Barricade - Yamaha FZ-16

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Sep 11, 2009
July 2019: More trouble - Broken side panel

These were second set of side panels. Due to stress at mounting bolt, it cracked.

2019-07-25 21-58-46.jpg


2019-07-25 21-58-50.jpg

Solution: Bigger hole.

2019-07-25 22-01-56.jpg

This means they are not simply rubber but silicones ones.That good to hear.
But still keep a couple of them handy.
Yeah. Added to thing-to-buy list.
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Sep 11, 2009
August 2019:

Welded the seat lock. Got it done at Mahavishnu Auto Engineering, a small lathe workshop run by some young chaps, referred to me by @varunkumar2910. They were pretty fast and no unnecessary questioning like old guys. Cheaper too, took only ₹20.00. Learned that all workshops in the vicinity gets their lathe and welding works there, also including a couple of ASCs.

2019-08-20 15-46-30.jpg
2019-08-20 15-49-19.jpg

Painted matt black reaching home.

2019-08-21 15-39-54.jpg
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Sep 11, 2009
August 2019:

Thinking monsoon was over and seeing the amount of muck, decided to give a thorough wash. Removed wheel hugger for proper access.

2019-08-26 11-44-55.jpg

2019-08-26 11-44-49.jpg

Bathed in diesel.

2019-08-26 12-35-41.jpg

Then came the EB guys, turning off the electricity supply for changing street lights.

Sitting idle for an hour, decided to lube either steering or swing arm. Steering column won the toss. Didn't disassemble front end completely, inviting trouble, next post.

2019-08-26 13-29-23.jpg

There was knocking sound on hard braking, thought it was forks. Steering column was't loose. To my surprise, bearing set was in great shape.

2019-08-26 13-46-54.jpg
2019-08-26 13-46-58.jpg

Cleaned and lubed.

2019-08-26 13-50-22.jpg

2019-08-26 13-52-51.jpg

And installed back.

2019-08-26 13-50-34.jpg

After installation, headlight wasn't working. There was loose contact for some time, like it won't turn on instantly and needed turning handle to either side a couple of times. Thought it was break in the wiring. Removed the headlight again to check on that. Shaking the ground made it work, and the wire came off the connector [frustration]

2019-08-26 15-27-00.jpg

Got a ceramic holder from the neighborhood store aka Spark Automobiles. Varroc make and costed ₹ 65.00.

2019-08-26 15-43-08.jpg

2019-08-26 15-43-30.jpg
2019-08-26 15-43-50.jpg

Found more trouble. Oxidized wire [frustration]
Wiring kit got added to-buy list.

2019-08-26 15-46-18.jpg
2019-08-26 15-46-52.jpg

Cleaned the oxidation and connected the wire and sleeved.

2019-08-26 15-53-20.jpg

Taped the wiring.

2019-08-26 15-55-11.jpg

and just as wrapping up, felt something fishy..

2019-08-26 15-55-24.jpg

.. and it poured all of a sudden. Got just enough time to finish the job.

2019-08-26 16-06-10.jpg

Power came and washed the bike (while it was raining outside) [evil] again only to ride in rain again.

2019-08-26 16-36-33.jpg
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Sep 11, 2009
September 2019: More Trouble.

Sky started clearing up. Again wash time.

2019-09-03 16-38-13.jpg

And found the new trouble. Bent/broken throttle cable. Inner wire started disintegrating. While returning from work, throttle got stuck at 5-6k rpm. Had to use higher gears with brakes slammed to keep it low and played with clutch to keep it low in traffic jams. Even had to run a red light, which I never do. Took longer less traffic routes and managed to reach home.

2019-09-09 09-56-28.jpg
2019-09-09 09-56-40.jpg

FZ version one had 3 types of carburetors and 4 types of cables, so can't simply ask for throttle cable, either chassis number for them to lookup (works only with dealer). First two versions were single cable. Last version was twin cabled carb. So have to ask for single cable initial version or shorter version. I simply order with part number. No confusion, both of us would be happy.

