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Akash1886 10th August 2015 12:52 PM

Suzuki S-Cross 1.6 Alpha 6 MT Driven
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Suzuki S-Cross has been launched in India at a starting price of Rs. 8.34 Lacs.

Attachment 177115

The S-Cross shall be competing in the market in India against:

* Ford EcoSport

* Renault Duster

* Nissan's Terrano

* Hyundai's Creta and to some extent the Elite i20/Active.

S-Cross comes in 2 Diesel Engine variants i.e DDIS 200 (1.3L, 66Kw Power and 200 Nm Torque) and DDIS 320(1.6L, 88kw Power and 320 Nm Torque) and 2 transmission options i.e 5 Speed MT and 6 Speed MT. At present no Automatic Transmission is provided for the Indian Market in S-Cross by Suzuki. The S-Cross has been launched in India by Suzuki as a premium cross-over and is sold through dedicated dealerships called NEXA. Since it's a global product, so there are significant differences in S-Cross and the staple product portfolio of Maruti Suzuki.

The Variant of S-Cross are of 4 Types


Price Range of S-Cross (Ex-Showroom Delhi)

DDiS 200: 834000 915000 999000 1075000

DDiS 320: 1199000 1299000 1374000

Colors Provided at present in the S-Cross

1) Urban Blue

Attachment 177116

2) Caffeine Brown

Attachment 177117

3) Granite Gray

Attachment 177119

4) White

Attachment 177120

5) Silver

Attachment 177121

*More in next post.



Akash1886 10th August 2015 01:33 PM

Re: Suzuki S-Cross 1.6 Alpha 6MT Driven
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Interiors of Suzuki S-Cross.

Attachment 177123

Since this is a product of Suzuki, one can surely notice significant difference in the interior quality of the S-Cross. The interiors are neatly placed without any dose of the popular Beige interior which is certainly a refreshing change. It certainly breaks the conventional thought that Beige interiors provide premium feel to the car. The seating is for 5 pax (Including Driver) and they can surely sit in it. The transmission tunnel is not obstructing the rear seating at all. The leather used in the seats is really well laid out and nicely stitched. There is no stop-gap kind of arrangement done in the interiors of the S-Cross. The Cabin looks big and voluminous from inside.

The seating in the S-Cross is comfortable both in 1.3 and 1.6 Versions. There is no problem in Legroom, Headroom, under-thigh support. The rear center armrest does provide comfort and convenience at the same time and does not acquire much space. If I talk of the ingress and egress which is a major factor for healthy, aged and tall people then too, the S-Cross does not disappoint on the same.

However, there is one cost cutting measure that I sighted in 1.6 Alpha which is the absence of Electric Seat adjustment for Driver. The Conventional lever mechanism has been used. This is something that one shall miss after paying a huge price for a "premium" offering. In the top model this should certainly be provided.

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Akash1886 10th August 2015 02:13 PM

Re: Suzuki S-Cross 1.6 Alpha 6MT Driven
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The In-Cabin Gadgets of S-Cross

* Instrument Cluster with MID: S-Cross comes equipped with TFT screen in instrument cluster and the MID feature in it is really informative and provides info for Outside Temperature, FE, Digital Clock and Total Kms run till now and the driving range. The illumination of Instrument Cluster looks pretty decent and the Blue Dials in the Instrument Cluster further add to the premium badge of the S-Cross.

* The Audio and Video Navigation: Navigation has been a blessing in disguise in today's time. So, my Test Car was equipped with Navigation and Rear Camera too apart from the Audio/FM. The Touchscreen panel provides Media, Bluetooth and Smartphone Connectivity. The Audio Quality in the S-Cross is decent enough with 4 speakers (one each on doors) and 2 tweeters in front. The Display quality of the screen is pretty good and clear. Have a look for yourself on the pics below of the display;

* Steering Input of Suzuki's S-Cross: S-Cross comes equipped with 3 spoke steering wheel which resembles to Maruti's Dzire CS. My test car had Silver garnish too on the steering. Talking of the grip of the steering, while driving the car the response was very nice and not a single feel of any strain was there. At a speed of 80-90 km/h to which I took it, the steering did not go numb. The high speed manners of the car were good on high speeds as well and turning and cornering of the car was neat as well. See, its pretty nice to shoot a car on a lavish location for the review to look nice and glamorous but the actual characteristics of the car come to light when its driven among traffic.My test car was equipped with Cruise Control mounted on the steering along with the audio controls. However, due to traffic did not get a chance to use cruise control and as the TD was just of 3 km in all so could not get a feel of Cruise Control. Overall, I am impressed with the power steering input and responsiveness in S-Cross. In my opinion both in the City driving as well as on the highway driving, the steering will certainly feel agile.

