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Akash1886 22nd November 2016 05:41 PM

Toyota Fortuner 2.8 Diesel Automatic 4x2 Review
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The All New Toyota Fortuner is launched at Ex-Showroom (Delhi) price of Rs. 25.92 Lakhs

Attachment 214908

Attachment 214909

Official Coverage

Akash1886 22nd November 2016 06:17 PM

Re: Toyota Fortuner 2.8 Diesel Automatic 4x2 Review
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Specifications of the All New Toyota Fortuner.

Attachment 214911

Attachment 214915

Attachment 214918

Akash1886 22nd November 2016 07:55 PM

Re: Toyota Fortuner 2.8 Diesel Automatic 4x2 Review
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The looks of new Toyota Fortuner

Attachment 214928

Attachment 214923

Attachment 214924

Fortuner ever since launched in India has been a favorite with the SUV lovers in India and it does command lot of respect on the road as well. However, many times with the idea of bringing a equally good looking new avatar, the things don't really work out. Same I believe is the case with this Fortuner too as far as looks are concerned. I do know, looks are surely subjective but from 1st day of the official launch of new Toyota Fortuner in India I was personally not fond of the radical front profile and similarly of the rear and side profile of it. The outgoing Fortuner was much more graceful in looks than this one. The design of this Fortuner will definitely take time to grow on the buyers and to some extent even on the car enthusiasts. People may buy it for the Toyota's reliability and the Fortuner badge on it but if one also pays attention on the looks then definitely he/she shall definitely take a second thought. If we compare this new Fortuner to the new Endeavour in terms of looks then there is definitely the difference of Apples Vs Oranges in regards to the looks for me personally. Fortuner was surely due for a big change because competitors were rolling out all new avatars of their SUV in this segment which also garnered buyers as well as attention but with such a big opportunity at hand the design team of Toyota could have surely done a better job in relation to the curves and edges in the new design. Comparing it to the old Fortuner, I find this one standing no where close to it in terms of elegance, charm and handsomeness. The present Endeavour and the Old Fortuner are both really well designed/nice looking SUVs. In this post you'll also see the side by side comparo with the old Fortuner as well. Coming to the looks, the front boasts of fluidic design language and the headlamps appear too swept back and even shaved off in comparison to broad headlamps of the out-going model. Designing in my view is a very beautiful art and it definitely takes a lot of effort to make someone like something and buy it. It is always good to adopt the ideas from the competitors but then equally there should be homework done to accurately design based on ideas. In case of this Fortuner, the ideas taken were good but not properly put in place in my view. The chunky chrome grill in front gives it a bold and masculine character but definitely looks quite loud in comparison to the subtle looking grill of the outgoing Fortuner and even new Endeavour. There is too much of chrome in the front which is killing its look and even on the rear too the big fat chrome mustache could have been easily avoided or replaced with a body-colored one like in earlier Innova(s). Talking of the side profile, that also is not much impressive to me. The sight of the side profile isn't quite easy on the eyes as that of the earlier one was. The rear quarter panel and the glass on it is absolutely ill-designed and is not at all complementing the look. The rear door, front quarter panel all have been re-designed but somehow, the design isn't gelling well. Moving to the rear profile, the rear has been changed drastically as well. The redesigned tail lights do look good for a change but with the overall design mishap they too could not do much either. So, all in all, from my point of view, the new Fortuner is a mere average looking SUV if compared to it's earlier looks and even to competitors in the segment at present. If in terms of road presence I may speak, then surely, a big fat SUV also stands out from the crowd due to its sheer size so even this new Fortuner is no different but honestly it stands out because of its intimidating front profile. General buyers are yet to accept it as the new age Fortuner as they still have that picture of the out-going Fortuner in their minds at large.

Comparison of looks between Old Vs New Toyota Fortuner.

Attachment 214925

Attachment 214926

Comparison of looks between Toyota Innova Crysta Vs New Toyota Fortuner

Attachment 214927

Akash1886 22nd November 2016 09:57 PM

Re: Toyota Fortuner 2.8 Diesel Automatic 4x2 Review
12 Attachment(s)
External Features of New Toyota Fortuner

As can be seen above, the all new Fortuner does not look all that handsome and some may still call it sleek but actually this new avatar seems to have diluted the aura and personality which Fortuner is known for. The raised stance does make it look as an SUV but apart from that there is nothing worth noting in the external design.

