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Akash1886 23rd July 2015 02:52 PM

Hyundai Creta Diesel SX(O) MT Driven
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Hyundai Creta has been launched at an Ex-Showroom price of Rs. 8.59 Lac to Rs. 13.60 Lac in New Delhi.

Attachment 175691

Engine Options: 1.6 L Petrol, 1.4 L Diesel and 1.6 L Diesel

Transmission: 6 Speed Manual and 6 Speed Automatic.

Power and Torque Output 1.6 L Petrol: 123 PS and 15.4 Kgm

Power and Torque Output 1.4 L Diesel: 90 PS and 22.4 Kgm

Power and Torque Output 1.6 L Diesel: 128 PS and 26.5 Kgm

Brakes: Front are Disc Brakes and Rear are Drum Brakes across Variants.

L/W/H/WB: 4270/1780/1630/2590 (mm)

Ground Clearance: 190mm

Boot Space: 400 Lts.

3 Year/ Unlimited Kms Warranty.

No Automatic Option available in the 1.4 L Diesel Engine and 1.6 L Petrol.

External Design of Hyundai Creta.

Hyundai Creta follows the popular Hyundai design platform, Fluidic 2.0. Externally, I found the car to be well designed with no protruding edges and curves. Even when it was testing earlier, I spotted it and observed its external design rather closely. The external design is based on HIVE technology for extra safety of occupants and durability of the car. The rear design of the car looks much in shape and complements the overall look of the mini-SUV. As of the popular notion, that its a mini Santa FE, the Creta looks refreshing and beautifully designed in flesh.

Please note the rear clearance between the car and the ground. Creta's GC and the stance provide it a certain masculine character that pacifies the needs of SUV lovers with a compact elegant design. It is not a hatchback that's redesigned to a cross over, it is a mini-SUV and rightfully looks so.

As its the 2nd day since the launch of Hyundai Creta, the walk-ins in the Delhi-NCR showrooms to have look and test drive the car have been phenomenal. However, it is yet to be seen, how many TD and Inquiries do actually materialize into sales.

* More in next post.



Akash1886 23rd July 2015 03:12 PM

Re: Hyundai Creta Diesel SX(O) MT Driven.
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Interiors of Hyundai Creta

Well, Hyundai's Forte has been well laid out and well finished interiors across its model range. So, Creta is no different in terms of superb fit and finish of the interiors. The cabin looked spacious and every instrument inside the cabin was well fixed. No rough edges or uneven fixtures found in it. The SX (o) Diesel variant comes equipped with Push-Button Start and Navigation. The SX Diesel variant does not have Push Button Start. The SX Variant in Diesel gets touchscreen audio with MP3, Bluetooth, USB and Ipod connectivity minus the navigation. The Audio quality of the HU is very good and the display from HU is clear and decent. The placement of 2 tweeters has been done on the A-Pillar in SX and SX (o) variants. As I mentioned the audio quality is very good, the tweeters did enhance the overall acoustics of the car.

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Akash1886 23rd July 2015 04:01 PM

Re: Hyundai Creta Diesel SX(O) MT Driven.
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Driving Performance, NVH Level and Engine Bay and Transmission Performance

The driving manners of any car are one of the most important aspects. I drove the Diesel SX (0) variant with 6 speed Manual Transmission. As I cranked my test car, the first thing I noted was the idle NVH level which were really well modulated. I am impressed with the NVH levels of the Diesel engines that have been attained by Hyundai in CRETA. The vibrations and transmitting of the engine noise inside the cabin was really well modulated. The insulation inside the cabin in CRETA Diesel are fantastic in my opinion. With the windows rolled up, the outside noise can barely be heard in the cabin.

CRETA being a Mini-SUV, I found its driving manners inside the city to be well laid out. The acceleration was very good and even. No jerks or disturbing noises were heard while accelerating it. If I talk of the braking, then too, at 60 km/h the braking was responsive and balanced. The car did not move left or right at emergency braking. The pick-up is very smooth and it picks up in acceleration and the boost can easily be felt between 1500-2500 RPM level.

As I drove it on Delhi roads, even then in Traffic and narrow lanes of Patparganj, it was not a issue at all to drive it and turn it. The cornering abilities of CRETA are very nice. You can easily overtake with it even in mild traffic with ease. The 190mm GC provided a very nice drive over the potholes. You see, in North India, we are at present having the monsoon season and in the monsoon season the roads in Delhi-NCR give up easily thereby creating potholes. My Test Car passed over them with ease without jerk or shaking. The suspension of Creta added to the riding comfort. Talking about the speed breakers, I did not even once scrap on any of them. If I rate the quality of ride of Creta on roads of Delhi-NCR then it will be 9/10. Not giving it full marks still simply because every product including CRETA can still be made better buy providing Disc Brakes in rear as Option.