* More in next post.



Akash1886 10th August 2015 03:07 PM

Re: Suzuki S-Cross 1.6 Alpha 6MT Driven
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In-Cabin Comfort and Convenience

* Auto Climate Control

Attachment 177138

* Sliding Front Arm-rest and cup holder.

Attachment 177139

* In-Door Storage spaces for Water Bottles

Attachment 177140

* Illuminated Glove Box

Attachment 177141

* Illuminated Sun-Visor with Vanity Mirror.

Attachment 177142

Attachment 177143

Attachment 177144

* Electric IRVM

Attachment 177145

* Front roof lamp cluster with sun-glass holder.

Attachment 177146

Attachment 177147

Attachment 177148

* Overhead Roof Grip

Attachment 177149

* Cleanly placed Driver side switch panel.

Attachment 177150

* Chrome Door Handle

Attachment 177151

* Push Button Start and Headlamp beam adjuster.

Attachment 177152

* Elegantly finished dashboard and door pads.

Attachment 177153

Attachment 177154

Attachment 177155

* Silver finish front AC Vents

Attachment 177156

* Provision of Cigar Lighter

Attachment 177157

* More in next post



Akash1886 10th August 2015 03:43 PM

Re: Suzuki S-Cross 1.6 Alpha 6MT Driven
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Engine, Transmission, Braking, NVH and Handling.

S-Cross as informed above has 2 variants in Diesel only i.e 1.3L and 1.6L. I drove the 1.6L with 6 Speed MT. Firstly on idle the NVH level are just average which is a let down for a car of such high price and it being a premium product. During the drive the 1.6L NVH felt quite harsh. The noise transmission inside the cabin is very evident during driving and it is one area that needs more improvement. Cars with comparatively less price tag have much better NVH. Even after hood cladding and wheel well cladding, the NVH are pretty high. If I talk of the braking, that was very good and responsive thanks to ABS and all-4 disc brakes* (disc brakes come as standard in all variants). I do know we all are safe drivers but still paying a hefty amount for this car should be justified from Suzuki's end i.e they should give features like ESP which help in improving the driving dynamics of the car and prevent un-called situations to a good extent. The suspension felt very well worked as the ride was plush and the car picks up quite well and its linear. Turbo Lag was not really apparent as I drove. Over the pot-holes the jerks were not felt and here being monsoon, the car's suspension is nicely tested and so is its Ground Clearance.

Coming to Transmission and ABC padles, The 6 Speed MT is good and transition of gears is very smooth. There is no delay in transitions and the clutch as well felt well refined. However, provision of a Automatic Transmission will down the line hamper its sales to some extent. The gear knob looked nicely finished and to engage the reverse gear one needs to lift up the lever below the knob.

* The OEM Spec is 205/60 with 16in Rims/Alloys. The design and finishing of the alloys looked purely sub-standard just like a bolted wheel cover.

* The Rear and Front Wheel Wells are adequately provided with the cladding.

* More in next post



Akash1886 10th August 2015 04:26 PM

Re: Suzuki S-Cross 1.6 Alpha 6MT Driven
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The Boot Space of S-Cross

S-Cross comes with a boot space of 353 Lt that can be extended upon folding of the rear seats as its equipped with 60:40 rear seat split to 810 Lt. For added convenience a parcel tray has been provided too.

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Akash1886 10th August 2015 05:45 PM

Re: Suzuki S-Cross 1.6 Alpha 6MT Driven
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External Design and Looks of S-Cross

Design wise, S-Cross is refreshing product. It certainly stands out from the fleet of MSIL products. Apparently, features that shall catch one's eye from exterior design and looks are:

* Good Paint Quality

* Comparatively good built than MSIL products but still can be better.

* No protruding edges.

* Beautifully designed headlamps with projector lamps and LED* (Variant Specific)

* Skid Plates add to the cross over's appeal.

Attachment 177190

Some External Equipment of S-Cross.

