Baby Toyota Comes Home: Camry (2016) Ownership Review

Mar 27, 2015
I traded my Camry for a New Mazda 6 last December. What part of NJ are you in? I have dealt with Hudson Toyota and East Coast Toyota and found those guys pretty reliable. As long as you have your foot down on how much you are willing to spend and ready to walk off if deal isnt in your favor, any dealership should be fine!
Oh wow. The Mazda 6 is good! I am based in Morris Plains. I am waiting to turn 25 after which my insurance rates will probably drop. Right now I have just the third party insurance but if I get something over $15 K I would need better coverage. I’ve heard about Hudson Toyota being reliable. Would want a small car though like a Civic Coupe or Corolla Hatchback. I will definitely reach out when I start looking. What is your take on buying certified Pre Owned?
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