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Akash1886 28th March 2016 06:13 PM

Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza Drive Review
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Maruti Suzuki launched the Vitara Brezza at Ex Showroom Delhi Price Rs. 6.99 Lacs.

Attachment 197689

Maruti Vitara Brezza Diesel Specs Sheet

Attachment 197706

Akash1886 28th March 2016 06:49 PM

Re: Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza Drive Review.
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Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza

Attachment 197707

Well, Maruti Suzuki is one of the Patriarchal Automotive Brand in India. It has played a important role in shaping up the automotive industry in our country. So far, it has enjoyed a dominating position with respect to the sales and has one of the biggest product line up in the industry today. With growing competition, changes in customer preference and competitive products being rolled out, Maruti Suzuki has always made sure to stay at par or even ahead of its competitors by providing VFM products at large. With the launch of Baleno hatchback, Maruti took the segment by storm but from an enthusiasts point of view, the product Baleno lacked on many fronts yet it proved to be a run-away success for MSIL. Now, competing in one of the most demanding and extremely potent automotive segment, the Compact SUV segment, Maruti Suzuki has launched the All new Vitara Brezza here in India. So, what is this Vitara Brezza in the first place? Vitara Brezza carries it's lineage from the Vitara SUV of Maruti Suzuki. Vitara in it's first outing in the Indian Automotive Industry proved to be a sub-lime product and could not withstand the competition that time hence had to be struck off the list. But now, the scenarios have changed. Perceptions have changed. The mantra is "Either Compete or Die". Maruti Suzuki has seen the Indian Market shape up and grow, so, it is impossible that Maruti Suzuki can sit quietly and accept defeat. With competitors like Ford, Hyundai, Mahindra et al offering worthy products, how can the Patriarch of our Auto Industry sit quiet? Maruti Suzuki has finally struck at the very right time and with a product which is in-line with the Compact SUV Segment. Until now, Maruti Suzuki did not have a substantial product to compete, neither in SUV segment nor in Compact SUV one. With the launch of highly awaited Vitara Brezza, Will the fortune increase for MSIL or will the Brezza too meet the same fate as the elder sibling, Vitara is yet to be seen but for one, MSIL is extremely excited with its product. However, what matters is the views of unbiased reviewers and experienced automotive enthusiasts who actually rip apart any given car and bring out the true characteristics.

Why not NEXA?

An important thought which may be clouding many people's mind. NEXA is an over-ambitious move by MSIL. NEXA came into existence when Maruti Suzuki decided to the customer satisfaction and customer service to a all new level by providing "Premium" service. The first car that was rolled out from NEXA was S-Cross which got a luke-warm response. Then came the Baleno hatchback, which in true sense changed fortunes for NEXA so much so that the success of Baleno went on to their heads and the whole idea of a premium experience looked as a hogwash. Soon, it came to light that the NEXA outlets were no better rather a point or 2 lower than even the Maruti's regular dealerships while dealing with the customers at large. Maruti Suzuki might not have come out in the open with regards to unacceptable attitude of NEXA but internally seem to be cautious enough. So, in my opinion, to avoid any type unwanted problems with NEXA, Maruti Suzuki is selling the all new Vitara Brezza through it's regular dealers pan-India. Its always better to be safe than sorry! Better late than never!

Akash1886 28th March 2016 07:25 PM

Re: Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza Drive Review.
1 Attachment(s)
Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza Vs some Competitors.