* Electrically folding Body Colored ORVMs with side marker* (Variant Specific) have good viewing space.

Attachment 177178

Attachment 177179

* Decent Quality Wipers at Front and Back with neatly placed washers.

Attachment 177180

* Silver Roof Rails* (Variant Specific)

Attachment 177181

* Front Chrome Grill with double slates

Attachment 177182

* Front and Rear Lights.

Attachment 177183

Attachment 177184

Attachment 177185

Attachment 177186

* Body Color Door Handle with Sensor* (Variant Specific)

Attachment 177187

* More in next post



Akash1886 10th August 2015 06:25 PM

Re: Suzuki S-Cross 1.6 Alpha 6MT Driven
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Some important links and observations about the Suzuki S-Cross.

For Lower Variant details please refer this post.

For Initial observations on S-Cross please check this post

Some Salient Features of S-Cross 1.6 Alpha DDIS

* Luggage Lamp

* Seat Back Pockets

* Accessory Socket in Boot.

* Luggage Hook in Boot.

* Immobilizer

* Push Button Start

* Driver and Co Driver Airbag


* Projector Headlamps

* Auto Head lamps

* Rain Sensing Wipers.

* All 4 Disc Brakes.

* Voice Command

* Tilt and Telescopic Steering.

* Electric Boot Opening.

* Cruise Control.

Some important Info of the S-Cross

* Turning Radius: 5.2m

* Fuel Tank Capacity: 48 Lt

* FE: 22.7km/l for 1.6 L and 23.6 km/l for 1.3 L

What I Missed in Alpha 1.6

* No Rear AC

* No ESP

* Mediocre Pricing by Suzuki

* Poor Quality Alloys

* 1.6 L NVH is too harsh.

* No Sun-roof

* No Automatic Transmission.

* No Petrol Variant.

* No Variant Badges provided like MSIL's products.

Owner's Manual Re-attached

Attachment 177195

Attachment 177196

Attachment 177197

Attachment 177198

Couple of Final Shots of the S-Cross

Attachment 177199

Attachment 177200

Attachment 177202

Attachment 177201

All above pics are only for TAI. Any re-use of above pics or info needs full credit to The Automotive India.



350Z 11th August 2015 01:58 AM

Re: Suzuki S-Cross 1.6 Alpha 6MT Driven
Note: Thread now live from TIP zone. Thanks!

Drive Safe,

tripranav 11th August 2015 12:21 PM

Re: Suzuki S-Cross 1.6 Alpha 6MT Driven
Good test drive review. Awaiting for the full review.

TSIVipul 11th August 2015 02:12 PM

Re: Suzuki S-Cross 1.6 Alpha 6MT Driven
Thatís a crisp review Akash [clap], thumbs up for the same. I have also got my hands on this Ďcrossoverí from Maruti Suzuki two days back and here are my observations (I even drove a Creta also for making out the exact differences):

Note: A good 13 km long TD but only front seats, engine, gearbox and dynamics included for both the engines on offer, nothing else checked.
Caution: Novice or less experienced guys, please keep away from flooring the 1.6. This engine is needed to be handled with care and a really cool mind. There is nothing like ESP or TCS to take care of power going to the roads and assisting in keeping the car under driversí control if anything goes out of sync.


First thing first, the NEXA is actually way different from what we get to see at regular Maruti Suzuki dealerships. Barring a few, waiting for being attended and being attended by fairly uncompetitive staff is quite normal at most of the Maruti Suzuki dealerships but NEXA, man you are in for a proper premium treatment. A friend of mine had already booked the S Cross after TDing the 1.6 and I went on to drive the car only after he pursued me for the same; and finally got him cancel his own booking to book a GT TDi if he wants only serious performance. :biggrin:

We had previously talked to the RM mentioning everything that we need a proper 10-15 kms long TD and then only we will decide if we want to continue the booking or cancel it. To our surprise, the guy promptly welcomed us for the same confirming that we will be reaching the dealership as soon as it opens and get the TD instantly. He entertained our request really well when we told him of time constraints. Sharp at 9:45 next morning, the RM called us to confirm our presence and confirmed from his side that the TD will be readily available once we reach him. We reached the dealership at 10:30, were offered snacks but only had some water and left for the TD. ME on driversí seat, my friend behind me and a guy from NEXA; an intelligent and well disciplined guy I must say (Something not common to MSIL dealerships) sitting beside me.

