All New Mahindra Thar: Booked. The Wait Begins

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Apr 7, 2011
Mahindra Thar has always been on my bucket list ever since its launch in 2010 and the Mahindra Classic was the beginning for all this, as a teenager. I knew that this could not be my primary car and hence had to wait till I could afford more cars in my parking. Bought TATA Manza Safire in 2010, TATA Nano in 2012 & Honda Mobilio DTEC in 2014. By mid 2020, I had decided to replace my TATAs and the search began for a 5 seater.

By mid of August, I had zeroed in on Honda City 5th Generation IVTEC. On 15th Aug 2020 New Thar prelaunch and reviews made me rethink about my Honda City decision and made me wait till 2nd Oct 2020 to see the New Thar in person. Made contacts with Zulaikha Motors at Chennai to understand the price range and estimated delivery.

Watched the live launch of All New Mahindra Thar on 2nd Oct 2020 12:30PM, and was highly impressed. After a quick lunch, all as a family had a visit to the Zulaikha Motors, Nandanam, Chennai. We were impressed with the quality and the features. The on-road price was 2 lacks higher than my expectation and the price difference between Petrol/ Diesel and Hard Top/ Convertible was minimal. The vehicle delivery was informed to be expected by November 2020. I was not able take a test drive as the only available Thar was on the display.

Did a test drive of Thar LX Diesel Hard Top on the evening of 5th Oct 2020, a little bit of mud track, bad roads, city drive, hard acceleration, hard braking, 4 wheel low ratio crawl and was blown away for what it was. The earlier Thar was a barebone and this New Thar was more practical, feature loaded, easy to drive and a Life Style vehicle. Oh Yes, The dream I had for Thar could now be a reality.

Yes, booked New Mahindra Thar LX Diesel Manual Hard Top Galaxy Grey, online transfer of 21k for booking on the night of 5th Oct 2020 and the booking was formalised on 6th Oct 2020. By now the news was out, 9,000 booking for New thar in the first few days and in few more days the bookings crossed 12,000 and then to 20,000 in a month’s time.

On 21st Oct 2020, the promised delivery was 13th Feb 2021 and later on 4th Nov 2020 the delivery date was shifted to 17th Feb 2021 with a note for 3 weeks variation.

Took a test drive again on 7th Nov 2020 to check the back seat comfort as it would be used by my kids who are 11 & 9 years old and also to check the storage space availability and these were our observations
  • The storage space is just adequate for 2 suitcases sized for flight hand baggage, However the rear seat needs to be upright
  • Ride quality at the rear was bit unsettled and not as comfortable, as this is ladder on frame vehicle.
On 13th Nov 2020, I had received a call from Mahindra to confirm if I was aware of the delivery date and reconfirmed the delivery schedule to 17th Feb 2020, however I have requested for an early delivery.

On 17th Nov 2020, received a courier containing “Ferrero Rocher” chocolate & a thank you letter for booking Thar.


“And the Waiting Begins”
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Aug 10, 2009
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Heartiest congratulations. New Thar is one of the few recent launches that many enthusiasts have been eyeing for. It’ll be interesting to have a detailed ownership review of one on our forum. Looking forward to updates. [thumbsup]

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