Important Links

Hyundai Creta Review

Ford Ecosport Review

Mahindra TUV-3OO Review

VISHNUCARCRAZY 28th March 2016 07:42 PM

Re: Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza Drive Review.
i drove the Brezaa today ,as my swift had its coat of free teflon and underbody .I asked my friend SA for taking a ride,and he gave me a petrol coupon asked me to fill the fuel and return within 20 min.So with the limited time i observed:

As i have driven Ecosport also my points will be in comparision with Ecosport


Engine 1.3 DDIS, 1.5 TDCI
built quality moderate, Strong
Rear legroom good , good
boot better , better
Brakes good , better
ABS moderate , good(better than brezza)
NVH good , Best
Interior VFM , Ford must bring out sync2-of endeavour as no
Safety DRiver +passenger , 6 airbags
Comfort Armrest no use
Brezza has Cruise control

Overall good product from maruti

Akash1886 28th March 2016 08:32 PM

Re: Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza Drive Review.
14 Attachment(s)
External Design of the Vitara Brezza.

The Vitara Brezza is a new product launched by MSIL. Apart from the 1st name, rest everything is new in this C-SUV. The external design of the C-SUV is designed keeping mind the segment. It is compact/sub-4m SUV. The design as per standards of Maruti Suzuki is pretty neat and attention grabbing. There are no rough edges or bulges in the external design. The front profile is really aggressive and is accentuated by the fat Chrome Grill. The front bumper is dual tone i.e having a combo of body color as well as a Black drooping mustache design (like WWE star Hulk-Hogan[:D]) along with the Silver/Gray colored skid plate which ensures that the profile looks in-line with the SUV concept. The front bumper in ZDi+ houses the fog lamp and the indicators. The finishing and the design of the front bumper is complementing the overall front stance of the SUV. Coming to the side profile, the side profile is also really pleasing to the eyes. In the dual tone shade as shown above, the roof, A Pillar and the C Pillar are of White shade and ZDI+ has roof rails too in Gray color which is almost a necessity to prove that it is a worthy C-SUV. A small but a important thing to note is that the lower part of C-Pillar is Black which lends it a interesting look. The two tone shade especially the Red and Black combo might remind you of JLR's Evoque as well. The Metallic Yellow and White combo looks refreshing and is a pleasant sight for the eyes. Another thing worth noticing is that the wheel arcs and lower half of the doors get an all Black cladding which further enhance the C-SUV's looks. The plastic quality in the externals is much better by the standards of Maruti Suzuki but still not upto the mark as per competitor's products. The design of wheel arcs is symmetrical and properly finished. The overall side profile of this C-SUV, is not at all bad. Talking of the rear profile, the rear profile boasts of a big fat chrome mustache on the boot door with BREZZA engraved on it. The design of the tail lamps complement and complete the rear profile in a neat manner. Moving further, the rear profile makes this C-SUV look tall and big. The usage of Skid plates and Black cladding in rear bumper further add to the masculine character of this C-SUV. The finishing of the exteriors is really good and probably the foremost thing worth noticing in the Brezza is it's external persona. About it's road presence, indeed this C-SUV has oodles of presence and an absolute attention grabber. So, in my opinion, there is actually nothing to really complaint about as far as Brezza's external design is concerned.

Important External Aspects of the Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza.

Big Chrome Grill with Squarish Grooves.

Attachment 197719

Front Bumper housing the Fog Light and Indicator.

Attachment 197720

Wheel Arc and Side Cladding in Black

Attachment 197722

Attachment 197721

White Color ORVM in this color combo with integrated Side Markers.

Attachment 197723

Attachment 197724

Good Quality Body Colored Door Handle with smart key sensor.

Attachment 197725

Roof Rails in Gray Color.

Attachment 197726

Front Air-dam has honey comb design.

Attachment 197727

The exhaust is not as nicely placed as I expected.

Attachment 197728

Note the rear ground clearance and how neatly the tow hook, skid plate and reversing camera are placed. The rear chrome mustache also has the boot release button integrated.

Attachment 197729

Akash1886 28th March 2016 11:14 PM

Re: Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza Drive Review
7 Attachment(s)
Interiors of Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza.