New Chrome Grill gets additional 2 chromes stripes on the sides. Looks too loud and bling.

Attachment 214930

The front fog lamps are normal ones with Yellow light and the added chrome surround is just adding to bling factor. The design of the fog lamp console looks odd.

Attachment 214931

The front air dam has 4 slates and is absolutely Black without any chrome. Looks more like the one in Crysta. The only simple looking feature in front profile.

Attachment 214932

Black Color Plastic Cladding provided on exteriors of wheel arcs. The fitting and plastic quality is of good quality. The cladding unlike the full-fledged ones in the old one are much smaller and not in body color which makes way for a cost cutting move.

Attachment 214933

Good Quality of Plastic Mud Flaps are used. They are properly bolted and well fixed.

Attachment 214934

Black Color Side foot steps are broad enough and sturdy as well. It is a much needed feature in any SUV. Helps a lot in egress and ingress for the elderly.

Attachment 214935

ORVMs are electrically adjustable and retractable and look neat in body color. Get turn markers integrated in them with good viewing space too. For added visibility during night time drives, additional lamps are provided under the ORVMs.

Attachment 214936

Attachment 214937

Attachment 214938

Chrome door handles on the outside are equipped with smart key sensors too. The quality of handles is not flimsy at all. Instead of chrome they could look quite good with body color in my view.

Attachment 214939

The side pillars are Black in color. In dark colors this Black finish on the pillar looks quite good but not that appealing in the light shade body colors.

Attachment 214940

The chrome stripe running from the front door on both sides all the way under the rear windshield tries to make the side profile look more elegant but with overload of chrome at every possible place on the body this stripe too doesn't help much.

Attachment 214941

Akash1886 22nd November 2016 10:33 PM

Re: Toyota Fortuner 2.8 Diesel Automatic 4x2 Review
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The Front bumper gets skid plates to with Black and Brushed Silver finish.

Attachment 214943

The roof rails in silver color too.

Attachment 214944

There is no sunroof provided in the Fortuner. Competitor like Endeavour offers it. On the rear side, the roof is ribbed as well for additional rigidity and the body colored shark-fin antenna also is there on the roof.

Attachment 214945

Under the front bumper this plastic flap is provided to avoid pebbles etc and curb the drag. Also not the under engine protection. This might be an issue for those who park the cars half on road and half on divider/pavement due to lack of parking space.

Attachment 214952

Attachment 214953

The panel gaps are absent.

Attachment 214947

Attachment 214946

Note the side-way ground clearance with the footsteps in place.

Attachment 214948

The number plate lights and the rear view camera tucked behind the rear chrome mustache.

Attachment 214949

The spare wheel is mounted under the rear bumper and not inside the boot.

Attachment 214950

The Rear Spoiler comes with body color and has the high mounted brake lamp integrated in it.

Attachment 214951

Akash1886 23rd November 2016 05:58 PM

Re: Toyota Fortuner 2.8 Diesel Automatic 4x2 Review
5 Attachment(s)