Overall the dealership experience was simply great be it the ambience or the treatment, everything was at par or maybe better than the treatment you get at VW, Skoda or Toyota dealerships (VW and Skoda guys do try to make the customer feel like a king before selling the car you know). Despite of cancelling the booking, the attitude of the RM hasnít changed a bit nor did he even once ask us to have a look at the DDiS200 as he kept it very clear in his mind that all we needed was a Ďhighí performing car. In fact he himself agreed and hasnít given any idiotic excuse like most of the MSIL sales guys give when I mentioned that for the money we can get a high performing hatch and a Swift. I hope Tata also hire such people, I can bet that only the behavior of this guy could make us sign the dotted line if S Cross Alpha 1.6 would have costed 14.5-15 lac on road.

Although I liked this NEXA concept; but thatís more because of people and less because of place. In other words, I donít think MSIL needed to set up a separate sales network for a 10 lac car, instead they could have started off by improving their existing dealerships and their staff. At least they would have covered a wider market with this instead of hardly 50 dealerships selling the S Cross right now. Isnít Toyota selling the 4.5 lac costing Liva and 1.4 Crore costing Land Cruiser V8 under same roof? They sold 77 cars since March 2015 and that accounts for around 13 cars a month. If they can sell a car costing 1.4 crore at 13 cars a month under the same roof where Liva is sold, why canít Maruti? They should have tried to do some image corrections and maybe that would have been a better option.

Design and Build


ĎUnderstatedí is the word that defines it all.
Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder and many people (Including me) find a distinct charm in such understated looking vehicles. Personally I find them like hidden warriors which looks innocent, simple and under powered but will eat up your Duster in breakfast and spit it through its tailpipe if pushed.

Overall the design, right from the front is simplistic with some creases and lines flowing which try to give it some character but still canít hide the understatement in the looks. Looks like they tried really hard to give it a Ďbig carí look with those big headlights, projectors, chrome inserts near fog lamps, chrome inserts in grille etc but it still looks a size smaller than the likes of Ecosport; the road presence is also in same league. Put aside the road presence of Terrano or Duster, this one canít match even the Ecosport. In fact it wonít be an overdone if I say that even an i20 Active also looks meaner. In other words you can expect that the state transport bus driver, some SUV driver or maybe some hatchback or sedan driver will simply ignore your horn sound by just looking into his RVM for a fraction of a second.

Side profile does look a bit fine giving it the MPVish look and where is the Chrome!! I mean no Chrome on door handles!! Indians do love Chrome and Maruti hasnít put it on ORVMsí, door handles and not even on the strip above the rear number plate! Personally I liked it but I am sure that MSIL would ahve put a long list of chrome accessories also in MGA for S cross.

BTW there is not even a single logo saying ĎMaruti Suzukií on any corner of the car! [;)]


Doors are big, heavy and wide; have more of a European feeling than the tinny feeling of the Japanese. Doors do shut with a nice thud and then you notice the cabin ambience. But where is the beige re baba? Well, not needed. Everything inside seems to be built to last and well bolted too, nothing like rattles or any malfunction. Overall the build is satisfying.
Just like the exterior, the interior is also simple and functional. Fonts are very clear, everything is well within the reach and placed spot on. Barring a very few places, one will not have anything to complain with the cabin quality, fit and finish. The plastic is top notch and one couldnít help them from at least once touching the dash just to feel it and then they find very nicely textured soft touch material on the upper dash. Although the cabin ambience is still Ďslightlyí behind the Creta but is head and shoulders above what one gets in the likes of Duster, Terrano or Ecosport. All in all, we liked the interior fit, finish and material quality. The best we have ever seen in a Maruti I must say.

TSIVipul 11th August 2015 02:15 PM

Re: Suzuki S-Cross 1.6 Alpha 6MT Driven
Comfort and Ergonomics

Anyone who has driven the Celerio AMT (I haven’t driven manual ever) will recognize the steering wheel in first sight itself. Typical Maruti trait and part sharing is also quite evident; but don’t mistake it with low quality. The leather wrapped steering wheel is very nice to hold and feels really comfortable too. The cabin is well laid with well cushioned front seats which are near perfectly sized for any medium sized adult. XL size people may find the seats a bit smaller but then which car has so big front seats?

