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Akash1886 21st March 2016 08:17 PM

Tata Tiago Revotron Petrol Drive Review
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TATA Tiago Revotron Petrol

Attachment 197042

TATA, one of the most respected Indian automotive brand has finally added a new peppy performer to its vehicle line-up. It is the much awaited, the cute and pretty looking hatchback, TATA TIAGO. Tata Tiago has been able to garner the attention of all whether its the prospective buyers or us enthusiasts. Tata Tiago was earlier named as ZICA, but, some circumstances made TATA to go ahead and change it's name to TIAGO. As Willam Shakespeare rightly said, What's in a name? I too say so indeed. Whether its TIAGO or ZICA, this car is indeed a different offering from the Indica lineage of which people have always been talking of and earlier as well, some of the good products by TATA had to face a sore fate due to their comparison to Indica. Now with the TIAGO, people and enthusiasts, have big hopes from TATA and all of us are looking forward to the day when this zippy and sporty looking hatchback shall come on Indian roads. But prior to that, it is also undeniable that people's expectations with this product are also equally high. Will it break the Jinx of Indica Tag? Will it break the Jinx of TATA being labelled as TAXI brand? Will it be able to stand above the competition? In real world driving, will it be as efficient and agile as has been seen from various testings in the past and even present? and Biggest of all, How much will it Cost? There were many such questions which clouded even my mind when for the 1st time I laid my hands on the TIAGO. The review which I am writing here is about my driving experience with the Petrol Revotron powered TATA Tiago which I drove in Mumbai. Now did it excite me? Did I feel happy? Let's see!

Akash1886 21st March 2016 08:36 PM

Re: TATA Tiago Revotron Petrol Drive Review
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External Looks of the TATA Tiago

Looks are certainly subjective but in regards to TATA, the TIAGO is a refreshing change from what all of us have seen until now from the TATA stable. As mentioned even above, TIAGO does not borrow anything from the Indica. It is based on a totally new platform and thus is a an absolutely new concept in terms of exterior design. Keeping in line with the growing competition and cutting edge products from the competitors, TATA seems to have worked really hard on the designing of their new hatchback TIAGO. Upfront, the smile shaped grill gives pleasant persona to the car. The swept back headlamps give it a unique styling and the front profile of TIAGO is definitely not loud to the eyes. Moving to the side profile, the well designed and uniform lines give it a sporty and elegant look. There are no unwanted curves and edges in the side profile. Right from the front fender to the rear quarter panel, everything has been designed with utmost precision and keeping in mind the expectations of the present generation of buyers. Coming to the rear profile of TIAGO, The sharp designed taillights give it a striking look and complement the overall design of the car very well. The taillights extend upto the rear quarter panel and indeed make the TIAGO look sportier. Overall, from what we have been accustomed too, TIAGO from TATA is by miles their best looking hatchback till date if I may say. A job decently done and the finishing of the external design language of TIAGO is worth appreciating.

Akash1886 21st March 2016 10:04 PM

Re: TATA Tiago Revotron Petrol Drive Review
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Important External Features of TATA Tiago.

Front Grill with a honey comb pattern extending upto the front Air dam.

Attachment 197046

Body Color ORVMs in XZ Variant with integrated turn indicators and good viewing space.

Attachment 197047

Attachment 197048

Rubber lining on roof for better aesthetics.

Attachment 197049

The body colored outer door grips. They do not feel fragile.

Attachment 197050

Excellent paint finish.

Attachment 197051

The door hinges

Attachment 197052

The Front and Rear Wipers. The plastic panel in front housing the washers is neatly finished and has honey comb design on the left corner. However, wiper quality of front isn't good.

Attachment 197053

Attachment 197054

Minimal panel gaps. Much better than other TATA products.

Attachment 197055

Attachment 197056

Circular Rear Defogger.

Attachment 197057

Stylish Roof Spoiler provided to enhance the sporty look of TIAGO. Unlike conventional rear roof spoilers, it has small spoilers on both corners of roof.

