it was time a own a car (which i thought i would buy as soon as get a job). Being a finance guy, made a plan and started saving for next two years.
Two long years felt like doing high school again. In may 2016 the DREAM came true and became proud companion(i don't like being called as owner) of Italian beauty "Fiat Punto-90HP" A separate ownership thread will be posted soon.

I intend to be an active member and add my bits to this forum. I am here to learn-to write-to share.

C ya !! Keep throttling
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