The seating of the new Fortuner is divided in 3 rows and can seat max of 7 pax including the driver. The front seats are well bolstered and the backrests are also quite firm and give ample support. Also, the front seats according to me are the best place to be in as the under-thigh support, the backrest support and the cushioning is absolutely up-to the mark. We were 2 pax in the car and drove for 24 kms precisely and we took turns while driving. As you may also see, there is ample legroom and knee-room in front as well as rear. Headroom wise too, the new Fortuner won't disappoint you in the 1st and 2nd row. The transmission hump also isn't high but if the rear armrest is open, seating a person in between in the 2nd row becomes difficult. Coming to the under-thigh support in 2nd row, this is where the Fortuner disappointed me. Even at the day of launch and as I sat in rear as passenger during this test drive, I did not find the second row seats comfortable in terms of under thigh support. What I noticed in the rear seats, as compared to even Endeavour, the rear seats in 2nd row are quite low and miss on the needful width. Thankfully I was in them for about 7-8 kms only but let me tell you even in that short distance, I felt uncomfortable. So, in case you buy this car and plan a long trip with family, be prepared to tackle their tantrums because honestly, the 2nd row seats aren't the best in class and certainly not a good place to be in for long drives too. Toyota could have made an attempt to give option of the captain seats like the Crysta but now that new Fortuner doesn't have them and the 2nd row seats aren't comfortable as such so better would be to think a bit before closing in the deal for this SUV. Now moving on to the 3rd row, the 3rd row seats are also as usual not comfortable for tall guys due to lack of under-thigh support and secondly the headroom also is an issue because of a slightly slanting roof line so best is to use them for the kids only. For me, it was impossible to even sit in the 3rd row and coming out was like winning a war[:D] because with the 2nd row upright, the legroom is so darn limited that for sure in the journey of 40-50 kms your knees will ache as hell. From the 1st and 2nd row, the ingress and egress are relatively better thanks to the footsteps too. Apart from this when all 3 rows are upright, in the boot you can just place 2-3 laptop bags that's all. All in all, the seating is just average in my opinion.

Akash1886 23rd November 2016 08:05 PM

Re: Toyota Fortuner 2.8 Diesel Automatic 4x2 Review
14 Attachment(s)
Coming to specific features of new Fortuner's interiors, the first thing to notice here is that there is no use of Beige upholstery in it. The interiors have a combo of dark Brown, brushed Silver and Black color theme for the cabin. This Brown and Black color theme reminded me of the Mercedes Benz GLS which too features a similar (but definitely more posh) interior theme. However, I appreciate the in cabin fit and finish but with all-dark theme you'll miss the airy feel and brightness inside the cabin.

Important Interior Features of New Toyota Fortuner.

Dual Dial Speedometer has White Illumination for the digits and Blue illumination for Needles. Also, there is MID cluster in-between both dials that displays Total kilometers run, outside temperature, door open sign, gear indicator, Ignition status etc. The MID gets Blue illumination on both the sides.

Attachment 214981

Attachment 214982

The door pads are well designed and finished. No cost cutting as far as upholstery finishing is concerned. The door pads also get brushed Silver accents on them.

Attachment 214983

A small coin pocket provided behind the inner door handle grip.

Attachment 214984

The chrome finished inner door latch.

Attachment 214985

The door speakers get an all Black grill but the brand badge on the speaker grill is missing.

Attachment 214986

In front tweeters are placed on the in-cabin ORVM panel near A Pillar. The tweeters get a brushed Silver surround too.

Attachment 214987

Passenger airbag activation/de-activation lock placed on lower left corner of the dashboard.

Attachment 214989

Corner AC Vents get brushed Silver accents on them.

Attachment 214990

The vents provided on both sides of dashboard to tackle mist formation during rains.

Attachment 214991

Additional Handle grip provided on the A-Pillar for passenger side.

Attachment 214992

The handbrake comes wrapped in leather as well.

Attachment 214994

The side Airbag warning sticker placed above front passenger door hinge

Attachment 214995

Non Illuminated Scuff Plates provided.

Attachment 214996

Akash1886 23rd November 2016 10:39 PM

Re: Toyota Fortuner 2.8 Diesel Automatic 4x2 Review
15 Attachment(s)
Layout of the Dashboard

Attachment 215000

New Fortuner too gets 2 stage Glove box of which the upper half is cooled one. The upper glove box is wrapped in leather and has a "Fortuner" badge on it too. The lower half is the conventional glove box to keep documents. Still the plastic quality is quite good in it.

Attachment 215001

Attachment 215002

The center AC vents are conventional ones and house the clock in between them.

Attachment 215003

Attachment 215004

The front center armrest has a relatively small resting pad. It comes wrapped in leather as well and it's flap can be opened too and space inside can be used for storage. At the back of the front armrest console there is a small pocket for keeping coins and a 12v charging point too.

