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Apr 28, 2016
Recently Came across these two brands

1. Motofyx

They have partnership with certain service stations (not ASC). They themselves do not provide any service, However thay claim that service stations chosen by them are equipped with necessary tools and try to TOP the CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. Largely they focu on lower cost of owning and maintenance than any ASC. While our car is being serviced we get regular update throught the day on WHATSAPP as to what is going on with the car. One of representative of AUTOFYX will be there to watch car being serviced and providing updates on same.

2. Autorounders

While motofyx is exclusively into car maintenance, autorounders are into car maintenance + Car modification (interior/exterior). They have their quick videos on modifications done on youtube.

Personal Experience :

I have not had any service or modification done. But from the chat i had on whatsapp, i could feel that AUTOFYX are more responsive than AUTOROUNDERS. Yes they both have whatsapp based customer contact number.
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