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Jan 27, 2012
I heard "Ritz" somewhere in thread titled "Spacious car" , hope you did not mean space outside the Ritz.
With the front seat is pulled a little back, I found the space adequate. Surely it is not as spacious as Jazz.

welcome on-board! I will strongly recommend to go ahead with Ritz VXi ABS if you can digest how its back looks like. I have absolutely nothing personal against the car except for the fact that it has a straight cut back, almost vertical. I am sure you will not regret owning it since it is a maruti!
Thanks Simha. Yeah, many people dislike the rear looks of Ritz. I was fine with it. [:)]

one question to you that why the rear seating space is important to you? How many members you are in your family? Is the rear space is just for kids or occasional occupants or its your parents?
Usually it will be just two people. Rear seat will be used only occasionally.

As you are learning driving, I would suggest that after some time when you can get hold on your learning car, try to observe that what things are irritating for you and which are good things in that car which you would like to have in your next car. Try to observe by driving some friend's or relative's cars too as you don't seem in hurry and you should not be as its your first car.
As I am new to driving, I don't think I can make a good judgment of things. :(

I wonder why no one given a thought to Fabia, that is a luxurious and spacious car which has mature road manners. Only ABS or Airbags are not guarantee for safety, So if you are thinking for safety then give a thought to Fabia too.
I had never considered Fabia. I was unsure about Skoda's A.S.S and cost of spare parts and mileage. But I see many good opinions about Fabia in TAI. I shall surely look for this. Thanks for the suggestion.

I might have missed it but why is Swift out of the list! Petrol car and no swift doesnt make sense. Anyway, if space is a criteria then Fabia is also a good car. And IIRC prices have been reduced quite a lot.
If I am not wrong, Ritz is presently having old Swift engine which is very much reliable. Also, the new Swifts do not offer ABS in VXi version. Fabia is something which I will surely consider.

Production of jazz and brio will return to full swing by mid-February. But, still no idea when bookings will reopen. So, go for jazz or brio, if you are ready to wait atleast 6months( just like yoyr unicorn ) .

Ritz seems very good because its your first car and 1st car being maruti is always better. Sevice and maintanance costs will be lower and will have good resale value too. So, jazz>swift>ritz>brio .
What I know from one of the dealers is that the Jazz wait period will be at least a year. I did not want to wait for so long. Brio is a good car, but does not give that "Special" feeling as Jazz does + the wait period.

Also, as I am learning driving at Maruti, I get to see the Ritz always. Feeling more inclined towards it.

@All, thanks for all your feedbacks, really appreciate it. [clap]
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