2.2 Lakh Road Injury Deaths in India in 2017

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Jan 16, 2016

With 2.2 lakh road injury deaths in India in 2017, it was the leading cause of premature deaths among young males in the country and the second leading cause for males and females combined, according to a study published on Monday in The Lancet Public Health journal. Pedestrians and motorcyclists accounted for over half of all road injury deaths in the country, higher than the global average, according to 'The India State-Level Disease Burden Initiative' which released the first comprehensive population estimates of road injury deaths by type of road users in each state.

The road injury death rate for various types of road users, including pedestrians, motorcyclists, cyclists and motor vehicle occupants, varied 4-8 fold between the country's states, highlighting the need for specific road safety planning in each state. There has been a modest reduction in the road injury death rate in India since 1990, but a much higher death rate reduction is needed to meet the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) target, the study highlighted.


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