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vijay79 5th October 2017 02:31 PM

Tata Indica Fuel Injectors Replacement
Hello everyone. Mine is indica ev2 lx and it completed 5 years. Since last six months its having a problem of engine stalling whenever i press clutch while braking and stoping the car. The rpm meter also fluctuates up and down sometimes during normal idling. Also from one week engine warning symbol was keeping glowing continuously. I thought would be some sensor issue amd today went at service centre for the same. The guy there told me that it has nothing to do with any of those sensors , issue is with injectors.[frustration] Any expert opinion on this.? Is it true what he is saying or he is making fool of me ? He said all the four injectors has to b replaced each costing 13k. What should i do ?

tdcarlover 9th October 2017 12:47 AM

Dear Vijay
I have a Vista TDi with the same engine and exact same problem. I am not a tech expert but i would suggest you try what one mechanic did for me
He asked to change all 4 " glow plugs". If you buy yourself at a tata genuine parts dealer you can get for ~1600 INR. There is only 1 " fuel injector" and that i was also told was 13K approx
The glow plug fix worked for me for a while but the old issue has started again but at a much smaller level
Suggest a second mechanic opinion also

1600-2000 for all 4 glow plugs together

vikpunpolo 11th October 2017 10:05 PM

Re: Tata Indica Fuel Injectors Replacement

Originally Posted by vijay79 (Post 550579)
Thanks for your suggestion tdcarlover....[:)]

All 4 Glow plug in Bosch would cost around 1300-1400
Other cheaper option would be Beru (Lucas) and Minda

tdcarlover 14th October 2017 12:14 AM

Re: Tata Indica Fuel Injectors Replacement
according to an internet site the rpm going up and down during idle could be checked if they have vehicle computer diagnosis-i think that Tata service centers have that; some suggested the EGR valve could be blocked?
Not sure but perhaps if the glow plug option fails then next step is to try computer diagnosis?

vijay79 28th October 2017 09:53 AM

Re: Tata Indica Fuel Injectors Replacement
I did some testing myself and found that problem occurs only when the Ac is on. It might be something related to Ac clutch i think or some kind of sensor related to Ac. I hope this would also help others who might facing similar problem. By the way i was thinking of replacing injectors but my restless mechanical mind stopped me.

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