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Sep 11, 2009
September 2019: Continued - Brake overhaul

No-brainer-job first. Replaced the caliper and split pins. Just pull out old one and put in new one and lock with pins, just gotta be careful the pads don't fall off.

2019-09-23 14-50-56.jpg

Empty the brake fluid.
2019-09-23 13-03-05.jpg
2019-09-23 13-03-50.jpg

Wipe it off the paint surface ASAP, in case.

2019-09-23 13-03-11.jpg

Remove the bleeding screw. Keep a cloth to trap any residual brake fluid flowing out.

2019-09-23 13-05-40.jpg

Old bleeding nipple. Rusty and blocked.
2019-09-23 13-05-44.jpg
2019-09-23 13-05-48.jpg
2019-09-23 13-06-16.jpg
2019-09-23 13-06-22.jpg

New nipple in place.

2019-09-23 13-08-16.jpg

Now replacing RC kit. Remove the lever and then the pin..

2019-09-23 13-09-15.jpg be welcomed by a cir-clip that won't budge with the old school screw driver push. Road Block!

2019-09-23 13-09-29.jpg

Royally screwed. Reverse bleeded the system. Installed back everything. Called it a day.
(Filled from the Minda bottle to save the Yamalube)
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Sep 11, 2009
September 2019: Continued - Brake Master Cylinder Overhaul

Borrowed cir-clip pliers from @varunkumar2910

2019-09-26 16-37-21.jpg

Drain the brake fluid, again. Less than a week fresh brake fluid [frustration]

2019-09-26 16-46-35.jpg
2019-09-26 16-46-39.jpg
2019-09-26 16-48-11.jpg
2019-09-26 16-49-49.jpg
2019-09-26 16-49-52.jpg

Remove lever and the pin.

2019-09-26 16-50-56.jpg
2019-09-26 16-51-14.jpg

Access the cir-clip and remove it with the pliers.

2019-09-26 16-51-28.jpg
2019-09-26 16-51-59.jpg

Remove the piston.

2019-09-26 16-52-21.jpg

There would still be fluid in there. Pay attention not to spill over paint.

2019-09-26 16-53-28.jpg

Removed piston.

2019-09-26 16-53-42.jpg

Old vs new pins. That's flaking paint from an old quick botchy paint job.

2019-09-26 16-54-21.JPG

Pin is rusted and rounded causing longer strokes, needing extra effort. Just for this replacing the entire kit.

2019-09-26 16-54-41.JPG

Pistons - old vs new. Piston is in good shape.

2019-09-26 16-54-46.jpg

Cir-clips - old vs new. Except the dirt, it's also good as well.

2019-09-26 16-54-58.JPG

Bybre make. Some specs, which even Google didn't return any info.

2019-09-26 16-56-29.JPG

Hole through which fluid flows to and fro.

2019-09-26 16-57-59.JPG

Fix the spring and install the piston. Spring goes in first.

2019-09-26 16-58-04.JPG

Piston's rubber part will get stuck in the hole. Push down with something and it goes in freely.
2019-09-26 17-04-50.jpg

Install the cir-clip. It will fit in this position only if master cylinder is not removed from bike.

2019-09-26 17-15-32.jpg

Install the new pin.

2019-09-26 17-16-28.jpg

My favorite weapon. Mastered reverse bleeding. Did 3-4 times in last one month. Pretty fast and efficient. Needs less fluid and will take just a minute or two.

2019-09-26 17-21-43.jpg

And that 3-4 times did this as well [frustration]. Don't forget to cover the reservoir. Wipe off ASAP.

2019-09-26 17-23-32.jpg
2019-09-26 17-23-34.jpg

Position the lever and install it.

2019-09-26 17-26-14.jpg
2019-09-26 17-26-17.jpg

There would still be air trapped in it with freshly installed parts. You can simply remove some fluid with a cloth and continue little bit more of bleeding. Or it will escape itself with pumping a couple or times or with regular use.

2019-09-26 17-27-40.jpg

Fill to level. Close the reservoir. Done.

2019-09-26 17-30-35.jpg
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Sep 11, 2009
September 2019: Misc jobs

The screw story:

Brand new MC cover screws when installed in mid July.

2019-07-14 16-58-39.JPG

Condition in mid August

2019-08-22 14-35-01.jpg


2019-09-09 16-29-30.jpg

Condition in September.

2019-09-26 16-41-48.jpg

Bought Bajaj OE screws. Should be original Bybre.
Bajaj DE191030 - ₹ 4.80 x 2

2019-09-26 16-24-13.jpg

Old vs new. Previous one was bought from a non-authorized Yamaha service center.