Ergonomics are by far the best one can see in any car at the price point. From any car, I mean any car. That may sound like a big statement especially when there are ergonomic kings like Jazz and City around but believe this Corolla owner (I guess Corolla is superior to nearly everything under 25 lac in terms of ergo), everything is placed very well and driver don’t need to stretch himself to reach any button or lever, nor is anything hard to operate or use. Everything is well under the reach and in 4-5 days of ownership itself, most of the owners will start using some features and adjustments without even having to remove their eyes from the road.

Seats are nice and large with good cushioning and so is the space. The friend sitting behind me was happy with the leg space and seating even after when I pushed my seat to the last point on rails. Don’t mistake the front seat space here, barring a few 6+ footers, no one will need to push his/her drivers’ seat all the way to the back on rails. All in all, the space is good and five medium sized adults on board will not have anything to complain.

There is a small issue and that is with NVH. Crank the 1.6 and the entire vehicle vibrates and it happens every time. Engine noise is always inside the cabin and one can any time tell that there is an oil burner pulling this car. 1.3l is a different story though, the engine is silent and there is lesser noise filtering inside the cabin, but the 1.6l engine makes its presence felt inside the cabin and that also quite well. Don’t mistake it to be poor NVH, it is actually acceptable and can rival the Duster, new XUV and new Scorpio. Still anyone getting inside after driving a Creta will be disappointed by design, interior ambience and NVH.

ORVMs’ are nice and wide and provide a very good coverage of whatever is going on behind the car and equally pathetic is the IRVM, better use IRVM as a gossip mirror like in most of the modern UVs and rely on the ORVMs’ for the rear view.
Features I haven’t paid much attention and hence can’t write anything home about.

Driving Experience: Engine and Performance

1.3l DDiS:

Our national engine; this 1248 cc tall stroke engine with its bore*stroke count being 69.6*82mm is a torquey (For its size), reliable and frugal engine. Doing duty in the likes of Ertiga, Ciaz, SX-4, Linea and what not; I was quite assured that this engine will manage to keep S Cross also competent in terms of performance and it hasn’t disappointed me.

Tall stroke and a high compression ratio gives this engine a good low end grunt and believe me; this one is more drivable in the crowded city roads as compared to its 1.6l sibling. The performance is ample and this engine has got enough grunt to keep any common joe happy. There is very less to complain and the 100 kph figure is actually attained really quickly leaving quite less to complain. Since I haven’t driven this one for more than 2 kms, so won’t write much about it. But this one is actually good and by no ways sluggish at least.

1.6l DDiS: [evil]

This is how it works: ‘Remove the pin, wait for a moment and BOOM’. :biggrin:

I am not talking of a hand grenade but the grenade that MSIL has installed under the hood of this crossover. Anyone who has driven the likes of GT TDi (1.5), Verna, Creta, or even the mHawks will be taken by surprise by the way this engine darts the S Cross forward when in the meat of powerband. I can bet that if the surface isn’t well laid then the S Cross may even go out of control under hard acceleration with tires losing the drip in first or second gear.
Numbers suggest that this ‘near square’ cylindered engine produces 320 Nm of twist with engine revving at 1750 rpm and that’s where the party trick lies.
The clutch is on a heavier side if compared to the 1.3 but is nothing like worrying and can be actually lived with. Gearbox is better than the 1.3 with lesser notchiness and very accurate shifts.

Engage the first gear, being a high displacement engine; the S Cross starts charging ahead without any much effort, engage second and it still keeps on charging ahead and then I slowly and cautiously press the accelerator with an eye on the rev needle. Once the revs reach near 1500, the turbine starts shoveling some air in the manifold and the power build up starts. I stop at 1500 for a second or two and floor the accelerator in one go. The rev needle suddenly starts moving ahead and then BOOM! The guy sitting next to me couldn’t hold on himself and is stuck on the seat, so is my friend on the rear seat who was in the middle of both the front seats a few seconds back and all three of us laughing like monkeys :stupid: The tires seem to beg from grip and the S Cross charges ahead with an unmatched urgency all the way to 80 kph where the power build is again low with rpm needle nearing the redline.

