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Nov 20, 2013
I ordered take a safari AC compressor from as the cost was less when compared to TML and price quoted by other shops.

The amount was paid on july 6. The promised delivery date was on july 13. To my suprise, the product was not shipped till july 9. Only to receive a mail, the item is not in stock, it would july 20 to source the item.

I was not happy about the delay only to end up requesting a refund. Then visited GP road and was able to negotiate a second hand AC compressor from a rear ended safari.

The compressor was checked and was satisfied. the cost is 7000 rupees. this shop sells compressor for all cars and the price is very nominal. they do fitting at your door step. anyone needs contact number PM me. the cost is 3500 for fitting, gas recharge, AC cooling and dash board clean up.
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