Accelerator Cable - 21CF63110000 - ₹ 245.00

2019-09-09 10-37-32.jpg

2019-09-09 10-39-02.jpg

2019-09-09 10-39-51.jpg
2019-09-09 10-40-00.jpg

Replaced choke cable as well. Don't use choke much or rather don't use at all.
Choke Cable - 21CF63310100 - ₹ 115.00

2019-09-09 10-37-42.jpg

2019-09-09 10-41-46.jpg
2019-09-09 10-41-56.jpg

For proper access, need to take off the tank panels and front end. Mechanics often do without disassembly resulting in wrong routing, which results in high rpms with handle turning.

2019-09-09 13-42-03.jpg

Remove throttle cable first. Now the throttle valve is seen stuck way above idle position.

2019-09-09 13-48-29.jpg

Then the choke cable.

2019-09-09 13-48-36.jpg

Removed the carb to check the stuck valve.

2019-09-09 13-55-30.jpg
2019-09-09 13-55-36.jpg

Used Wurth Carb and Injector Cleaner, snatched from @varunkumar2910

2019-09-09 13-55-43.jpg
2019-09-09 13-55-47.jpg
2019-09-09 13-55-50.jpg

Carb bowl was clean.

2019-09-09 13-57-47.jpg

Sprayed through every hole and cavity.

2019-09-09 13-57-50.jpg

Only minimal dirt/residue.

2019-09-09 14-01-45.jpg

Carb slide full of scratch. 80k km on this one. Previous one ran around 60k km.

2019-09-09 14-01-55.jpg

Cleaned and installed back.

2019-09-09 14-16-03.jpg

Choke parts.

2019-09-09 14-21-39.jpg

Installing new cables. First the choke cable.

2019-09-09 14-23-00.jpg
2019-09-09 14-23-08.jpg
2019-09-09 14-23-48.jpg
2019-09-09 14-26-04.jpg
2019-09-09 14-30-06.jpg

Then the throttle cable.

2019-09-09 14-38-10.jpg
2019-09-09 14-38-14.jpg
2019-09-09 14-38-22.jpg

Old throttle cable.

2019-09-09 14-34-53.jpg

Connecting cables to carb, self explanatory.

2019-09-09 14-44-34.jpg
2019-09-09 14-47-25.jpg
2019-09-09 14-48-12.jpg
2019-09-09 14-48-33.jpg
2019-09-09 14-49-31.jpg

All set and done.

2019-09-09 15-10-46.jpg

Outcome was pretty bad. Pseudo-turbo lag. 3-4k rpm dark spot. Power builds up after that range. Plug turns pitch black in no time.
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Sep 11, 2009
September 2019: Continued - Parts Hunt.

Right away went to Muthoot Yamaha for carb spares.

Valve Assembly (Carb Slide) - 21C-14340-00 - ₹ 1,570.00 (Last time it was ₹ 1,425.00)

2019-09-16 13-42-50.JPG

2019-09-16 13-44-00.JPG
2019-09-16 13-44-06.JPG
2019-09-16 13-44-12.JPG
2019-09-16 13-44-17.JPG

Made in Japan. Euphoric effect, reduces the shock of the hefty price.

2019-09-16 13-43-16.JPG

Carburettor Diaphragm - 21C-14545-00 - ₹ 870.00

Again made in Japan.

2019-09-16 13-42-21.JPG

2019-09-16 13-40-48.JPG
2019-09-16 13-40-53.JPG

The euphoria disappeared as soon as brain kicked in. ₹ 2440.00, almost half the price of the Yamaha carb or could have bought a Pulsar 180 carb for this much money. Many of the FZs are running on Pulsar carbs recommended by local mechanics. They offer great mileage, but lacks the performance.
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Sep 11, 2009
September 2019: Continued - Carb overhaul, again.

Removed the carb.

2019-09-16 14-28-47.jpg

Top comes off with just two screws.

2019-09-16 14-33-12.jpg

Caution, it's spring loaded.

2019-09-16 14-33-22.jpg

The whole slider.