Attachment 215005

Attachment 215006

Attachment 215007

Attachment 215008

The Auto AC Unit. The cooling is quite good and even till 2nd row. 3rd gets cooled but a tad slower. The air flow in the 3rd row vents is tad bit low.

Attachment 215009

The panel below the Auto AC unit in front houses the charging point, usb slot, Off-road specific controls like Traction Control, Downhill Assist, Knob to select the High Range (H4) and Low Range (L4) in 4WD and yet another storage place too.

Attachment 215010

Attachment 215011

The cup holders in front center console come with an open-able flap which has wooden garnish on it. You need to gently press the flap to open and then use the cup holders.

Attachment 215012

Illuminated Driver side & Passenger side sun-visors with vanity mirror which come with a shutter. Also, Airbag warning diagram pasted on passenger side sun-visor.

Attachment 215013

Attachment 215014

Akash1886 24th November 2016 09:33 AM

Re: Toyota Fortuner 2.8 Diesel Automatic 4x2 Review
10 Attachment(s)
Driver side seat is electrically adjustable including electric height adjustment as well but the front passenger seat has the conventional manual mechanism of adjusting the seat and does not have any height adjustment feature.

Attachment 215017

Attachment 215018

Attachment 215019

Power Windows are anti-pinch (practically I tested) and the power window switch console gets Piano Black Finish.

Attachment 215024

Adjustable Front Seat Belts

Attachment 215020

Cruise Control

Attachment 215021

Hood and Fuel Flap opener

Attachment 215022

Map Holder provided in Driver Side Sun Visor

Attachment 215023

Paddle Shifters provided as well.

Attachment 215025

Attachment 215026

Akash1886 24th November 2016 05:26 PM

Re: Toyota Fortuner 2.8 Diesel Automatic 4x2 Review
13 Attachment(s)
The steering wheel is 3 spoke one with leather and faux-wooden finish around & brushed Silver garnish as well. The steering comes with Tilt and Telescopic feature as well along with steering mounted controls.

Attachment 215074

Attachment 215075

Auto Dimming IRVM.

Attachment 215076

Push Button Start Feature. The Button gets Blue back-light.

Attachment 215077

Sunglasses Holder in the front Roof Lamp console.

Attachment 215080

Indicator and Wiper levers.

Attachment 215081

Attachment 215082

Roof Mounted Hand Grips provided for additional safety and comfort. 2nd row roof mounted grips get coat hooks also.

Attachment 215088

Attachment 215089

The 2nd Row Seat Belts and the 3rd Row Seat Belts. The 3rd row belts get individual brackets to hold them in place. Additional Seat Belt provided as well for middle passenger and its mounted on the roof.

Attachment 215090

Attachment 215091

Roof Mounted AC Vents.

Attachment 215092

Attachment 215093

Akash1886 24th November 2016 07:37 PM

Re: Toyota Fortuner 2.8 Diesel Automatic 4x2 Review
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Front Adjustable Headrests

Attachment 215119

2nd Row Adjustable Headrests

Attachment 215120

Attachment 215121

2nd Row seats have 60:40 split folding, sliding, reclining and one-touch tumble feature. The 2nd row seats are equipped with Isofix and tether anchor too for child's safety.

Attachment 215122

Attachment 215123

3rd row seats have adjustable headrests too. They are equipped with one touch folding and recline feature.

Attachment 215124

Attachment 215125

Attachment 215126

Attachment 215127

Low Transmission hump in the rear.

Attachment 215137

Akash1886 29th November 2016 04:21 PM

Re: Toyota Fortuner 2.8 Diesel Automatic 4x2 Review
9 Attachment(s)

The all new Toyota Fortuner comes equipped with a Touchscreen unit and a 6 Speaker system. The touchscreen also serves the purpose of the reverse camera screen and the display is quite clear and detailed in my view. Through the touchscreen you may access many other important information too as shown in the pics. Apart from the that the infotainment system is equipped with features like DVD, Bluetooth, USB, Aux, Navigation too. For the sound quality I am also attaching a small video and you may judge the sound quality too. In my view, the sound quality in the mid-range of volume is good enough. The touch responsiveness is good too as you may see me increasing the volume of ICE.

