Bullet Classic 350 or 500?

Nov 5, 2013
Bumping up an old thread about Royal Enfield. I was thinking to go the biker way and thought ,let me buy myself a Bullet. Inquired for 350 Std/ 350 Classic. In Bangalore On Road pricing comes to 115000 /140000 . I am surprised by the waiting period . 6 months . Not sure about the truth about the availability. The tone of the sales person was not convincing. Can anyone give me a better option or make sure if these people are right ? I am seeing many bullets on sale in Bangalore in OLX.
What I would say is save more and more money. Get near to 1.8L and above Rs. range and buy the Thunderbird 500. It has the same Bullet 500's UCE Engine with more Grunt and punch. It is modern with many features to count on like projectors, digital speedo console, rear disc brake, etc just for some more grands.

If you want retro looks, then go for Bullet 500 as Bharath already mentioned.
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