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Akash1886 6th September 2016 09:10 PM

Renault Kwid 1.0L M.T Drive Review
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Renault has launched the Kwid Hatchback with 1.0L Petrol Engine at Rs. 3.96 Lacs (RXT [o]). It is Rs. 22,000 expensive than the 800cc Kwid.

Attachment 208251

Quick Facts of Renault Kwid 1.0 L

* Only Petrol Engine Offered

* Only Manual Transmission Offered

* 1.0 L Engine option available for RXT and RXT (o) Variant only.

* Kwid 800cc and Kwid 1.0L are being sold side by side by Renault.

*Official Launch Coverage of Renault Kwid 1.0L

Akash1886 6th September 2016 10:05 PM

Re: Renault Kwid 1.0L M.T Drive Review
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A Few Competitors and Specifications of the new Renault Kwid 1.0L

Attachment 208262

Competitors include likes of Alto K10 by Maruti, Hyundai Eon, Datsun Go, TATA Tiago Petrol et al.

Attachment 208253Attachment 208258Attachment 208259

Specification Sheet of the Renault Kwid 1.0 L Petrol.

Attachment 208257

Renault Kwid: The new KwID on the Block!

Attachment 208260

In 2014 Auto Expo Renault had unveiled the KWID concept car. The Kwid concept car appeared as a cool and youthful hatchback. The concept car had Lamborghini-style scissor doors and quite stylish interiors too. This was the first sight of what today has emerged as one of the hottest selling hatchbacks from Renault's stable. After the showcase at 2014 Expo, Renault unveiled the production version of the Kwid in May 2015 at Chennai, and their head Mr. Carlos Ghosn personally unveiled it.

Attachment 208261

Following were the details officially shared by Renault India when they unveiled the car in 2015.


Though much has been already shared about the Kwid in last couple of pages, I’m adding a few important pointers and pictures of the event:
Kwid will launch this festive season (Sept – Nov) at a starting price of Rs.3 Lakh.

Equipped with an 800 cc engine under the hood, it’ll compete with Alto, Eon and likes.

Renault is obviously aiming volumes. This segment alone comprises 25% market share.

Renault, at the moment, has no plans to introduce this car in European market.

Kwid is the first product which is based on all-new Renault-Nissan CMF-A Platform.

This platform will generate more cars in future. Renault has invested total 30 billion.

98% suppliers of the Renault Kwid are local and certain parts are sourced from Nissan.

Renault doesn't plan to re-badge this car under different brands (read Dacia or Nissan).

The company claims that it has ensured Kwid meets all regulatory safety requirements in India.

Akash1886 6th September 2016 11:01 PM

Re: Renault Kwid 1.0L M.T Drive Review
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Exterior Design of Renault Kwid

When I had seen the Kwid for the first time at it's launch last year, to me it appeared more of a rugged crossover rather than stereotypical hatchback that we all are used to seeing on roads. For me personally, this car is couple of notches higher than the entry level hatchbacks like Alto twins and even the Datsuns. The SUV like front profile lends it an aggressive persona which perhaps is the biggest attention grabbing attribute of this car. Unlike many of the low seating hatchbacks, Kwid has sufficiently high seating due to it's raised height and a ground clearance of 180mm. After seeing the Kwid for a moment any normal guy would compare it to the likes of Etios Cross, Polo Cross et al. So, that's how well designed this car is. In terms of external looks I would say, neither the Marutis nor the Hyundais in this particular segment stand any chance as of now. The looks of this car was in itself a deal-maker for those who were looking for stylish yet pocket friendly vehicle. When the Kwid was launched, initially it stirred a storm in the entry level hatchback segment in India with its attributes and this made our home brand Mahindra to launch the KUV1OO, mini SUV earlier this year. The KUV's styling was done keeping in mind the Kwid.

Coming back to the Kwid, Since Renault refers to it as a 'SUV' design so it has gone ahead and provided the Kwid the needful treatment i.e Raised stance, masculine looking front profile, cladded wheel arcs, front and rear bumper cladding in Black from the very beginning keeping in mind how obsessed we Indian are about big bulging SUVs. I give big thumbs up to Renault for providing a design which shakes up the monotony in the segment and gives the rivals something actually serious to think about. With the Kwid's styling, I am sure, the perception of Indians at large i.e "Choti Gaadi" would surely change and indeed the change is already much evident. Talking of the side profile, the SUV stance of Kwid is clearly seen even on the sides with tall looks and raised height. Comparing it to the Maruti Alto, I found the Kwid to be slightly taller which also makes the Kwid look more like a fashionable hatchback. The curves and lines are really well designed on the side profile. However, a unique thing which I noted was, the missing rear quarter glass which I seen in the present Alto. Finally, the rear profile, I would say, for the price tag it has, the KWID is way more beautiful. The design of the rear profile is neat and simple. The tail lamp design also complements the rear looks and by far, to me, Kwid has a better looking rear than any other rival of it's segment (leaving aside Tiago). Overall, the Kwid is pleasing to the eyes and definitely garners a lot of attention and admiration for the looks it has. Way to go Renault![clap]