What made me smile further was the effortless manual 6 speed transmission. See, we all often dread driving a manual transmission in traffic but to be honest, In the 3 km Test Drive I had much to the dismay of the TD Coordinator, I changed the gears effortlessly. The shifting is extremely smooth. You will not feel gaps in engaging the gears neither you shall feel any jerk in shifting them. The Clutch is effortless and no strain whatsoever was felt by me in driving the SX(o) variant.

Another significant aspect that shall catch your eye would be the under-hood insulation. Please note there is no under hood insulation in the SX Diesel and this in itself shows the confidence of Hyundai in their product that it doesn't even need a cladding material because the refinement levels which they have achieved in their diesel engines with CRETA are superb.

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Akash1886 23rd July 2015 04:28 PM

Re: Hyundai Creta Diesel SX(O) MT Driven.
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Well talking about seating, CRETA is not a 5 seater MINI-SUV. 4 pax can sit comfortably in it. Also note, the rear seat center console occupies lot of space. The placement of rear AC Vents won't let the passenger sitting in the middle sit comfortably. If I talk of legroom, headroom, under-thigh support then I felt the seats of CRETA both front and back are comfortable. The thigh support is good and egress and ingress is comfortable as well. As is known, I am 6ft tall, so after properly sitting my head and the roof had decent gap. A small yet important point here to be noted is neither SX nor SX (0) get 60:40 split in rear seats which I found to be a slight let down for a premium product like CRETA. The 60:40 split is available only in SX+ Automatic. Though I did not need to adjust the height of driver seat but the feature of adjusting the same is very much there in SX(o) and SX Variants. The rear and front seating comfort can be further enhanced with help of adjustable headrests as per comfort of the passengers in SX and SX(o). Also worth noting is the fact, that CRETA in SX variant does not get adjustable front seat belts and the feature was however present in my test car i.e SX (o) variant.

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Akash1886 23rd July 2015 05:13 PM

Re: Hyundai Creta Diesel SX(O) MT Driven.
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Auto Climate Control, Steering Input and Speedometer.

The Auto Climate Control performed really well even in humid weather. The air flow and cooling was good, even and fast. Added to that the rear AC vents provide proper cabin cooling for comforting the passengers. The vertical AC vents in center console look neatly done with Silver accents. The SX and SX (o) both have Auto AC with ionizer and a mood changing bar about which even the SA was not aware.

My test car SX (o) came with leather wrapped 3-spoke garnished power-steering and steering mounted controls and airbag. While driving, I felt the steering to be light but still having ample grip for decent handling. I accelerated CRETA to 80 km/h yet the steering felt smooth. On emergency braking, the steering did not loose grip.

Attachment 175729

Speedometer Cluster

My car had a Cluster lighting adjuster with tachometer and MID display. For reference I am attaching the MID Display clicked at launch.

* More in next post.



Akash1886 23rd July 2015 05:41 PM

Re: Hyundai Creta Diesel SX(O) MT Driven.
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In Cabin Experience and Gadgets in Hyundai CRETA

Covered in this post are:

* Cabin Gadgets.

A) Cabin Gadgets

* Front Map Lights with Sun-glass Holder and Rear Roof Lamp

* Sun Visior with passenger vanity mirror

* Overhead grips.

* Day Night IRVM (minus electrical adjustment)

* Front Armrest.

* Head Lamp Adjuster

* USB and I pod socket. (Rear AC Vents too had 12V Socket)

* Switch panels

* More in next post.



Akash1886 23rd July 2015 05:58 PM

Re: Hyundai Creta Diesel SX(O) MT Driven.
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In Cabin Experience Continued!

* Storage Spaces.

* Door Pad Finishing.

* Interiors Plastic Quality.

B) Storage Spaces.

Bottle Holders with 500ml to 1 Lt Capacity and Armrest Storage Space and Glove Box (Without Light) and Cup Holders.

Attachment 175745

Attachment 175746

Attachment 175747

Attachment 175748

Attachment 175749

C) Door Pad Finishing: As mentioned earlier, the interiors of Hyundai are always neat and well finished so the door pad finishing is also really nice. The door grips lend two tone shade to the door pads.

D) Interiors Plastic Quality: The plastic used in the interiors is decent and looks premium even without the polish. The plastic used in steering levers is also of good quality.