Attachment 197058

Neatly finished Fuel Flap cover and the fuel tank cover is attached with a string as well.

Attachment 197060

Attachment 197061

Integrated rear parking sensors.

Attachment 197063

Neatly tucked-in Exhaust. Also notice the good amount of rear ground clearance.

Attachment 197062

Akash1886 21st March 2016 11:01 PM

Re: TATA Tiago Revotron Petrol Drive Review
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The interiors of TATA Tiago

TATA has put in genuine effort in giving a plush in-cabin experience in the TIAGO though still there are couple of rough edges. For the car of this segment, it is a giant step ahead if we compare the interior quality of other TATA products. From the face of it, the interiors of TIAGO did certainly impress me and what I liked the most was the quality of plastic used in it and the finishing of the plastics done by TATA. The plastic panels in the doors and in dashboard have been well crafted and definitely in no ways can be compared to Indica and at many places, I found the finishing better than BOLT too. Talking of the seating comfort, well unlike many TATA cars, Tiago is bit low on the rear legroom as I being 6ft guy, the legroom as well as knee room wasn't to my liking. Coming to the seating capacity, its not a true 5 seater at all. About the headroom, that was just about good enough and the shoulder support & under-thigh support were decent enough in my opinion. A big plus which I must mention here is the backrest comfort. I sat in it as a passenger too and really felt nice with the way TATA has cushioned the seats of TIAGO. The 2 tone interiors with the use of Orange Accents on AC Vents and the Piano Black finishing of center console and the door handle adds to the premium feel of the TIAGO's cabin. The cabin looks roomy which is a big plus for a car of this segment. Speaking of the ingress and egress, being a hatchback, TIAGO manages to offer a decent amount of ease in this respect. In all, as much as I was impressed with the exteriors of TIAGO, I feel, even with best possible efforts from TATA still there is room for improvisation in regards to couple of rough edges which TIAGO has in it's interiors.

Akash1886 21st March 2016 11:38 PM

Re: TATA Tiago Revotron Petrol Drive Review
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Important Interior Features of TATA Tiago.

Dual Barrel Instrument Cluster with the MID Screen in between them.

Attachment 197069

Attachment 197070

ICE Unit by Harman in center console. The display of ICE Unit is not harmed by sunlight. The sound quality from this 8 speaker unit is quite good and it supports navigation via smartphone.

Attachment 197071

Attachment 197072

2-tone steering wheel with integrated controls and airbag.

Attachment 197073

In-cabin Storage Spaces & Bottle Holders.

Attachment 197074

Attachment 197075

Attachment 197076

Attachment 197077

Attachment 197078

Driver Seat Height Adjustment lever.

Attachment 197079

Manual AC Control Knobs with chrome rings and below them are Ipod and Aux sockets.

Attachment 197080

Akash1886 22nd March 2016 10:53 AM

Re: TATA Tiago Revotron Petrol Drive Review
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ABC Pedals

Attachment 197097

ORVMs are internally adjustable in XZ Variant.

Attachment 197098

Front and Rear Door pads finishing

Attachment 197105

Attachment 197106

Door's speaker grill design

Attachment 197110

Dashboard Vent and the A-pillar integrated Tweeter

Attachment 197111

Manual IRVM

Attachment 197112

Passenger Sun-visor with vanity mirror.

Attachment 197113

Inner Roof Integrated Hand-Grip

Attachment 197114

Another vent provided in lower part of center console (on the side)

Attachment 197115

Inner door opening knob. It's quality is also not flimsy.

Attachment 197116

Front corner AC Vent Design

Attachment 197117

Good Quality Plastic Used in the Light and Wiper Levers.

Attachment 197118

Rear Seat Belt

Attachment 197119

Adjustable Front Headrests

Attachment 197120

Inner Chrome Door Latch and coin pocket in the door.