Akash1886 7th September 2016 10:24 AM

Re: Renault Kwid 1.0L M.T Drive Review
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Important External Features of Renault Kwid

Attachment 208301

The front grill looks bold without any use of chrome. The "Chain" type design elements are incorporated in it with Logo neatly placed in center.

Attachment 208302

Just like the front grill, Renault has carried forward the same design pattern to Kwid's front Air Dam as well.

Attachment 208303

Old Flap type External Door Handles provided in Kwid.

Attachment 208304

Attachment 208305

Front and Rear Door Opening Width.

Attachment 208306

Wiper console in front has no plastic cladding still. Only a plastic cover on corner is provided.

Attachment 208307

The rear windscreen has no Wiper and there is no defogger too in top variant.

Attachment 208308

Attachment 208309

Roof Rails and Roof mounted FM Antenna.

Attachment 208310

Variant badge is placed on the quarter panel of the rear window instead of boot or fender.

Attachment 208311

The Vinyl stickers of 1.0L on both sides differentiate Kwid 800 from Kwid 1.0L.

Akash1886 7th September 2016 04:19 PM

Re: Renault Kwid 1.0L M.T Drive Review
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Interiors of Renault Kwid.

As I also mentioned earlier, due to Kwid’s raised stance, ingress and egress is fairly easy in comparison to the rivals of the segment. The interiors of the Kwid aren’t flashy but they aren’t gloomy too. The dashboard is well laid out and practical. Renault has provided an all-gray theme to the interiors and the center console gets piano Black accents in RXT version. Thankfully, even after avoiding the beige interiors the Kwid has successfully maintained the interior elegance through the Gray color.

The centre console in Kwid includes the AC vents & controls and the 7” touch-screen infotainment system. In the car of this segment, by providing a touch-screen, Renault has added an upmarket feel to it. Another thing I noted was the unique placement of Power Window Switch, Hazard Lamp switch and the central lock switch. Normally, these switches are placed in door pads but in this car these switches are placed just below the ICE Unit. Overall, the Kwid’s interiors are suffice and practical enough.

Coming to the plastic quality used in the cabin, To me the quality looked OK as per the segment but definitely not comparable to Hyundai. There are couple of rough edges on the inside but that probably have to be lived with since Kwid’s interiors are more about usage than flamboyance. The fit and finish can definitely be much better in my opinion. I would say new generation Alto 800/K10 also have good interiors but then Kwid has many more plus points altogether if compared to Alto twins.

Renault Kwid caught my attention during the launch but somehow did not get the time to explore it properly. So when I drove this car’s 1.0 L avatar, I did spend considerable time feeling it’s interiors. What I understood is that Renault has provided functionality and have kept an eye over the quality too. Many brands in order to provide VFM product make compromises in quality but surprisingly Renault hasn’t done much of that and yet maintained a healthy price point which I feel is worth applauding.

Akash1886 7th September 2016 09:31 PM

Re: Renault Kwid 1.0L M.T Drive Review
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Seating Comfort in Renault Kwid.

If I talk about the seating comfort in the Kwid, then, to me the front seats felt quite comfortable to sit and having sat in smaller hatchbacks too, the Kwid’s seats looked well bolstered. If I compare them with seats of my Esteem which is perhaps a low seating sedan, then too, Kwid scores well over here. I am a heavy built person as is known so both the front and rear seats did provide me with ample under thigh support and good backrest support. Though it may be too much to ask but in the top optional variant, Renault could have given a height adjustment lever but for me it wasn’t a matter to worry since I could easily see the hood from inside. For enhancing the legroom in the rear, the forward and back push range of front seats is substantial unlike some of it’s competitors. So with these features and my observations, I can say that for tall drivers like me, the setup provided a fairly acceptable driving position.

The in-cabin feel of Kwid is acceptable in my personal opinion. Also, while driving, had a casual chat with the TD Assistant and he said many people still complain that the seats get fixed headrests. I do agree we people want maximum returns for what we invest in buying a car but about the fixed headrests I would say, at one point even Etios came with fixed headrests and Etios is segments above the Kwid. Moving ahead to the upholstery and finishing, I would say that, the fabric and stitching of seats is not disappointing.