Once more, then we slot into third. Let the revs fell to 1250 and start again; there is slow progress again till 1400-1500 and the power build up starts. In fact there is plenty of power between 1500-1750 itself. I go easier on the gas and let the revs fell again to 1200 and floor the accelerator again with my eyes on the road and mind trying to make out for how long does the party continues. Come 1300 and the progress is still slow, come 1400 and its better than 1300, come 1500 and some progress starts coming in, come 1600 and the accelerator becomes super responsive and after that I couldn’t observe anything before 4000. It’s like a giant spring pushing us all forward at 1700 rpm itself and such a cracker of performance keeps going on till 4500 rpm after which the power starts tailing off again and where is the speedometer? Well, it’s already between 120 and 130 when be backed off the throttle in 3rd gear even before the power starts tailing off.

Similar was 4th gear and then came the fifth cog in which the S Cross does 100 kph with rev needle hovering around 2250 and then we press on. 120 came in no time with rev needle around 2750. The engine is still responsive and the vehicle charges ahead without any hesitation to 140 which came with rev needle slightly lower than 3250 mark and then 160 with rev needle between 3500-3750 mark (Still in the meat of powerband, things can’t get sweeter) and then the guy from NEXA said “Sir please slow down, you guys are the first one to push it till this speed else it’s 100 max”. Then I said that 6th is still remaining and we go straight to 70 kph and engage the 6th gear.

In 6th gear at 1250 rpm the speedo needle is slightly ahead of 70 kph (71?) and I floor the accelerator. This is where even a Bolero guy will overtake you. The progress isn’t dead (It’s still fine actually but after enjoying the turbo zone, it seems to be dead) and slowly the rev needle starts climbing again and so does the speedo. Slowly we reach 1500 rpm in complete serenity and power again starts building up. Exactly at 100 kph, the rev needle is slightly ahead of 1750(1800 rpm?).” Wow, at 100 kph one is exactly at the starting point of the wide powerband!” and then I floor it again and the progress is strong as always. The engine again starts pulling eagerly making some sweet sounds with 120 kph coming around 2150 rpm, 140 kph coming in at slightly above 2500 rpm and 150 kph coming at 2700 rpm.

After driving Creta, Duster, Terrano and Ecosport all I’d say is that once at 1750 and the innocent (Innocent == like me) S Cross owner in his innocent S Cross will leave them all in the dust of his car with them questioning themselves and their cars; such a ballistic is performance.
For once we even doubted the figure of 0-100 coming in 11.3 seconds as the S Cross felt way quicker (ala Optra Magnum 2.0 TCDi or GT TDi 1.6?). And with such a performance, going by my previous experience; the FE should vary between 15-18 kpl overall for this engine.

  • 1.3l or DDiS200 in itself is packing enough of performance for regular day to day driving and is having a better city or low speed drivability too.
  • DDiS200 will also be more economical in terms of FE too as per the initial reviews
  • DDiS320 is more tuned for outright performance and is aimed at enthusiasts.
  • DDiS320 is not a very safe proportioning given the fact that it has enough torque steer and there is no ESP or TCS to help gain the traction; if lost on loose surfaces
  • DDiS320 needs a bit of getting used to and once done, then it rewards the driver on each and every drive, this is where it even justifies (for only enthusiasts) its ridiculous price tag too.

TSIVipul 11th August 2015 02:23 PM

Re: Suzuki S-Cross 1.6 Alpha 6MT Driven
Suspension, Ride, Handling, Dynamics and Safety

Up the speeds and one thing you recognize within seconds is the surefootedness. S Cross is rock solid at triple digit speeds and is simply indispensable by small to medium undulations. Suspension and dynamics is where the S Cross is head and shoulders above the likes of Duster, Terrano and Creta. Donít get me wrong, Duster still rides better than S Cross but still it canít match the rock solid stability that the S Cross has at triple digit speeds. [cheers]

The suspension is very well tuned and the steering is nowhere behind in keeping up with the suspension. The nice steering is never devoid of feedback and the communication with the tires simply never breaks. Only Fiat Avventura is the one which is still ahead of S Cross in terms of high speed stability and steering feedback, everything else including the Ford Ecosport are left behind (Not only steering feel, I mean steering response + suspension combo) here, even if the margin is negligibly small. Creta, Duster and Terrano are nowhere near to the S Cross in terms of sporting intents, Ecosport is very close with a better steering but crashy suspension but itís the Avventura whose ride and handling combo is still the best. The ride of duster isnít yet there and the steering feel of Ecosport is also not there but S Cross still makes on with a very nice compromise between ride and handling that both Duster and Ecosport do miss. Get Avventura into the picture and the S Cross loses to it in no time though.