Attachment 197121

Fuel Flap and Boot Opener.

Attachment 197122

Door's Opening Width and Good Quality rubber insulation has been used in them.

Attachment 197124

Attachment 197123

Akash1886 22nd March 2016 01:58 PM

Re: TATA Tiago Revotron Petrol Drive Review
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Boot Space of TATA Tiago

Tiago offers practical boot space of 242 Lts. The design of the boot ensures that maximum space is used for luggage. However, a slight effort has to be made as to load your luggage as I found that the loading lip was higher. Also for those who still feel the boot is on lower side then fold the rear seats and increase the boot space since both the backrest and the seating bench of rear seat can be folded which enhance boot space. Yet what I wished was, TATA as an option could have given a 60:40 split for rear seats. For enhanced visibility there is provision of boot lamp too. Also another thing worth mentioning here is the hooks for luggage provided in boot on both sides. As per the TD Coordinator, these hooks are capable to hold upto 2-3 kg of weight. Unlike many of the competitors who tuck the tool kit on the spare wheel flap or place it under the flap, TATA has taken note of these small but significant aspects and have properly placed the tool kit in a storage space on left corner of boot and you can also see that the warning triangle has been placed in the rear seat back pocket and adding further space, TIAGO also gets a well sized rear parcel tray. In order to keep in line with the premium feel of the cabin, TATA has provided Black color plastic rivets instead of screws[clap] where ever its necessary. The boot door has been given proper cladding and a small thing which I feel could have been better was, instead of the steel boot lock mechanism, it could have been a Black one and could have been placed inside so that the same isn't visible. All in all, a good luggage space in a hatchback is certainly a plus point.

Interior and Exterior Lights Of TATA Tiago

Talking about the External and Internal lights, The front headlamps have halogen bulbs and have integrated chrome accents which enhance their design. Moving on to the fog lamps, the fog lamps are decent in size and have chrome surround in XZ Variant. The taillights as mentioned are sharp and well designed. They very well complement the rear profile of the car and are fixed very neatly. Also, TATA has paid immense attention to their detailing and on a closer look you'll notice the honey-comb design in the tail lights. The roof mounted stop lamp is also there that gives additional visibility. In the interiors, there is only one LED light in cabin placed in center of the roof. I wish another light could have been provided above IRVM in front.

Akash1886 22nd March 2016 03:20 PM

Re: TATA Tiago Revotron Petrol Drive Review
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Performance of TATA Tiago Revotron Petrol.

A Car's success or failure largely depends on the kind of performance it has. Irrespective of the brand, performance is among the prime concerns of the buyers. TATA's Tiago hatchback, comes equipped with 2 engine options i.e 1.2 L Revotron Petrol and 1.05 L Revotorq Diesel engine which are equipped with multi drive modes i.e CITY and ECO and the engine is mated to a 5 Speed Manual Transmission. The Petrol three-cylinder engine is capable of developing 85 PS power and 114 Nm torque. Speaking of the drive modes of TIAGO, the City mode is the default one and if you may wish then Eco mode can be manually selected every time when you crank the car. Since I drove in both modes hence, I would mention here that the CITY mode is the one for regular drives and the ECO mode is designed for extracting the maximum FE. However, there was noticeable drop in performance in ECO mode specially in terms of acceleration. So, on a lighter note, if you go on a date, you may use ECO mode for sedate driving. If I compare the 1.2 L Petrol with that of the competitors, I can surely say, TIAGO is a capable city driving car. The driving manners are good as I could drive it in a calm manner with not much gear changes. The pulling power of the petrol engine on a incline is worth appreciating since I took TIAGO on 2nd gear with AC ON from 0-50 km/h and it effortlessly performed. Also, I am not of those types who look for racing sort of driving manners in any car, I felt happy and satisfied with the way this 1.2 L engine performed. In traffic conditions it was a stable experience for me. The clutch and accelerator performance in bumper to bumper traffic was decent enough and the drive was at large smooth enough though at some places due to bad road surface the jerk was felt. The clutch is not very hard and it performed appropriately. So, with my experience, I found the 1.2 L engine as a good performer and pro-revving. Even when I took the car at 70-80 km/h range, the engine noise wasn't audible in the cabin which I feel is a great thing from TATA. In the long run, this superb insulation will definitely enhance your drives. I keep a tab on my driving speed, so no triple digits here too, till 85 km/h the car went very well. As the TD route of TIAGO involved turns so the turning and cornering of TIAGO proved fairly easy with the steering proving to be agile but certainly not dead. With this sort of City driving, I can say that TIAGO won't be disappointing on highways provided you don't overload the car with luggage and pax as it's a common tendency with our travelers. We were 2 people in the car and I did not feel that in CITY mode the car lacks any power.