2019-09-16 14-33-55.jpg

Diaphragm is secured with a plastic ring, which can be removed easily.

2019-09-16 14-34-37.jpg
2019-09-16 14-34-56.jpg

Diaphragm came off easily.

2019-09-16 14-35-11.jpg

Slide with needle.

2019-09-16 14-33-00.JPG

Needle is secured with a plate and 2 flat head screws, again there is a spring between the plate.

2019-09-16 14-33-05.JPG

Needle, plate, screws, spring and washer.

2019-09-16 14-36-05.JPG

Removing the AFR screw.

2019-09-16 14-36-51.JPG
2019-09-16 14-37-12.JPG

Bowl removed and then the drain screw.

2019-09-16 14-38-05.JPG

Float and jets.

2019-09-16 14-38-55.JPG

Needle jet. Can be removed with flat head as well as hex or spanner.

2019-09-16 14-38-59.JPG

Pilot jet sits inside, can be removed with a small flat head.

2019-09-16 14-40-15.JPG

Both jets.

2019-09-16 14-40-36.JPG

That star screw holds the float and float pin.

2019-09-16 14-40-51.JPG

Removed them as well.

2019-09-16 14-41-34.JPG

Float pin.
2019-09-16 14-41-39.JPG

Again, Wurth Cleaner. It was better than the 3M. It cleaned both inside and out without much effort. Even cleaned off some muck on engine case with that [lol]
I cleaned my carb 2-3 times and @varunkumar2910 cleaned his carb and another one. Worth the money.

2019-09-16 14-45-32.JPG

Carb dissection. Cleaned thoroughly inside out.

2019-09-16 14-46-54.jpg

Needle jet size 112.5. Square on top indicates its Mikuni.

2019-09-16 14-58-34.JPG

Pilot jet size 15.

2019-09-16 14-59-40.JPG
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Sep 11, 2009
Carb slides - old vs. new.

2019-09-16 15-05-37.JPG

Diaphragm, old vs. new.

2019-09-16 15-07-18.JPG

Old one is stretched.

2019-09-16 15-07-46.JPG

Diaphragm installed. The notch should match with the hole.

2019-09-16 15-10-50.JPG

Secured with clip.

2019-09-16 15-12-21.JPG

Needle. See the circlip and slots on top. They got three settings as well. Top one is the leanest.

2019-09-16 15-13-28.JPG
2019-09-16 15-13-36.JPG

Assembling back. The notch should match the hole.

2019-09-16 15-14-04.JPG

2019-09-16 15-13-57.JPG

Then the spring.

2019-09-16 15-14-23.JPG

Then plate and screw.

2019-09-16 15-15-30.JPG

Shouldn't over-tighten the screws.

2019-09-16 15-19-28.JPG

Goes in the carb. Again there is a notch to match.

2019-09-16 15-21-15.JPG

Check free movement of the slider, again after installing the top and spring.

2019-09-16 15-21-24.JPG
2019-09-16 15-22-07.JPG

Next the butterfly. It was getting stuck in this position. Loosened the nut a bit and it freed up.

2019-09-16 15-21-38.JPG

TPS sensor.

2019-09-16 15-24-27.JPG
2019-09-16 15-24-31.JPG
2019-09-16 15-24-34.JPG

TPS sensor position. Lubed a bit for free movement.

2019-09-16 15-24-48.JPG

Installed TPS. Even that is secured by Tamperproof Torx.

2019-09-16 15-25-54.JPG

All set and done.

2019-09-16 15-26-02.JPG
2019-09-16 15-26-11.JPG

Something Royal Enfield should learn first. Almost 10-year-old rubber hose. RE hoses cracks every now and then.

2019-09-16 15-26-27 (2).JPG

Installed and ready to go.

2019-09-16 15-31-55.JPG

Assembled back.

2019-09-09 16-29-50.jpg
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Sep 11, 2009
September 2019: Continued - More troubleshooting.

Still symptoms persisted, so decided to check the tank as well for any dirt or water, because a friend came across similar scene. Ran till rank was almost empty.

