37T Rigids in India

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Jan 17, 2018
Hi all,

New to the forum here - hopefully this is the right sub-forum to start this thread.

I was pulling together some information on India commercial vehicles regulations of India and got stuck at a point - figured I'd reach out to this community of enthusiasts to see if anyone would have answers.

Now the problem is that to my knowledge, the link here includes a fairly exhaustive list of GVW v/s vehicle type regulations: http://tis.nhai.gov.in/Admin/pdf/2301201732PM04_9567.pdf
What's missing here is probably the 2016 note that enabled overloading with upto a 5% allowance.

What this doesn't cover is the regulation that would have permitted >31T rigids in India, because of which 37T rigids (by Tata/AL etc) currently ply in the country.

Would anyone know/can anyone help me with the specific legal notification around this? If there was indeed a revision on max GVW for rigids, I would like to know how much the present limits are.

Super thankful for any help the good folks here could give. Please let me know!
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