The interiors of Vitara Brezza again by Maruti's own standards are good but yet not acceptable if we compare it to S-Cross or Creta and the Eco-Sport. The interiors of TUV-3OO are still much more acceptable in comparison. The quality of switches, the rough hand grips in the doors, the textured finish of door pads, dashboards and even the silver accents in dashboard and doors are below expectations. As much as exteriors are good looking, the interiors shall certainly leave you asking for better quality. If you compare it to even the Baleno, at places, you'll notice the quality is worse than Baleno and here I am referring to minor things like the power window switches, the bottle holders et al. The Black/Gray interiors which I saw in Red and Black Brezza made the cabin look too dark and compact. Providing an all Black interior theme is a nice idea but the finesse to execute Black interiors is absolutely missing in this particular color combo. They for me are the most unappealing interiors. The OEM seat fabric is just average and here I am referring to ZDI+ variant. In the interiors, Maruti Suzuki has lost out big time with the Brezza. In order to keep the price low, they still could have managed a better finish for the Black interiors. Moving on to the Metallic Yellow and White color combo, the interiors when I saw in sun-light in this particular color too, did still look lacking the basic finishing. By applying the dashboard polish, the imperfections can't be hidden. I had a lot of hopes with the interiors of Brezza because what I saw in exteriors I thought Maruti Suzuki shall carry forward the same levels of executions in the interiors but sadly I am deeply disappointed here. This type of execution makes Brezza's Interiors look as a half-hearted and purely a mediocre job in my opinion.

Moving on to the seats, its a 5 seater as per OEM. The under-thigh support, knee-room, legroom and headroom are a big plus. The seats are well cushioned and very well bolstered on the sides and have seat back pocket in ZDI+. Even though the fabric could have been better but the seating comfort is absolutely great. With me being 6 Ft, the headroom for me as a rear seat passenger was impressive. When my uncle drove this C-SUV, with his seat pushed back, I had quite reasonable legroom still left. Also while the seat was pushed back, I did not have any issues with the egress and ingress. However, mostly for aged people it may become a issue. The rear passenger seat can seat 2 adults + 1 teenager or if you are size-zero types, 3 can fit in well. The transmission hump is pretty low which ensure smooth movement of legs and no obstructions but one small thing I'll mention, the front arm-rest console takes slightly more space than usual as it protrudes slightly more in the rear which can be a bit of concern for the middle rear seat passenger's legroom. Also, I am mentioning here, the rear seats in ZDI+ get 60:40 split feature which will be handy in placing more luggage when needed. Also, the 4 headrests (Front and Rear) are adjustable. Now, the driver seat in the ZDI+ version has the height adjustment feature and thankfully, Maruti has provided a dead pedal too so that if one plans to go for long drives or gets stuck in traffic, the strain on the feet is not much felt. The foot-well in front is also not really deep and is quite comfortable. However, the ZDI+ misses on electric seat adjustment and it has the same conventional lever mechanism to push seat back and forward.

Coming to the storage space and cup holders, Brezza is liberal on storage spaces. The ZDI+ is equipped with a passenger side undertray under front seat, additional cooled storage box (upper glove box) above the conventional glove box. Then all 4 doors are also equipped with 1 lt bottle holder and the ZDI+ gets rear armrest which is integrated with the cup-holders and the front armrest also has storage space in it. The gear console too gets cup holders as well. Apart from these, in the boot too there are storage place on both corners with luggage hook too. To further provided added storage, there is a parcel tray in the ZDI+.

Instrument Cluster and ICE Unit: The instrument cluster has 2 dials and an MID. My test car's IC Panel had Red color illumination and in sun-light, the display of the MID was clear but a slight rainbow effect I could see. The dials are well designed and the IC Panel looks decent. The ZDI+ also comes equipped with 7 step illumination control that shall help you choose the kind of illumination you prefer. Moving to the ICE unit, the ZDI+ has a Apple Smart touch screen with mirror link that has navigation, Bluetooth, Aux, USB, Radio, Rear parking camera display et al. The ICE unit is equipped with 4 speaker and 2 tweeters. If I speak of the sound quality, the experience was good and there was no distortion in the sound at high volumes. The display of the ICE was also not affected by the sun-light and it was well readable.