2019-09-16 15-32-02.JPG

Drained rest of the petrol. No water or mud.

2019-09-18 13-51-15.JPG

Bowl can be removed with 10 mm spanner. Barricade came from factory with inbuilt fuel filter. At one of the services asked them to change the filter and they changed the whole fuel tap instead. Later FZs came with fuel tap without fuel filter.

2019-09-18 13-51-29.JPG

Some dirt settled as well.

2019-09-18 13-51-24.JPG

Cleaned with a simple spray of carb cleaner.

2019-09-18 13-58-45.JPG

Fuel tap secured with two bolts, head of one was already gone. I prefered hex bolt or Allen bolt in this location, too tight for a bigger screwdriver.

2019-09-18 13-51-51.JPG

Fuel tap itself if kind of a filter with mesh through its length.

2019-09-18 13-58-14.JPG

Tank was clean, only some deposition where the tap sat.
2019-09-18 13-58-48.jpg

Fuel tap was UCAL make.

2019-09-18 13-59-41.JPG

Installed back everything. Nothing solved.
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Sep 11, 2009
September 2019: More self treatment and finally a doctor

With no cure, continued with standard procedure of further troubleshooting.

Checking proper grounding.

2019-09-23 10-34-29.jpg

Bolt that held the ground against engine casing.

2019-09-23 10-37-00.jpg

Battery negative terminal checked and cleaned both as well.

2019-09-23 10-40-06.jpg
2019-09-23 10-40-15.jpg

Checked ignition coil using multimeter. Resistance was near recommended range, but with no room with small values grew suspicious on that as well. Luckily got from the neighborhood store, Spark Automobiles and wasn't costly as the carb parts.

Ignition Coil Assembly - 21C-H2310-00 - ₹ 249.00

2019-09-23 12-06-46.jpg

MORIC brand (which is Yamaha's own electric parts subsidiary).

2019-09-23 12-07-05.jpg
2019-09-23 12-07-38.jpg

Also bought the spark plug cap. Never changed it as well.

Plug Cap Assembly - 20P-H2370-02 - ₹ 75.00

2019-09-23 12-08-32.jpg
2019-09-23 12-09-15.jpg

With plug adapter installed.

2019-09-23 12-10-05.jpg

Didn't click install pics, turned psycho by now [gun]

Condition of plug after a spin. What would be the condition of engine head by now [confused]

2019-09-18 15-26-25.jpg

Had enough, thought of consulting the mechanic. Didn't want to go to SVC. Rider's Garage was too far. There was a veteran mechanic nearby, asked old RX guys for their opinion and they were very positive about him. His name was Yamaha Rajendran, KR Motors, near Maruthankuzhi. A repair than replace kind of guy. Consulted him, explained the issues and what all I did. He took for a test ride and came back and gave me the shock, carb is dead and no way than replacing. He showed me a couple of FZs parked at a corner with dead carbs rotting, which owners never came for because of the cost of the carb assembly. He said my carb is still working better comparing the condition of what he usually sees, way better. Asked him which one to buy, single cable or twin cable and he recommended single cable version only (though everyone else recommended going for twin cable version, which was also cheaper by more than a thousand rupees).

Moral: Too much of self treatment is injurious to health, consult a doctor.
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Sep 11, 2009
September 2019: Continued - New carburetor

Finally bought new carb. It was available ready stock at Muthoot Yamaha Spares, Killipalam. These guys never let me down.
Carburettor Assembly - 21C-E4901-30 - ₹ 5,227.00
Cost was almost twice that of Pulsar series (not NS/AS series).

2019-09-23 17-24-31.jpg

Comes from second series of FZ v1. Made in India. Final version was twin cabled.

2019-09-23 17-29-00.jpg
2019-09-23 17-28-50.jpg
2019-09-23 17-28-31.jpg
2019-09-23 17-28-44.jpg

Also got new fuel cock. Previous one was changed in 2012.

2019-09-23 17-34-10.jpg
2019-09-23 17-35-28.jpg

Made by UCAL

2019-09-23 17-35-38.jpg

Petrol Hose with Clips - ₹ 20.00. Bought this one just for the clips, but eventually used it.