Brakes are really good with slight sponginess but are still confident and stop the S Cross from 120-0 without any much drama (There is always drama in coming to 0 from 120 and hence we brake moderately till 80 and then hard from 80-0 or maybe 100-0 but no hard barking from 120-0 keeping the safety in mind). ABS and airbags are standard across line up but we sorely missed the ESP on this specific crossover with the 1.6l engine. With an ESP installed, the 1.6 becomes slightly VFM option with more than enough performance and enough safety kit to prevent the highway from turning into the road to hell.

Youíll love: [thumbsup]
  • A well rounded package which offers nearly everything
  • Brilliant and well laid interiors with faultless ergonomics
  • Brilliant ride and handling will please enthusiasts; exceptional ride-handling combo I must say
  • ABS and airbags along with all 4 disc brakes throughout the line up
  • Maruti Suzuki after sales support is brilliant
  • 1.3l or DDiS200 is a frugal engine offering goof drivability too and 1.6l or DDiS320 can delight enthusiasts with an exceptional performance on offer
  • Build quality and interior quality
  • Loaded with features

Youíll Loath: [thumbsdown]
  • Price! Especially of the DDiS320
  • Understated looks, it does not turn heads nor has it got the road presence of even an Ecosport.
  • NVH could have been better
  • No petrol or automatic option
  • Turbo lag is evident in 1.6 and the clutch is on slightly heavier side; especially when compared to the likes of Creta.

Star Ratings:
Design and Quality................:
Comfort and Features............:
Engine and Performance.........:
Handling and Ride Quality.......:
Safety and Security Levels.....:
Overall Fuel Consumption.......:
Sales and Service Network.....:
Value For Money Factor..........:
My Verdict:

Here's how to interpret above ratings:

furious_driver 11th August 2015 03:24 PM

Re: Suzuki S-Cross 1.6 Alpha 6MT Driven
Excellent review!!! And precise. It is no doubt 320Nm of torque is much more fun, but simply put, the price killed it. Even after Creta managed to screw things badly with pricing, S-Cross yet managed to screw more than Creta!

Let me put my views (Based on looking the car @ showrooms!! No TD though!) :


1. Interiors are way better than regular MSIL
2. Legroom is decent
3. Build quality is miles ahead of it's own stable
4. Torque! Torque! Torque! Torque!
5. FTD, Assuming it betters the Swift in FTD department
6. Good GC and handling based on all reviews


1. Price! Price! Price!
2. Exterior is plain and not giving that SUV-ish or even Crossover-ish look
3. Regular steering wheel and cheap buttons lifted from other cars. Come on, premium crossover demands premium stuffs. Not just premium price tag alone!
4. Turbo-lag as mentioned in many reviews(for DDiS320!!!)


1. Chrome grille

TSIVipul 11th August 2015 08:37 PM

Re: Suzuki S-Cross 1.6 Alpha 6MT Driven

Originally Posted by furious_driver (Post 457689)
Excellent review!!! And precise. It is no doubt 320Nm of torque is much more fun, but simply put, the price killed it. Even after Creta managed to screw things badly with pricing, S-Cross yet managed to screw more than Creta!

No doubt, they simply screwed up everything in an otherwise brilliant package. I wish they priced it just a lac lower and all they required was to just pursue people to TD the 1.6, sale the car would have made itself.


Let me put my views (Based on looking the car @ showrooms!! No TD though!) :
TD it once, I promise even you will be forced to question yourself if there is anything wrong except the price.



1. Interiors are way better than regular MSIL
2. Legroom is decent
3. Build quality is miles ahead of it's own stable
4. Torque! Torque! Torque! Torque!
5. FTD, Assuming it betters the Swift in FTD department
6. Good GC and handling based on all reviews


1. Price! Price! Price!
2. Exterior is plain and not giving that SUV-ish or even Crossover-ish look
3. Regular steering wheel and cheap buttons lifted from other cars. Come on, premium crossover demands premium stuffs. Not just premium price tag alone!
4. Turbo-lag as mentioned in many reviews(for DDiS320!!!)


1. Chrome grille
Agree on every single point but turbo lag is felt more because of the ballistic mid range. Else there is still enough punch for punting around in city; DDiS200 does it better though.

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