Listen to the sound quality of the Fortuner ICE unit

Akash1886 29th November 2016 05:24 PM

Re: Toyota Fortuner 2.8 Diesel Automatic 4x2 Review
13 Attachment(s)
External and Internal Lights Of All new Toyota Fortuner.

New design Bi-Beam LED Projector Headlamps provided to new Fortuner along with LED DRL setup. They are swept back and come with a chrome stripe but frankly the earlier ones looked more graceful.

Attachment 215614

Attachment 215615

Attachment 215616

The rear lights are LED and Bulb setup. The new design tail lights extend upto the rear quarter panel and like Crysta even the new Fortuner's tail lights too have the 2 aero fins in them. The illumination of the same during night time looks the best as I have seen it.

Attachment 215617

Attachment 215618

Attachment 215619

Attachment 215620

Front Roof Mounted Cabin Lamp has White Illumination.

Attachment 215621

Attachment 215622

Door mounted puddle lamps with Yellow Illumination.

Attachment 215623

The 2nd Row Roof lamp unit houses the rear AC display and controls too.

Attachment 215624

Attachment 215625

3rd Row Roof Lamp.

Attachment 215626

Akash1886 29th November 2016 06:41 PM

Re: Toyota Fortuner 2.8 Diesel Automatic 4x2 Review
13 Attachment(s)
In-Cabin Storage places and the boot space of all new Toyota Fortuner.

Driver Side cup/can holder.

Attachment 215627

Bottle Holder in the doors. They can hold a bottle of 1 Ltr each.

Attachment 215628

Attachment 215629

Rear Armrest also has 2 cup holders.

Attachment 215630

The Boot Space of all new Toyota Fortuner.

Attachment 215634

Attachment 215635

Attachment 215636

Attachment 215637

Attachment 215638

Attachment 215639

Attachment 215640

Attachment 215641

Attachment 215642

Being a 3 row seating SUV, when all 3 rows are upright or in use then the boot space is actually limited. The boot space is 300 ltrs when all 3 rows are upright. The boot space can be increased further by folding the 3rd row (both seats) to 900 Ltrs. and if entire 2 rear rows are folded then the boot space becomes 1800 ltrs. The boot door gets hydraulic struts and the smart open/close feature with memory and jam-protection system. It can be also operated by a switch in the driver side switch panel below the steering. For closing there is a separate button located in the boot door. Talking of the carpeting and cladding on the boot, it is properly laid out and boot door also gets proper cladding. The boot also gets a separate 12V charging socket. Apart from that there is a hook also provided to hold your handbags/polybags too in the boot. About the loading lip, it is very convenient to load and unload the luggage as the lip is not at all high.

Akash1886 29th November 2016 07:39 PM

Re: Toyota Fortuner 2.8 Diesel Automatic 4x2 Review
10 Attachment(s)
Some small but important features of the all new Toyota Fortuner.

Good Quality Rubber door insulation provided by Toyota to the all new Fortuner. At both places i.e on the door and the frame the rubber is thick enough and the door opening width is also good too.

Attachment 215643

The Puddle lamps are also quite useful and unlike some other SUVs, they are not Red in color.

Attachment 215644

Important warning stickers placed at needful places to avoid any untoward experience.

Attachment 215645

Attachment 215647

Attachment 215646

The plastic quality of the dashboard vents panel is also neatly finished. Shows Toyota's attention to in-cabin detail.

Attachment 215648

Front wipers are rain-sensing ones and the quality of wiper blades used by Toyota is acceptable. The front water spray as well as sweep is good too. Used it on the TD Vehicle.

Attachment 215649

Hood Visiblity is good from the cabin also the reflection of dashboard on front windshield is not much.

Attachment 215650

The rear visibility is good only till the middle headrest is not raised. Once raised and if all 3 rows have passengers then visibility can be poor.

Attachment 215653

The new "sigma 4" badge for 4WD placed on the boot. The number "4" refers to 4WD variants of new Fortuner as Toyota is using this new nomenclature for its 4WD system.

Attachment 215651

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