2019-09-26 16-43-53.jpg

Wanted steel one from Dominar, but spare comes only in black per spare guy.

2019-09-26 17-39-48.jpg

Painted handle (again)

2019-09-09 15-18-10.jpg

Bosny Grey Primer + Metallic Black + Flat Clear.

2019-09-09 16-34-13.jpg

Side cover OE Allen bolt was lost at one of the service center visit. Replaced with locally available Allen Bolt. Condition of it after the monsoon.

2019-09-16 14-22-46.jpg

Replaced them with star screws. ₹ 6/piece.

2019-09-16 14-08-46.JPG

New bulb holder's blue color is too prominent and looks odd.

2019-09-23 14-58-11.jpg
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Sep 11, 2009
New tyre: Pirelli Angel CT 140/70R17

Been a fan of Pirelli tyres since a long time. This is the third Pirelli model I'm using. Bought it from Amazon for ₹5000.00, just a week before price dropped to ₹ 3970.00 [frustration]
It's nylon tyre and likely replacement for the outdated Sports Demon. Tyre was heavier than Diablo Rosso and felt more plasticy than rubber.

2019-09-26 16-11-14.jpg
2019-09-26 16-18-11.jpg

The reason why I didn't wait for the price drop or any Amazon sale. Wear accelerates just after a certain age. It was still grippy and holding well, even in rain, which is why I preferred it over MRF (know it's riskier to use racing slicks [lol])

2019-09-26 16-22-07.jpg


2019-09-26 16-18-46.jpg

Angel CT

2019-09-26 16-18-27.jpg

140/70-17 M/C 66S
2019-09-26 16-18-33.jpg

Made in Indonesia.

2019-09-26 16-18-39.jpg

All the fine prints.

2019-09-26 16-18-52.jpg

2017 make, 37 week. Should be mid September.

2019-09-26 16-19-15.jpg

Lightest spot of the wheel.

2019-09-26 16-19-24.jpg

ISI certified.

2019-09-26 16-19-31.jpg


2019-09-26 16-19-37.jpg


2019-09-26 16-19-49.jpg
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Sep 11, 2009
New tyre arrived in September last week itself. Due to super-heavy work schedule had to run on the bald tyre for some more days, 3 weeks to be precise, until one day it started fishtailing when I turn towards right, not even hard leaning.

Ran exactly 23409 km in 675 days.

2019-10-16 17-06-36.jpg
2019-10-16 17-06-51.jpg

Ran home slowly and took it to tyre guy. Cleaned the rim so as he wouldn't show angry face touching greasy dirty rim.

2019-10-16 17-28-02.jpg
2019-10-16 17-28-51.jpg

and it rained as everytime.

2019-10-16 17-29-20.jpg

Usual chap.

2019-10-16 17-56-16.jpg
2019-10-16 19-37-40.jpg
2019-10-16 19-37-59.jpg

Brake dust. Brake shoe slightly misaligned due to work brake cam. Added to to-buy list.

2019-10-16 19-40-45.jpg

Installed and good to go.

2019-10-17 08-34-26.jpg
2019-10-17 08-34-33.jpg
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May 16, 2014
Its looking damn good I must say.Its enhancing the bikes look.
I am already a sucker for tyres and stuff,and you bought the best brand.Love it.Well done.
I was only worried about the age as already mentioned.
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Sep 11, 2009
Aren't the tyres a bit old? Although they don't look so. I mean its already 41st week of 2019.
2017 is comparatively newer. Expected life should be 5-6 years, anyway would replace in 2 years max. Hard to find better bike tyres in fresh stock. CEAT is the official importer of Pirelli and most of their stock is 2017. Private importers get newer tyres, but they charge exorbitantly. Nearing 2020, the 2017's price will fall even further. They want to sell off before it's too late and tyre shops won't accept old stocks. Win-win situation for dealer and poor souls like us [evil]
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Sep 11, 2009
October-November 2019:

Bought Motul 7100 from Amazon, this time 10W50. Got for ₹ 636.00. MRP ₹850.00.

2019-10-29 07-41-09.jpg
2019-10-29 07-41-10.jpg
2019-10-29 07-41-11.jpg
2019-10-29 07-41-12.jpg

As usual, it rained.

2019-10-29 07-41-16.jpg

Got it washed.

2019-11-03 17-31-17.jpg

And changed the oil.

2019-11-06 06-36-40.jpg

Love the red colour and smell of 7100.

2019-11-06 06-56-43.jpg

Got air filter as also.
Air Filter - 21C-E4450-00 - ₹ 225.00

2019-11-07 07-21-50.jpg

Religiously change it at 10k km, earlier depending on condition.