Coming to the rear seats, Over here I would say that the bench seats are slightly low on cushioning but still firm enough and the backrest too was good enough. Also, as you all may see, Me and my dad did not sink in while we sat on the rear seats. Talking about the under-thigh support, it was substantial but the knee room was a disappointment. We both are above 6 Ft so for us it was a issue. However, the headroom for both of us was good. With body frame like me, on the rear seats, only 2 people can sit in and the backrest of front seats are soft enough hence for tall people the knees won’t be hurt even if they touch the backrest.

Unlike the beige laden hatchbacks which we are accustomed of seeing, Kwid is different on this front. The cabin doesn’t appear to be airy enough but still is acceptable. After all everything can't be accommodated in every car.

Akash1886 7th September 2016 10:17 PM

Re: Renault Kwid 1.0L M.T Drive Review
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Important Interior Features of Renault Kwid

Digital Speedometer with MID Feature

Attachment 208352

Attachment 208353

Attachment 208354

2-stage glove box for additional storage.

Attachment 208355

Attachment 208356

Sun-visors without vanity mirror.

Attachment 208369Attachment 208370

Cubby holes in front doors for coins.

Attachment 208373Attachment 208375

Indicator and Wiper Levers

Attachment 208367Attachment 208368

Akash1886 8th September 2016 02:58 PM

Re: Renault Kwid 1.0L M.T Drive Review
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The 3 Spoke steering wheel looks neatly done and has firm grip. It feel more upmarket than the thin ones provided in Maruti's Alto.

Attachment 208391

Center Console Buttons looks nice with chrome surrounds. The round circular space is for AMT I believe.

Attachment 208392

Chrome surround on AC Vents

Attachment 208394

Manual IRVM

Attachment 208395

Roof Mounted Mic piece

Attachment 208396

Front and Rear Door Pad Finishing is also acceptable.

Attachment 208398

Attachment 208399

The door opening latch and knob. The latch's quality isn't flimsy as well.

Attachment 208400

Attachment 208401

Fuel and Boot Opening Levers placed in conventional position.

Attachment 208402

The seat belt hooks are welded in the floor and the rods are visible too which is a slight eyesore.

Attachment 208403

Front Cup holders

Attachment 208404

12 v Charging point in Front.

Attachment 208405

Bottle holders provided in the front doors. They can hold 1 Ltr bottle.

Attachment 208406

Seat and Backrest Adjustment levers.

Attachment 208407

Attachment 208408

Akash1886 8th September 2016 07:58 PM

Re: Renault Kwid 1.0L M.T Drive Review
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Gear Lever Console

Attachment 208440

Proper wiring insulation in-between the door and boot.

Attachment 208441
Attachment 208442

Average Quality rubber insulation used on door trims. A big reason for poor in-cabin NVH.

Attachment 208443

The rear floor hump is on a tad higher side.

Attachment 208444

The Kwid 1.0 L gets new ORVMs and their color is silver for Bronze body color. The viewing space is also good.

Attachment 208445

Attachment 208448

Attachment 208447

Attachment 208446

Akash1886 8th September 2016 09:46 PM

Re: Renault Kwid 1.0L M.T Drive Review
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Small but Important aspects of Renault Kwid.

Non Illuminated Ignition Key hole.

Attachment 208463

Obsolete Hood Opening lever.

Attachment 208464

Another Obsolete rear window lever.

Attachment 208465

Headlamp leveling switch

Attachment 208466

A Vent is provided under the center console

Attachment 208467

IRVM visibility is a issue since I found it a bit small but rear visibility is good.

Attachment 208468

Hood can be seen from inside so it can help in turning and maintaining distance from vehicles in front.

Attachment 208469

Big Broad Parcel Tray in Rear enables decent amount of storage. It is detachable too.

Attachment 208470

Only Three Lug nuts given by Renault in wheel caps even to Kwid 1.0L. A four lug nut provision could have opened choices of aftermarket alloys.

Attachment 208471

Akash1886 8th September 2016 10:15 PM

Re: Renault Kwid 1.0L M.T Drive Review
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ICE Unit in Renault Kwid

Renault provides a Media navigation 7 inch touchscreen to the top version of Kwid but the screen has no reverse guidance enabled. Its display however in sunlight is blurred. The touchscreen comes equipped with 2 speakers mounted in front on the dashboard. The touchscreen features includes voice guidance, Bluetooth, hands free, USB & AUX along with speed sensitive volume control. The sound quality of the ICE unit is not all that impressive and moreover, there is no provision for the rear speaker i.e neither on the doors nor in the rear parcel tray. Another important thing to mention here is the navigation map updates, Renault provides 1 year of free map updates with the navigation system but the updates become chargeable from the 2nd year.

