1980's Maruti Lover & Hopefully a Future Restorer

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Dec 25, 2012
Hi All,
Pretty excited to share and talk to you guys
Let me introduce myself

My Name is Nipun Saxena was a resident of Delhi till 11 months ago moved to the city with biryani & spicy food as there staple diet Hyderabad. Since a child I Was always into cars and don’t know why I feel that they are more than just metals rubber and wires working together in harmony .They are always and will be much more to me.My first car experience like any Indian young boy of the nineteen eighties would have gone thru is because of the car that made Indians what they are right now THE MARUTI 800.My family’s first car was a 1986 submarine green type II Maruti 800(BTW not sure of the color name).I remember the car vaguely as I was a little when it was with us but what I do remember was the fact that one fine day I was getting down the stairs and saw my car parked in front of our house and then a man took it from us . I got to know that my Dad had sold off our trusty ride,
So now why I am here who might ask see I drive a corolla altis now but moving to Hyderabad made me release what that car meant to me.I have always been a fan of 1980’s maruti be a gypsy or omni .Plan to buy them and restore them to there former glory with a hint of modern update to them so that they don’t feel out of place in todays modern traffic. Some of you out there might think what’s the point it will still be a maruti or it will not have any value out there but I will just do it for the feel that comes when you work on a car , the love that comes from the inside for that piece of metal in front of you.

Now what I need help from people on this prestigious forum is
1.Need to trace my car as in find out the current owner or last address or some hint of information back in delhi.
2.Get the car here in Hyderabad or should the restoration begin back in Delhi.
3.Now the big question : I need to put the new auto shift & engine from the alto k10 or celerio in the body of that type ii maruti pros & cons please.
5.Power steering
6.power windows
7.rear wash & wiper
8.new suspension with a little low ride height
9.New interiors with shuttle modern hints
10.Alloys with a little meaty tyres
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