Can We Refurbish High-Pressure Pump (Bosch CP1) By Our Own?

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Oct 1, 2018
Hello Guys,
I watched a lot of videos about repairing the high pressure fuel pump (Bosch CP1 pump) with common hand tools and it is really cheap and easy to refurbish them as per the videos.
Then why the diesel service centers costs a bomb to repair it ? Repairing a high pressure pump will cost approx. 17000/- Rs!!
( Bosch CP1 Pump is an Universal Pump, it is equippied in a lot of diesel cars including Swift,Ertiga,Beat,Punto etc etc)

In almost everytimes, the problem may be a bad gasket/O Rings inside the pump? They are charging about 17000/-Rs for only changing the O rings!!
Isn't a big fraud??

This is the high pressure pump repair kit
images (22).jpeg

Where can i find the cp1 repair kit in kerala?

Please help me guys...
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