Moving on to my favorite part, the NVH; TIAGO's idle NVH is well modulated and while driving at speed range of 60-70 km/h the NVH were good by petrol engine standards and did not filter any sound in the cabin. However, as I said at some places the road surface was bad, on those patches, light rattling sound from front door pads was heard. With the good quality and amount of insulation material provided by TATA at conventional and some strategic points in the TIAGO, the in-cabin experience of mine was very nice. Once you roll up the windows to full, you'll hear the traffic noise at a bear minimum. Now, I shall move towards the finer points of 1.2 L Petrol engine, There is decent amount of fire-wall protection, good under hood cladding, the wiper washer pipe also you see is properly clipped and a unique feature which I saw under the hood was that on both corners of the hood, the struts have been covered by a open-able plastic cover. Surely TATA has made efforts to give the best possible finished product but, again, there is no under-engine protection given to TIAGO.

Akash1886 22nd March 2016 04:17 PM

Re: TATA Tiago Revotron Petrol Drive Review
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Transmission, Ride & Handling, Steering, Tyre(s), Braking and Suspension.

As has been the perception in regards to the ride quality of TATA cars, TIAGO too lives up to that. The ride is stable and quite promising. Being a hatchback, the ride quality was certainly upto my expectations. Rough roads don't bother it much and it keeps itself steady. With proper co-ordination of the ABC pedals and more specifically from the clutch, the ride did not leave me with anything I can actually complaint about. For the comfort of the driver, TATA has included a dead pedal too. The suspension of Petrol engine is well groomed too and minor bumps are not even felt frankly. The suspension even in the rear has been built very well and as a rear passenger too, I did not feel any undue jerks. Coming to the transmission, Both Petrol and Diesel engines have the 5-speed manual gearbox. Performance wise, the up-shift and downshift are good and quite swift in slotting. In technical terms, the 5 Speed MT does not have long throws. Though TATA is yet to announce the pricing, I feel, TATA has worked to provide a well groomed and packaged vehicle in form of TIAGO. Moving on to Braking, Tiago's brakes come equipped with Bosch's 9th gen ABS and EBD. Right from the word go, the brakes worked effectively. My TD coordinator informed me that TATA has provided cornering stability too which I feel is certainly a encouraging move on TATA's part. I braked the car at 60 km/h and to my surprise, it stopped in real time without any tantrums. Kudos to TATA[clap]. The steering too as I mentioned even above, has been well worked on by TATA. It is not a dead unit but certainly is neither strenuous to drive. With the light and confident operation of the power-steering, the overall ride experience was truly satisfying. Finally to speak of the Tyre(s), my TD car had Good Year Rubber with spec being 175/65/R14. The Tyres ensured to minimize the road noise and give a comfortable ride. Their grip on road is good and overall the alloy design is also neat and refreshing.

Akash1886 22nd March 2016 05:05 PM

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What I liked in TATA Tiago.

* New Design Language based on IMPACT platform.

* Capable Petrol Engine with good driving manner overall.

* The metallic color finishing is great.