2019-11-07 20-50-37.jpg

Condition - New vs old.

2019-11-07 20-49-50.jpg

Bought brake cam, which was worn out. Would be replaced with next brake shoe change.
Rear Brake Cam Shaft - 36L-F5351-00 - ₹ 56.00

2019-11-07 07-22-47.jpg
2019-11-07 07-22-53.jpg
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Sep 11, 2009
November 2019: My boy turns 10.

Still my daily runner, averaging 40 km a day.

2019-11-17 07-05-28.JPG
2019-11-17 07-06-05.JPG

Clocked 142k km.

2019-11-21 17-16-56.jpg

Birthday special wash at Florence Car Care. First time in 10 years with such a thorough wash.

First a high-pressure wash.

2019-11-25 11-35-12.JPG

Then diesel wash and degreasing.

2019-11-25 11-43-09.JPG

Soaked with foam.

2019-11-25 11-45-32.JPG


2019-11-25 11-46-20.JPG

This guy was doing from the heart.

2019-11-25 11-48-32.JPG

Rinsed with pressure wash.

2019-11-25 11-49-36.JPG

Wiped dry. ₹ 300.00, less than 20 minutes from start to end. Three guys working on it. This place was recommended by @varunkumar2910

2019-11-25 11-53-27.JPG

Back home. Silencer needs repainting.

2019-11-25 14-42-12.JPG

More love. Meguiars. Compound + Polish + Sealant

2019-11-25 20-19-20.jpg

My boy.

2019-11-26 07-19-18.jpg
2019-11-26 07-21-07.jpg
2019-11-26 07-25-28.JPG
2019-11-26 07-26-54.JPG

Dwarfed by the newbie of the gang.

2019-11-29 13-43-05.JPG
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Sep 11, 2009
December 2019: Rear Brake Overhaul.

Rear brakes are the most dissatisfied part amongst FZ owners. Many say it lacks the bite and makes a lot of noise. I have a mixed experience. Noise is often from brake dust or moisture in it. Coming to braking, it's low when new brake shoes are installed and starts biting after it's seated properly. But after all, I noticed a weird wear pattern, not at all consistent. The usage pattern is the same throughout and situation also similar, but life varies very much. Was so jobless that made the chart below [lol] Best of approx 17934 km to worst of 5774 km with a total average of 10188 km, but lately only 8000ish.


Brake Shoe Set - 1GCF530K00 - ₹ 281.00
Generic part for all 130 mm Yamahas.

2019-12-03 17-08-12.jpg

and consists of a set of two.

2019-12-03 17-08-02.jpg

Each has its individual part number and made by ASK. 5YY-F5341-00 and 5YY-F5331-00. Non-reversible.

2019-12-03 17-13-22.JPG

Springs. You have to buy them separately. Again, both are different and not reversible. No need to replace them every time. They are reusable.

Part numbers 90506-15001-00 and 90506-12001-00. ₹ 3.00 each.

2019-12-03 17-08-26.jpg

And they make a set.

2019-12-03 17-14-31.JPG

Rear Brake Cam Shaft - 36L-F5351-00 - ₹ 56.00
(Posted previously, saved for next brake job)

2019-12-03 17-36-49.JPG

2019-12-03 17-37-05.JPG
2019-12-03 17-37-17.JPG

Ready for install.

2019-12-03 17-39-40.jpg

Pipeline work aftermaths.

2019-12-03 17-40-12.jpg
2019-12-03 17-40-27.jpg


2019-12-03 17-51-34.jpg

Top brake shoe grinding against wheel drum wall.

2019-12-03 17-52-13.jpg

Damage inside.

2019-12-03 17-51-59.jpg

Complete disassembly.

2019-12-03 17-53-00.jpg
2019-12-03 17-58-21.JPG

Worn out brake cam. The suspected cause of brake show play.

2019-12-03 18-03-05.JPG

Old vs New. Slight length difference.

2019-12-03 18-02-39.JPG
2019-12-03 18-03-46.JPG


2019-12-03 18-08-02.JPG

Cleaned up everything and installed the cam first

2019-12-03 18-06-02.JPG

and then the shoes and rest of them.

2019-12-03 18-17-19.JPG
2019-12-03 18-17-36.JPG

All set and last wash of 2019.

2019-12-23 10-10-47.jpg

Another wrong part, saved for future. Asked him specifically for rear one and gave front instead despite showing the parts in the parts manual, but couldn't confirm part number as it was version 2's manual. Will replace the next time I remove the front wheel.

Wheel Collar (Front) - 21C-F5183-01 - ₹ 28.00

2019-12-03 17-09-42.jpg
2019-12-03 17-12-11.JPG

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