Akash1886 8th September 2016 11:01 PM

Re: Renault Kwid 1.0L M.T Drive Review
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[CENTER]Boot Space in Renault Kwid

Renault has provided sufficient storage to Kwid as compared with the segment offerings. Kwid has a boot space of 300 litres which can be extended upto 1115 litres upon folding the rear seats. Do note, there is no 60:40 seat split in rear seats so in order to increase boot space the rear seat's backrests need to be folded fully. Apart from that, the spare wheel is located in conventional position i.e inside the boot only. Even though the boot has been well carpeted upon the spare wheel area for luggage to be kept and has a big parcel tray too but still on the sides, the carpeting is not there and neither the boot door gets any proper cladding / carpeting for itself and at some places in the boot the screw haven't been concealed properly. These cost cuttings cuts down on the overall appeal and the in-cabin experience. Talking of the loading lip, it is at a decent height so no extra effort as such is required to load and unload the luggage. About the boot door's strength if I speak, then it is quite light built and comes equipped with hydraulic arms.

Attachment 208478

Attachment 208479

Attachment 208480

Attachment 208481

Attachment 208482

Attachment 208483

Attachment 208484

Internal and External Lights in the Renault Kwid

In-Cabin front roof lamp. Better option would be to use a aftermarket LED.

Attachment 208485

Blacked out headlamps use halogen bulbs and no DRLs given in top spec. The chrome accents included in the headlamp look nice though. The light in low beam is average but high beam it is good.

Attachment 208486

Attachment 208487

The front fog lamp also is properly placed in the bumper and gets full Black console which lends it a neat look.

Attachment 208488

The side markers are not placed on the fenders or the ORVM rather they are placed on the front cladded wheel arcs. This thing does add up to the SUV-ish persona of the Kwid.

Attachment 208489

The tail light design is cute in my view and looks good. There are simple bulbs used and no LED. The finishing is nice and it complements the looks of the car well.

Attachment 208490

Akash1886 9th September 2016 02:12 AM

Re: Renault Kwid 1.0L M.T Drive Review
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Engine and Performance of Renault Kwid 1.0 L Petrol.

Any owner can live with features being less in the car but it is difficult for any owner to live with a car which is not giving the desired performance and most importantly does not deliver on F.E. Now, with respect to the Indian Car Scenario, in the entry level hatchback segment today, there is a cut throat competition among the automotive brands. The buyers have a plethora of choices to choose from and with the entry of KWID, the competition gets multiplied manifolds. Kwid, as marketed by Renault is a entry level hatchback offering the looks of an SUV for almost 1/3rd the price. In the past, Renault in India hasn't been much successful expect for the Duster. As I already compared it above with likes of Alto twins, Datsun et al, with the Kwid, I would say, Renault seems to have stretched to the its limits in the segment as far as possible. So, Kwid is being offered by Renault in 2 engine options i.e a 800cc and a 1.0L engine both mated to a 5 speed Manual Transmission and both are 3 Cylinder Petrol Engine. Kwid has indeed proved to be a refreshing new choice for those who got bored with the same monotonous hatchback designs offered in the segment by rivals. However, with flourishing competitors like Alto, Eon, and Tiago et al, will the Kwid be able to surpass them all in performance? Or will it go down flat? Let’s Check!

Attachment 208494

At launch the Kwid did not come with under-hood cladding but thankfully it has a cladding under hood now. However, it hasn't made much of difference to the engine sound though.

Attachment 208495
Attachment 208496

Ok, now, a normal car buyer has got nothing to do with how the car pulls, whether the NVH is high or low and whether the Torque is adequate or not. The only parameter he is concerned about is the Fuel Efficiency. But as an enthusiast and moreover with the trust of providing unbiased views for Kwid, I would like to say, the 1.0 L engine did not impress me. The 1.0 L engine is provided only to RXT and RXT (o) variants. The all new 1.0 engine of Kwid delivers 68 PS Power and 91 Nm of Torque.

As I cranked the engine there was a very mild shakiness of cabin and same scene repeated after I switched off the engine after Test Drive. To test its potential, I drove it in traffic with AC on and I was utterly disappointed with the performance as simple as that. I mean come on even Tiago has 3 cylinder Petrol engine but it does not vibrate so much every darn time when AC is running and I actually felt the vibration mostly on the steering. I really can't believe that and neither I expected such a weak performance.

