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Dec 17, 2014
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Hi, You guys know that I have recently bought a Chevrolet cruze. Since My current music system was not working. Seller promised me that he will get a new music system. But Later as usual he lifted his hands and saying will give some money (18k). So I was searching for music system for cruze. My friend's have a Cruze they installed in-dash oem fit Caska and Megaaudio music systems it costed them 47k in showroom. Since they are Chinese rebranded craps and touch screen was not working properly and Audio quality was so bad. But all functions are working like climate control's and vehicle convince setting. If i install universal music then climate control's and vehicle settings will not work on the upper screen. That will be the problem. All are installing those crappy mapmy india,caska,megaaudio since they are supporting. Even showroom guy's suggesting me to install caska!!. Many sleepless nights i was researching on the web finally i got one. They installed pioneer 2 din music system with connects 2 integration kit for cruze. Connects 2 integration kit allows the music system socket to socket fit and works all vehicle controls like steering controls and climate control's and vehicle settings. But that was in abroad!! I thought to import thatt kit. So i was searching that type of integration kit for cruze in india. Finally one day i have seen a thread in team bhp. One guy imported that connects 2 integration kit from abroad. And fitted universal pioneer music system. It was working good. Finally i was searching in Hyderabad. I have Contacted many car decors in Hyderabad. They didn't have any idea about it. Finally one day i have contacted "CAR SONICS" his name is Anand Gupta(owner) and asked about music system for cruze. He was also saying about caska etc. I have asked about this connects 2 integration kit. He said will let me know tomorrow. I have sent him some pics in WhatsApp. Finally Next day "Naman"(Owner) contacted me and saying that integration kit available for cruze with panel and works all steering controls and climate control's, vehicle settings. I was happy but was quite busy with some work. After 4 days i have visited their store. It is very big and it is the oldest(since 1989) and genuine car accessories shop in Hyderabad. All types of accessories available there Hid,projector headlights,Led bar off-road light,music systems,amps,sub woofers,leather seats,bumpers, etc all types are available.
Naman is very helpful, knowledgeable and good guy. we went there meeted him. Shop was quite busy with cars. That integration kit available and choosed pioneer Avh-270 Bt double din music system. They started work on my car. The workers are also very good and cooperative. They have done very great job. They have faced a wiring problem (first owner played and spoiled the wiring ******[frustration]) initially steering controls was not working. They worked very hard. Finally they have called a experienced electrician. He finnaly solved the issue. Installed a reverse camera. Finally i have a great experience here. I will recommend to all tai members and my friends. They are very well experienced,knowledgeable, genuine, all types of accessories available.
Connects 2 integration kit: this kit will fit factory music system socket and allows to fit universal music system without cutting wires and works all functions.
I will be taking my Fiat Linea,xuv 500 here since have a great experience here.
@ music_swift I recommend you to take your new vento to car sonics.

Phone no: 9550010888
Address:Shop No 14 To 18, Bharani Complex, Ministers Road, Ministers Road, Secunderabad, Telangana 500003

Note: I am no way associated with these guys. Am just satisfied customer that's it.

Sorry for low quality pics i was lazy to use my dslr. I will post a video and some pics later.
Sorry for writing quality i was hurry to write because of some work.


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