Best AV ICE For Swift Under Rs.20K

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Sep 29, 2015
Here is what i need for my car -

Audio video with support for x264, mp4, avi if not then it should have feature to get my android phone screen on it so i can play them on my phone

Bluetooth not necessary as i hardly ever call or get calls

Preferably fixed unit so stealing is hard.

I'm not looking for massive bass etc. So just normal speaker should be fine.

Also i will ride it mostly alone . is it better to just get 2 very good front speakers than getting 4 avg. speakers in my swift budget wise?
Also what's the deal with damping ? is it needed or not?

Should i also invest in good wiring kit those that cost 1-2k when installing or thats for hi end systems with people who can actually check every minute detail.
Screen should be ok with nice touch. no chinese system that will probably get my car on fire ,lol

From my research pioneer is VFM and sony comes next.
Oct 8, 2011
Suggest you visit an authorized Pioneer outlet as Pioneer has alot of fakes in our market.

Pioneer has a headunit with 12000 budget that has a USB slot & no DVD etc

Front speakers you can get some components for 5000 like this for example India Exclusive

Since your planning to skip rear speakers i suggest you dont & add a basic speaker like this for around 2500 odd TS-G925

So with install & cables you should be seeing another 3500. I suggest you add speakers on the rear parcel shelf for better result.

Sound deadening have some waste cloth put into the front door & that should get things up as your not very fussy.

Edit - You mite have to pay another 1000 for the headunit mounts if required.
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