* In-cabin experience was good

* AC Unit is a chiller. In 33*c, the cabin was very cool and the AC cools quite fast.

* Plastic Quality is good.

* To enhance the sporty design, TATA has given unique corner spoilers integrated in roof in the rear.

* The rear bumper also has a well designed integrated protrusion as to control the water splash et al.

* Alloy design was neat.

* NVH levels are well controlled.

* Flip Key design and finish

* 2 Tone rear bumper design was looking good.

* Full Size Spare wheel (Non-Alloy)

* Ground Clearance is good.

* Good Ingress and Egress

* Seat Cushioning is good too.

* Good Overall product finishing.

What can be better

* The rear legroom and headroom.

* Transmission hump is too high.

* No seat-back pockets in front seats

* Not a 5 seater

* No smart key in top variant

* No illuminated sun-visors.

* No under-engine guard.

* TATA took too long to launch this car.

* No AT or AMT provision at present.

* Fixed Rear headrests

* No 60:40 rear seat split

* No Touchscreen ICE

* No Auto AC in top variant

* Boot lock and lock mechanism could have been more aesthetic.

* The front doors might need greasing. My TD car's front doors did not close properly at once.

* No Sports Mode.

Some Important Dimensions of the TATA TIAGO

TATA Tiago in measurement stands at 3,746mm in length, 1,647mm in width, 1,535mm in height and 2,400mm in it's wheelbase.

Tiago has 242 liters of boot space.

Tiago comes with a ground clearance of 170mm.

Tiago has a turning radius of 4.9m.

Tiago has a fuel tank capacity of 35 liters.

Important links

First Pictures of TIAGO

TIAGO Interior Videos

TATA Motors @ Auto Expo 2016

TATA Tiago Walk-Around Video

All Details in this Test Drive Review are only for The Automotive India. Any re-use needs full credit to TAI.



allhyundaicars 22nd March 2016 06:41 PM

Tata Tiago Test Drive Review
14 Attachment(s)
today test drove the upcoming tata tiago. this is just a short review since i am not that good in writing big test drive reviews. for that please wait for akash's review[lol]

special thanks to customer advisor mr Gurdeep Singh from Tulli motors, wazirpur for providing the test drive and information about the product.

Looks : the car looks very sharp and trendy. thank god they parted away with the old shape they used in previous cars. car looks good and the proportion seems right.
Attachment 197199

Attachment 197200

the front houses a honeycomb gloss black painted grill and the air-dam. the area below the wipers to drain out the water have a similar design.
Attachment 197201

ORVM's have integrated indicators.

car had goodyear brand 175/65 R14 tyres. the alloys looks decent too.
Attachment 197202

from the rear it did look like the new figo :P notice the parking sensors. didn't got a chance to test it since i only reversed the car once with no obstacles behind.
Attachment 197203

the rear defogger plus rear wiper. defogger covering only the part where the wiper will work.
Attachment 197204

Interiors : open the door and you will be pleasantly surprised by the quality. the door is heavy if compared to the competition and the thud noise tells you it's not a light built car.

Attachment 197206

the interior looks good although i didn't like the steering wheel at first glance. the stalk seemed of good quality as well as durable.
Attachment 197205

Attachment 197210

the volume buttons on the steering should have been a little bigger in size.
the voice control feature sits alone on the right side. gurdeep did tell me how i work and what all we can do but the function wasn't working even after 2-3 attempts. software problem ?

the little square below the "city" icon shows you in which gear you are currently driving.
Attachment 197207
the instrument cluster is neat and tidy. the instant fe bar is in continuous movements. the blue icon says "city" the car by default will be in this mode only as soon as you start it. you can also chose eco mode by tapping the eco mode below the head unit. you can turn on this economy mode while driving and you will immediately feel the lower power and the lower engine noise.

