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Aug 6, 2011
Meerut, U. P.
Re: Overtake or Takeover ??

Here also a lot of people can be seen saying 'takeover','cross' etc etc.

Takeover the vehicle and kick the driver out of the car [:D] and the car is yours
Ah,you gave me the technique of owning the Skyline.Now be careful on streets..I am coming to Australia...:lol!:
Jul 18, 2011
Re: Overtake or Takeover ??

@ vipul haha well yeah thats how I got that monalisa a guy names SAM had it

Superbad - Haha played that a long time ago.. Getherefast cheat remember hahah
May 11, 2012
Sorry to revive this old thread, want to share some of my thoughts.

IMO, there are three aspects of "learning to drive"..
1. Learning to operate the machine (read car)
2. Road Sense
3. Overcome the fear factor

Unfortunately, I don't think there are any driving schools which can teach you all about points 2 and 3, irrespective of whatever they claim. They have to come from within.

Early morning, when I take a walk in the city, I see many folks learning to drive at 6:30 AM. Are they really learning to drive? NO, they are just learning how to operate the car. I am sure, if you pick up any of the folks who are in verge of completing the course and ask them to drive in the same roads, after 10:30 AM in the morning, he/she will see a different ball game all together.

How do you know that the cyclist who is moving from the left side, would suddenly wave his right hand in some sort of a dancing gesture and will cross the street right through the middle without even waiting for an acknowledgement from your side. he will do it in a split of a second, as if the brakes of your car is in his hands :)

How do you know, the autos standing on the left embarking passengers, would not give start suddenly at the same moment when you decide to overtake him from the right?

The only way to learn 2 and 3 is by practice and practice and it will happen in its due course of time and its in your hands to shorten the time as much as possible.

My suggestion to the new joins in the drive family is not to worry, whenever you see situations like this, remember and learn from your experiences. There are no cookbook formulas which you can prepare in advance, the more you drive, the more situations will come and more you will be prepared.

Not to get nervous, when you are stuck in traffic, you hurriedly release clutch for your car to move, the car jerks, stops and you hear honks from all corners. Take a deep breath and start your car, concentrate on your car and not the honks, remember folks around you can only honk and its you who have to drive the car. Take it easy and proceed, you will do just fine.

Have seen folks who learn to drive a car after having driven two wheelers for quite some time, are usually fast learners, because they are more equipped in road sense and they have lesser fear.

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