Air Conditioning, Man I am so much impressed with this particular feature. As you all can see, at the time of test drive, it was afternoon and the outside temperature was 32-33*c but inside, it was 18.5*c. The Auto AC of the ZDI+ is a chiller and cools the cabin evenly and quite fast. The fan speed coupled with the low temp of cabin ensured I get down with a blocked nose and tears in eyes (because of cold air directly hitting my eyes). Superb performance of the AC but a small thing which was missing was a rear AC Vent in the top variant.

Some Important Interiors Features of the Vitara Brezza ZDI+

* Tilt Steering.

* Steering mounted Control

* Piano Black finish on AC Vents and ICE Console

* Electrically adjustable & folding ORVMs

* Sun-Glass Holder and separate front roof light console

* Illuminated Passenger Vanity Mirror.

* Push Button Start.

* Auto AC

* Anti Pinch Window Feature

Couple of Interior Pics to begin with!

Akash1886 28th March 2016 11:48 PM

Re: Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza Drive Review
15 Attachment(s)
Important Interior Aspects of the Vitara Brezza

Power Window Switch Console at Conventional Position.

Attachment 197737

Chrome inner door latch

Attachment 197738

ABC&D Pedal

Attachment 197739

Auto AC Unit

Attachment 197740

Upper and lower Glove Box in ZDI+

Attachment 197741

Attachment 197742

Fuel Flap Opener

Attachment 197743

Hood Opener

Attachment 197744

Steering mounted controls and Tilt Feature

Attachment 197745

Attachment 197746

AC and Dashboard Vents.

Attachment 197763

Attachment 197747

Attachment 197748

Adjustable Headrests.

Attachment 197749

Attachment 197750

Vitara Brezza VDi Interiors

Vitara Brezza ZDI+ and LDI Interiors Videos

Akash1886 29th March 2016 12:33 AM

Re: Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza Drive Review
17 Attachment(s)
Start Stop button, ORVM adjuster, Parking sensor button and headlamp leveling device.

Attachment 197751

Seat front and back lever

Attachment 197752

Average quality plastic on Wiper and Light Levers

Attachment 197753

Front and Rear Leg-room (On lowering the steering, it touches the thighs)

Attachment 197754

Attachment 197755

Speaker and Tweeter Positioning in Cabin

Attachment 197756

Attachment 197757

Front and Rear Seat Belts

Attachment 197758

Attachment 197759

Cup and Bottle Holders

Attachment 197760

Attachment 197761

Attachment 197762

Roof Mounted and Door Grips

Attachment 197764

Attachment 197765

Plastic Casing below the front seats.

Attachment 197766

Front and Rear Door opening width

Attachment 197772

Attachment 197771

tachydoc 29th March 2016 12:58 AM

Re: Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza Drive Review
Fantastic Review @Akash1886[clap], precise and covered all important aspects. Hope to have my hands on it soon.[evil][;)]

Akash1886 29th March 2016 01:45 AM

Re: Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza Drive Review
21 Attachment(s)
Front and Rear Arm-rests

Attachment 197773

Attachment 197774

Plastic material behind rear armrest.

Attachment 197775

Transmission hump and protruding front arm-rest console

Attachment 197776

Attachment 197777

Sun-Glass Holder

Attachment 197778

Vanity mirror with lamp

Attachment 197779

Front passenger floor-well

Attachment 197780

Aux and 12V Power Socket in front

Attachment 197781

MID Display in sunlight

Attachment 197782

Dashboard reflection on front windshield during daytime

Attachment 197783

Usage of circular plastic blanks on left corner of the dashboard.

Attachment 197784

The visibility of hood from driver's and front passenger seat. A Blessing for medium height drivers and ladies.

Attachment 197785

Attachment 197786

Rear Windshield visibility.