2019-09-24 17-06-32.jpg

Half meter of black as well, ₹ 20.00.

2019-09-24 17-08-21.jpg

Started assembly. The choke parts.

2019-09-24 17-17-51.jpg

Met the first roadblock. Cable was different. Needed the longer one.

2019-09-24 17-53-00.jpg

Called up my friend Sunjay, who is a long-term silent TAI reader, to call up the Yamaha spare distributor, Moto Wheels, whom he is acquainted of to get the part number. Manager there is Nikhil George, who is a very knowledgeable and helpful guy. He has arranged spares for many FZians in out Facebook FZ community. Didn't know him personally, so bumped Sunjay for this. Got the part number from him instantly. Again, the neighborhood guy had stock, the Spark Automobiles.

Accelerator Cable - 21C-F6311-10 - ₹ 230.00

It was ₹ 15 cheaper than my previous version.

2019-09-24 18-14-43.jpg

Thought adding a fuel filter wound be a better idea and got from them as well. It was MICO Bosch one for Hero Hondas.
Fuel Filter - MICO Bosch F002H20218-8F8 - ₹ 18.00

2019-09-24 18-16-48.jpg
2019-09-24 18-16-57.jpg
2019-09-24 18-19-25.jpg
2019-09-24 18-19-32.jpg

Old and new part numbers.

2019-09-24 18-39-17.jpg

New one is longer by an inch.

2019-09-24 18-38-57.jpg

Decided to install fuel tap first. Drained again.

2019-09-24 17-42-17.jpg

Old versus new. New one is shorter. Factory fitted one has similar dimension.

2019-09-24 19-58-33.jpg

Had O-ring with it. Forgot to buy silicone grease.

2019-09-24 19-56-53.JPG

Installed it. Removed tank this time.

2019-09-24 20-05-48.JPG

Removed fuel float and cleaned them as well. They act weird in most of the FZs. After cleaning, it blinks a bar even when it hit reserve. Before, it was no bar when there was at least a liter to reserve. Also it used to show only 4 bars with full tank. After cleaning, it shows 5 bars.

2019-09-24 20-24-36.JPG
2019-09-24 20-24-40.JPG
2019-09-24 20-24-46.JPG
2019-09-24 20-24-55.JPG

Again rain god cheated.

2019-09-24 21-17-53.jpg

New vs old carb. Think Yamaha added bigger throttle lever for better leverage. Heard some of the the earlier FZ owners complaining of wrist pain with tight throttle.

2019-09-24 20-11-05.JPG

Breather and drain tubes came attached with it. Breather tube was missing in mine. I remember the other end connected over top of air filter cover, but it went missing at some of the workshop visits, don't remember when.

2019-09-24 20-11-38.JPG

New carb with fuel filter installed.

2019-09-24 22-46-51.jpg
2019-09-24 22-47-41.jpg

Now everything solved and working perfect. First starting was troublesome, had to push start. Didn't mess with factory setting, let it be. It's a bit lean. No drop in performance. Mileage tested was 40-42 kmpl range. Still hits factory claimed 109 kmph.

Total damage for the carb DIY.
Accelerator Cable - 21C-F6311-00 - ₹ 245.00
Accelerator Cable - 21C-F6311-10 - ₹ 230.00
Carburetor Assembly - 21C-E4901-30 - ₹ 5,227.00
Carburetor Diaphragm - 21C-14545-00 - ₹ 870.00
Choke Cable - 21C-F6331-01 - ₹ 115.00
Fuel Cock Assembly - 21C-F4500-20 - ₹ 220.00
Fuel Filter - Bosch F002H20218-8F8 - ₹ 20.00
Ignition Coil Assembly - 21C-H2310-00 - ₹ 249.00
Petrol Hose - ₹ 20.00
Petrol Hose with Clips - ₹ 20.00
Plug Cap Assembly - 20P-H2370-02 - ₹ 75.00
Valve Assembly (Carb Slide) - 21C-14340-00 - ₹ 1,570.00

Total - ₹ 8,861.00 out of which ₹ 2685.00 went down the drain for the carb slide and diaphragm and old version throttle cable. Plus a can of Wurth carb cleaner worth ₹ 350.00.