the ac worked brilliantly. again i was pleasantly surprise how effective the ac was. it remained on blower speed 1 the whole time but it was parked under shade so this could be a reason why ac cooled the cabin quickly. i tried all 4 speeds and the blower was only noisy at level 4.
the knobs quality was decent. note the chrome rings around the knobs and even on the volume knobs.
Attachment 197209
Attachment 197208
Attachment 197211

the driver side door. the switches aren't that great but will do the work well.
Attachment 197212
also notice the old style lock buttons. door handles has chrome paint but it isn't metal. i would have prefer a decent silver finish.

front passenger door. notice the piano black finish.
Attachment 197213

vikyjoshi 22nd March 2016 06:53 PM

Re: Tata Tiago test drive review
I cant see the images. All I can see is Attachment link and on clicking shows a page which says invalid location.

Now the images are visible.

allhyundaicars 22nd March 2016 07:09 PM

Re: Tata Tiago test drive review
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rear door.
Attachment 197214

242 liters of bootspace.
Attachment 197215

white light inside the cabin.
Attachment 197216

good size ORVM , great visibility.
[Attachment 197217

rear legroom is good. i think it's better than the grand i10. as far as i remember my knees were touching the front seats in grand i10.
Attachment 197218

cool detailing on the tail lamps.
Attachment 197219

space to put additional keys , change etc. a very useful feature.
Attachment 197220

spoiler which looks good.
Attachment 197221

hexagonal pattern below the wipers.
Attachment 197222

Sound System - the car gets 8 speakers ( 4 tweeters and 4 speakers as per gurdeep ) and i was shocked after listening the audio quality. it was just amazing. i wouldn't put a bass tube in this car. gurdeep started playing punjabi songs and i just forgot that i was taking a test drive. really really surprised by the quality.
Attachment 197223

driveability - now comes the main part. how it drives ? i TD's the petrol variant.

i started the car and i felt the car shaking. the very first flaw. it wasn't that much but definitely noticeable. maybe because of the 3 cylinder engine ?

the clutch was light but i didn't like how the gear lever was. it was smooth but not perfectly smooth.
the low end torque was quite good and i checked at speeds as low as 10 kmph in 2nd gear and the car didn't shake because of the low rpm. so in city driveability is good.
there is a newly opened flyover near the showroom and in no time the car reached 80kmph. it did take time but nothing to complaint.

since i drive a diesel now the car felt sluggish in a small uphill even in 4th gear. again i am now habitual of driving a diesel so maybe that's why i felt this. haven't driven my i10 for months so can't compare.

i casually told mr gurdeep that i am a member of TAI and he requested him to let me drive a little bit extra to which he complied.

after coming back from the TD he requested me to come and meet a Mr raveen sharma who came to their showroom for training the staff.
mr gurdeep asked me to ask any questions that came to my mind.

the first question that came in my mind was if the safety options , if the abs and airbags will be standard or not to which he replied the airbags will be standard from the 3rd model onwards ( earlier gurdeep told me a total of 4 models , "X , XE , XM and XZ" )

after that i reported the vibration in the gear lever and the engine insulation. i showed him our site and promised him will send the link as soon as the thread is live [:)]

apologies for any grammatical or any type of errors.

DJ bro 22nd March 2016 09:57 PM

Re: TATA Tiago Revotron Petrol Drive Review
Good detailed review bro. Love the Tiago!
But honestly it's a bit too much to ask for touchscreen and ACC in this segment. Why not ask those in the Celerio then?

Akash1886 22nd March 2016 10:00 PM

Re: TATA Tiago Revotron Petrol Drive Review

Originally Posted by DJ bro (Post 493063)
Good detailed review bro. Love the Tiago!
But honestly it's a bit too much to ask for touchscreen and ACC in this segment. Why not ask those in the Celerio then?

Buddy, My point is, to provide an edge to a product from that of a competitor, TATA could have given a touchscreen ICE in top variant and if possible then an AUTO AC in Top Variant. As it is the price is not officially given so with these goodies and a mouth watering price point Tiago could have sold like hot cakes.



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