Attachment 197787

ORVM viewing space (Left and Right)

Attachment 197788

Attachment 197789


Attachment 197790

Minimal Blind Spot in front.

Attachment 197791

The silver accents appearance in dark and daylight

Attachment 197792

Attachment 197793

Akash1886 29th March 2016 02:00 AM

Re: Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza Drive Review
13 Attachment(s)
The Boot of Maruti Vitara Brezza

Hydraulic arm for boot.

Attachment 197794

Boot and Door Hinges

Attachment 197795

Attachment 197796

Attachment 197797

Well Carpeted and Practical boot space with Parcel Tray, luggage hook and lock and boot storage space.

Attachment 197798

Attachment 197799

Attachment 197800

Attachment 197801

Attachment 197802

Attachment 197803

Well insulated wiring under boot door.

Attachment 197804

Good Boot door cladding and neatly fixed plastic on loading lip of boot.

Attachment 197805

Attachment 197806


Originally Posted by tachydoc (Post 493758)
Fantastic Review @Akash1886, precise and covered all important aspects. Hope to have my hands on it soon

Buddy, the review hasn't ended as yet, I have much more left to write about this C-SUV. Most importantly the performance. So be tuned to this thread for more updates. From my standards, its just 60% till now. Will try to finish it up by Wednesday![:)]

Akash1886 29th March 2016 09:34 AM

Re: Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza Drive Review
8 Attachment(s)
Internal and External Lights of Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza

Front Headlamp in ZDI+ has Projector and DRL Setup.

Attachment 197807

Tail Lights are squarish extending upto the boot door. They use halogen bulbs for reverse and indicator but also have LED strip included in the corner in ZDi+. The design is neat and gels with the C-SUV's design.

Attachment 197808

Front Fog Lamp housed in a Black Plastic Casing

Attachment 197810

Rear bumper reflector.

Attachment 197809

Roof Mounted external Brake Lamp in White Plastic.

Attachment 197811

Front and Center In-Cabin roof lamps in ZDI+

Attachment 197812

Attachment 197813

Boot Light and a 12V socket next to it in ZDI+.

Attachment 197814

Akash1886 29th March 2016 09:55 AM

Re: Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza Drive Review
10 Attachment(s)
Some important aspects of Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza.

Front and Rear Wheel Well Cladding. The material's quality is decent and to hold the cladding, MSIL has used rivets in it.

Attachment 197815

Attachment 197816

Attachment 197817

Attachment 197818

Attachment 197819

Use of Rubber knobs in edges of boot and neatly finished tail-lamp inner plastic extensions.

Attachment 197821

Attachment 197820

3-Free Service Coupons of Vitara Brezza by Maruti Suzuki

Attachment 197823

Attachment 197824

Attachment 197825

Nanofreak 29th March 2016 10:19 AM

Re: Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza Drive Review
Very nice review @Akash, thanks.

Cost cutting obvious, interior plastics, knobs switches all seem a decade old, nonetheless VB will fly off shelves, till something substantial appears in the horizon [evil]

Akash1886 29th March 2016 05:07 PM

Re: Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza Drive Review
8 Attachment(s)
Performance of Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza.

This includes:

* Engine Performance and NVH

* Transmission Performance.

* Steering Performance.

* Braking Performance.

* Ride, Suspension and Handling.

* Tyre Performance.