To check the in-cabin NVH, I revved the engine and not only it was pathetically loud, the car was vibrating and the people who parked their cars next to me, were looking as if I am going mad! Some of them even laughed at it. To me the refinement levels are absolutely not acceptable. Now another thing, which I found common in even AMEO and now in Kwid, the engine sound is very much audible from outside and it sounds like a diesel mill is running under the hood and even if you are inside with the doors and windows properly closed, the engine's sound levels are high enough and can be heard and as I said above, the insulation used by Renault on door trims also are of average quality so even with that the sound filters in the cabin and not much of a pleasant experience it was.

I feel, after driving this 1.0 L engine that this engine is suited to an extent only for the city driving and that too if its driven between 60-80 km/h. The moment you pass 80-85 km/h mark, the performance begins to drop and howling begins. Coming to acceleration, from the traffic signal, the initial pick up was good with just slight press only but later at many places the throttle response wasn't as expected rather in clear words it was missing. I was actually at loss of words for those people who termed "KWID 1.0 L as best package in the segment"! Due to the inappropriate throttle response at many places the Kwid felt hell of jerky. Hence, I would say in the engine department, Maruti is no doubt ahead of Renault. Having less number of cylinders doesn't mean that refinement shall too take a back seat. In simple words, Kwid is not meant for Enthusiasts who want reasonable performance.

Sharing a couple of videos for your benefit to understand the noise levels of the Kwid 1.0L

Akash1886 9th September 2016 01:20 PM

Re: Renault Kwid 1.0L M.T Drive Review
5 Attachment(s)
Braking, Steering, Tires, Transmission, Ride & Handling of Kwid 1.0 L

Speaking of the ride quality of Kwid 1.0 L, the clutch is quite smooth and engages with ease and the operation of clutch was very linear. Driving in heavy bumper to bumper traffic with stop go type situation, the car did not stall which I feel is a good thing because often at low speeds and adverse traffic conditions cars are bound to stall often. It was fairly easy to drive in traffic but I had to be careful about maintaining proper throttle as well. The 91 Nm of Torque was actually substantial enough for driving around the city. Further, in the 1.0 L the low end torque felt good however, the mid-range torque was pleasantly nice. As I drove in busy Delhi roads, so, unlike many other hatches, where one has to down shift in traffic often, Kwid was calmly running and I did not downshift much.

Moving ahead, the Suspension setup was acceptable and what further added to the comfort was the raised height which made the jerks from the potholes less evident (but still you can feel). As I drove the car in city only and that too in only double digit speeds so, in that speed limit it offers a stable ride. The reason I did not dare to drive it with 3 digit speeds was that Kwid is a light weight hatchback and lesser in weight from the Brazil spec. Apart from that it has failed the safety tests too so had to be mindful of these facts. Also a word on the steering, firstly Power Steering is provided to RXL and RXT variants only and as I drove top spec so it had the power steering but the feedback is really average on double digit speeds. It is quite unconvincing feel that the steering gives. I believe if the steering is so lazy on normal speeds then what would it be like on highways where the drivers drive nothing less than 100-120 km/h. I would recommend to be very careful when you intend to drive this car in triple digit speeds on highways due to a sublime steering.

Moving on to the Transmission, Kwid 1.0 L gets a 5 speed manual transmission. The gears were properly synchronized and felt quite easy to slot with acceptable throw range. Due to the smooth working transmission the Kwid 1.0L definitely felt quite easy to drive and speaking of the vibration’s impact on gear stick, I would say, it is there but still not much.

Coming to Brakes, As for the 1st time I have driven Kwid, I felt brakes lack a bit on bite. As driving in city traffic, my car’s speed was between 60-80 km/h range and in that range, the brakes were slightly slow to respond. I feel for the city driving a more agile and responsive braking setup should be given to Kwid and also a provision of ABS can be included as well. Overall, the braking was nothing extra ordinary and rather just an average performance given.

Finally, the Tires provided to the Kwid are 155/80 tubeless with 13inch Rims. The Tires visibly look thin. My test car had CEAT rubber and the drive with them in simple words was just OK and nothing extra ordinary. A 175 Section Tire would have been better choice as over potholes too these Tires did not help much. The road noise though was well controlled from the Tires. Still an apparent cost cutting is the provision of only 3 lug nuts in the Tires by Renault. I suggest a 4 lug nut setup could still be wise option.

Akash1886 9th September 2016 02:50 PM

Re: Renault Kwid 1.0L M.T Drive Review
6 Attachment(s)
Under-Body of Renault Kwid

Attachment 208537

Front and Rear Wheel Arc Cladding

Attachment 208534

Attachment 208535

Attachment 208536

Salient Features of Renault Kwid RXT (o)

Attachment 208532

Attachment 208533

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