When I gave it to Rider's Garage a year back, he asked to change the carb as well. I tried cleaning and it worked well for a year. Symptoms of carb issue face then was similar to the current ones.
1. Lag in low rpm.
2. Check engine light glowing when maintaining or stuck at the end-of-lag rpm, say around 4k rpm.
3. Check engine glowing at 6k rpm.
4. Thick black soot on spark plug.
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Sep 11, 2009
September 2019: New Sparkplug

Bought this in between my fight with carb, but didn't install fearing damage from carbon. Replaced it along with carb. My favorite plug. Fit it, forget it.

NGK G-Power CPR8EAGP-9 - ₹ 230.00 (MRP ₹ 238.00)

2019-09-18 15-16-59.JPG
2019-09-18 15-17-05.JPG
2019-09-18 15-17-18.JPG
2019-09-18 15-17-26.JPG
2019-09-18 15-18-14.JPG
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Sep 11, 2009
September 2019: Continued - More brake parts

Replacement for parts found damaged during caliper overhaul and brake hose replacement were procured.

Master Cylinder Repair Kit - 5USW00410000 - ₹ 190.00
Contains every parts for the master cylinder except the diaphragm and cover.

2019-09-09 10-42-57.jpg
2019-09-09 10-43-58.jpg
2019-09-09 10-45-08.jpg


2019-09-09 10-46-39.jpg

Pivot pin, spring and boot.

2019-09-09 10-46-59.jpg


2019-09-09 10-47-09.jpg

Piston spring.

2019-09-09 10-47-19.jpg

Caliper Pin - 5USF574400 - ₹ 33.00
Think I am the first one to buy this from there.

2019-09-16 13-32-38.JPG
2019-09-16 13-32-47.JPG

Caliper Pin Clips = 5US-W0016-00 - ₹ 10.00/each
Just because one of these was lost, I had to buy duplicate caliper pin kit, which was an eyesore with split pin dangling. Even this had to be searched in the scrap left in the parts bin.

2019-09-16 13-32-00.JPG

Yamalube Brake Fluid BF-4 - 10090793-38037 - ₹ 150.00
Bought a can from Yamaha spare, only after reaching home checked the price. Another shocking surprise. Usual brake fluids costs ₹ 35-50 for 100 ml. Yamalube one was priced 3-4 times normal ones. Yamalube full synthetic oil and fork oil are damn cheaper, but this gave a true shock.

2019-09-16 13-35-29.JPG
2019-09-16 13-35-59.JPG

Made in Japan = Truck load of euphoria [frustration]

2019-09-16 13-39-19.jpg

Whole thing was printed in Japanese with translation stuck on by Yamaha India.

2019-09-16 13-36-06.JPG

Bleed Screw Kit - 5US-W0048-00 - ₹ 27.00

2019-09-16 13-37-38.jpg

2019-09-16 13-37-21.jpg

2019-09-16 13-37-03.jpg
2019-09-16 13-37-11.jpg
May 16, 2014
Slowly slowly you are converting your bike into a totally new bike with all the latest and new parts. This is a good way to increase the life as well as the performance period of the bike.One fine day we may come to see that except for the number plate everything is changed and the whole bike is new and up to date.
In case you are wondering if I am being sarcastic, No not at all. I wish I could do that for my bike.
Now I can see this happening.
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Sep 11, 2009
This is not easy. Changing lock set in a two wheeler is tricky. It might look easy in pics.
Well done. Nice DIY.
Slowly slowly you are converting your bike into a totally new bike with all the latest and new parts. This is a good way to increase the life as well as the performance period of the bike.
One fine day we may come to see that except for the number plate everything is changed and the whole bike is new and up to date.
In case you are wondering if I am being sarcastic, No not at all. I wish I could do that for my bike.
Liked that [cheers]

Indeed I have changed number plates a couple of times

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