So, coming to the most important aspect of Vitara Brezza i.e how does it perform. Maruti Suzuki has launched the Vitara Brezza with only a DDIS 200 Diesel engine and a 5 speed MT. DDIS 200 translates to the same 1.3 L DDIS engine which has been used in Swift, Dzire, S-Cross et al. The 1.3 L Engine is proven and tested workhorse of the MSIL stable. However, in this segment, giving priority to only FE concerned people, Maruti has played safe. This C-SUV in the initial pick-up begs for power to be honest and that is where a need for atleast a 1.5 L Diesel mill is felt. The DDIS 200 is capable of 200 Nm Torque and 66Kw power. Being a 4 cylinder engine it may not disappoint you much but with the kind of weight this car has, Maruti should not have continued with the same old 1.3 L engine. So, moving on, as I said, initial pick-up is weak but once it passes 1800-2000 rpm, it begins to show the performance. I revved this engine till 4500 rpm and the acceleration did not disappoint me. However, let me also state here, for this type of consistent performance, right gear at right speed and right time is extremely essential. After having driven 1.3L DDIS Powered other cars from Maruti, the one thing I learnt i.e to extract best possible performance from this mill, one has to be really conversant with the gear slotting and speed. Since I drove in busy streets of Mumbai and moderate afternoon traffic, yet with the kind of acceleration it has till 4500 mark, the overtaking was impressive. But, every driver/owner buys a car for different purpose and has different expectations from it. As I am a rather composed, laid back sort of driver, for me the 200 Nm of torque in DDIS is sufficient but for those who want a powerful performance, you'll certainly be left asking for more. The turbo lag is there for performance oriented buyers. Upto 80-85 Km/h this engine performs well but beyond this i.e between 90-110 km/h(Driven by uncle), Turbo lag is felt to a great deal and one thing I noticed, to ensure smooth driving, my uncle often had to downshift the gears. I am quoting exact words of my uncle "Gaadi kewal shehr mae nhi highway par bhi chalta hai. Highway wala performance nhi hai isme." (A car is driven not only in city but also on highways. This car does not have highway performance.) My uncle who owns a DDIS 1.3L Dzire says, I am more satisfied with my Dzire. Though in my view, Dzire and Brezza can't be compared but still for a car of this size, a bigger engine would have been a wise move. If Maruti would have come with 1.5L Diesel and priced the top end model cheaper by 1-1.2 Lac from Creta, this would have been a all round performer. Coming to NVH, the DDIS comes with the underhood cladding yet the NVH levels are not as good as Hyundai. NVH is something which needs a bit of re-work on Maruti's part and a slight improvement in it can work wonders for Brezza. The idle NVH was noticeable and in-drive NVH too was on bit of higher side. The cabin insulation is decent enough but I could clearly hear the engine sound.

Speaking of the 5 Speed MT, over here as well, why did Maruti not give a AT/AMT option is beyond understanding. By not giving AT, Maruti somewhat reduces its chances against Creta. Man!! Even TUV 3OO has AMT then why not Brezza? About the performance of 5 Speed MT, it was fine. The gear throws were decent but the slotting and meshing was neither too bad nor very good. Coming to the clutch, the clutch is smooth and has a good travel range. This would surely help in traffic situations. For transmission, I would say, Maruti can certainly do a better job than this. Moving to the steering, the steering did not feel lifeless to me till 80 km/h and its cornering abilities were impressive. The steering feels firm and definitely is confidence inspiring. Overall, the power steering is pretty smooth performer in my view for city traffic.

Braking, I may speak, It is responsive thanks to the ABS and high speed braking does not result in any body roll or even in sharp turns (I made a couple) there is no body roll. The disc brakes in front ensure accurate braking and precise performance. Moving ahead with the ride, handling and suspension setup, this C-SUV gets 198mm GC which tells that its not a low C-SUV. Brezza gets Mc Pherson suspension in front and a torsion beam for rear. My TD Car had Apollo Alnac 215 Section rubber with 16 inch alloys. The drive was quite pleasant on the roads of Mumbai. Many roads in Mumbai do have breaker, potholes and uneven surface but Brezza took them all sportingly. The GC came in as a big help here. Finally, decent amount of GC combined with good Tyre size, ensured a decent ride and modulated Tyre noise. In this particular C-SUV, I felt that the Apollo Tyres had a good grip on road. Summing up, In performance front, this C-SUV needs to make tweaks to show its full potential.

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