* More in next post



Akash1886 23rd July 2015 06:39 PM

Re: Hyundai Creta Diesel SX(O) MT Driven.
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Inner Wheel Cladding and Tyre(s)

The Cladding is sufficiently provided in front and rear wheel wells of Creta that also play major role in modulating the engine noise.

Tyre(s): 205/65/R 16 with Silver Alloys for all variant except SX (o), SX(o) comes with 215/60/R17 and diamond cut alloys.

External Lights

* Projector Headlamps, Cornering Lamps and DRLs are standard in SX(0) and SX Variants.

* The Fog Lamps are unique in design and provide much needed added visibility.

* Tail Lamps follow the fluidic design and extend to the boot and the quarter panel at rear.

* Rear Bumper reflectors provide much needed visibility to the traffic following you from behind during nights and bad weather.

* Roof Mounted Stop lamp provided as well for further safety of vehicle and visibility

* More in next post



Akash1886 23rd July 2015 07:10 PM

Re: Hyundai Creta Diesel SX(O) MT Driven.
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Door Insulation: Both front and rear doors are provided with good quality rubber insulation on the door trims. The benefit of it is to modulate the door closing noise and also prevent the AC air from leaking out of cabin.

Side Plastic Cladding (Black) and Skid Plates for front and rear (All variants get Silver color plates except Base). These skid plates and cladding further enhance the masculine look of CRETA.

ORVMS: The ORVMs of my test car were electrically fold-able with body color and side markers. The viewing space too was good.

Roof Rails: All variants get roof rail except the Base model. To further prove that Creta is a Mini SUV, it has been given these Silver color roof rails which probably is becoming a norm now.

* More in next post



Akash1886 23rd July 2015 07:25 PM

Re: Hyundai Creta Diesel SX(O) MT Driven.
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Good Quality Front and Rear Wipers and Washers

Boot Space: Creta gets 400 L boot space with a parcel tray. The boot has electrical release across variants with hydraulic arms.

* More in next post



Akash1886 23rd July 2015 07:59 PM

Re: Hyundai Creta Diesel SX(O) MT Driven.
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Some Salient Features of Hyundai Creta SX (o)

* Immobilizer

* Rear Defogger

* Speed Sensitive Door Locks

* 6 Airbags with ABS, EBD, ESC, Vehicle Stability Management, Hill Assist.

* Rear Camera

* Lane Change indicator

* Impact sensing door locks.

* Luggage Lamp

* Net Pocket and Coat Hooks

* Power Windows

* Follow me Home Headlamps

Some more External Shots Of Creta

* Front Chrome Grill and Rear Chrome Garnish

Attachment 175784

Attachment 175785

* Good Paint Quality

Attachment 175786

Attachment 175787

* Chrome Door Handles with Sensors in my Test Car

Attachment 175789

* Hood Lever

Attachment 175790

* Exhaust Pipe neatly tucked in!

Attachment 175791

* Spare Wheel neatly placed without obstruction.

Attachment 175792

The one thing which I wished CRETA had was the sunroof. And a small thing which I liked as well was the audibility of the Horn. Reminded me of SKODA cars.

Some final shots of CRETA

Attachment 175793

Attachment 175794

Hyundai Creta comes in 7 colors i.e White, Black, Beige, Silver, Red, Blue and Stardust.

All Pics of this review are only for The Automotive India. Re-Use needs full credit to TAI.



350Z 24th July 2015 12:52 AM

Re: Hyundai Creta Diesel SX(O) MT Driven
Note: Thread Now Live From TIP Zone.

Drive Safe,

Music_Swift 24th July 2015 12:58 AM

Re: Hyundai Creta Diesel SX(O) MT Driven
The most awaited review is here.Kudos to you Akash Bhai.Well,Creta seems to be a good package from Hyundai but pricing has spoiled the whole car.On road price of 1.6 SX+ AT Diesel is ₹16.2L Hyderabad and SX(O) is ₹4000 costlier than AT.BTW,where is the review of Creta Diesel AT?

Akash1886 24th July 2015 09:23 AM

Re: Hyundai Creta Diesel SX(O) MT Driven

Originally Posted by Music_Swift (Post 455263)
The most awaited review is here.Kudos to you Akash Bhai. BTW,where is the review of Creta Diesel AT?

[:)]Diesel AT Creta were not present at Showroom for Test Drives. In due course if I catch one then shall drive and update on it too dear.



Tornado 24th July 2015 10:22 AM

Re: Hyundai Creta Diesel SX(O) MT Driven
In the earlier threads, I have read wheel size, 17 inch, but in flesh it is 16 inch, why so?

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