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Bump_that 28th November 2015 09:48 PM

Revv Car Rental Review
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Hi everyone, if you are planning to rent a self drive vehicle from REVV please read [sad].
I booked XUV5OO on 27th November 2015 (saturday) made payment via debitcard.
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I had planned to a trip to movies & damdama lake with friends reason to choose xuv was simple i needed a car that can handle the atrocious speed breaker which kissed my car belly on my last trip there. So everything setup we were ready to hit the road with our cameras ready , fulfilled with joy today being the last day of our enjoyment as exams are about to start. I had alarm set on my phone for 10:50am (pickup time 11:00 )
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so that i can reach early at the pickup point to fill the check list ,but guess what its 11:00am and there are no signs of XUV so i though to wait 5 more minutes but still no sign so called there helpline number ,was asked to wait for a call back within 5 minutes to get a clear picture about the status of car . its 11:11am now received call from Revv executive that car is not available and it will take about 2 hours to arrange the same i was shocked damm! that was my last day after that exams this weekend means a lot i told him to arrange ASAP which he said is not possible before 12:45 ,told him to refund the money ASAP so that i can make booking with another rental service ( Zoomcar , voler , myles to name few ) he said he will get his supervisor to call me in 10 minutes i told him after all this you want me to wait another 10 more minutes on road so he politely replied he will try ASAP , meanwhile i told my friend about the car he was sad as well our weekend is ruined . I got another call from Revv this time from there supervisor he kept on apologising and asked what I want him to do ,i simply said REFUND ASAP so that i can make booking from another service provider , he said ok but apart from that what do you want me to do for you we can arrange same vehicle by 12:45 for you and your booking timings will start from the time you pick the vehicle i said NO full refund is all i want.
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2 hour delay is simply not acceptable. If they had availability issues with the vehicle they could have informed us early so that we can make necessary changes to our schedule or they could have send me another suv which i might have accepted .
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I had to apologize to my friends that we cannot continue with our schedule and destination . I embarrassed myself in front of my friends thanks to pathetic Revv service [frustration], in a nutshell their service quality and service recovery both are pathetic,i would advise you all to stay away from Revv if you don't want to spoil your day. I will get my money within 7 days hopefully, but not my time.
Thanks for reading!

Aniruthan 2nd December 2015 02:39 AM

Re: Revv Car Rental Review
So sad to hear that your trip got spoiled buddy. You could've gone and booked ahead with a well known rental service. I feel till now ZoomCar has been the best and am saying that because I haven't used another rental rather than ZoomCar. Their cars were in decent condition and their service was also good too. Once even I got an upgrade to Mahindra XUV5OO from an Ecosport since the Ecosport wasn't available and all this at no extra charge. So therefore I suggest you to stick with a well known service rental and try out something new after reading proper reviews only.

generalmax 2nd December 2015 10:53 AM

Re: Revv Car Rental Review
This is an example of the pathetic service,we Indians get.Saddest part,they go scott free.I know how it had happened.You had booked for one day and they would have got booking for an XUV for multiple days,which is a bigger business for them.This must be taken to Consumer court as this is cheating and legally not binding to a contract.At least unsuspecting customers must not get cheated.

Bump_that 14th January 2016 04:17 PM

Re: Revv Car Rental Review
Thankyou all have received my full refund [:)]

vaibhav 7th February 2016 05:01 PM

Re: Revv Car Rental Review
I have booked Audi A3 for 26th March , by wifey bday for a drive ( 5 am - 9 am)

Total cost 1200 after 20% Paytm discount (includes pick and drop)

Lets see how it goes

Megha 20th April 2016 03:55 PM

Re: Revv Car Rental Review
Hey Vaibhav..
How was your experience with A3 and Revv?
Did he turn up on time in the morning? Please reply as I'm also planning to book Audi through revv.

vaibhav 20th April 2016 06:37 PM

Re: Revv Car Rental Review
My license is imponded , hence cancelled booking

type-r 20th April 2016 08:33 PM

Re: Revv Car Rental Review
I have heard good reviews of Revv car so I am planning with friends for a trip to Agra with a Revv car (Hyundai i10 Grand). Let's see how that goes.

Bump_that 8th June 2016 09:04 PM

Re: Revv Car Rental Review

Originally Posted by type-r (Post 496828)
I have heard good reviews of Revv car so I am planning with friends for a trip to Agra with a Revv car (Hyundai i10 Grand). Let's see how that goes.

They have improved their service maybe because of competition, i had booked Ford Aspire from Revv due to Odd-Even rule in Delhi[frustration] i drove only 60Kms and filled the car with extra diesel which they refunded [clap] .

Amure2017 1st November 2017 03:29 PM

Re: Revv Car Rental Review
I used the rev car services for my travel from Bangalore-Ezhimala (Kerala)- Bangalore. I chose the 'self-drive', 'without fuel' option. I chose a Mahindra XUV 500. The booking process was a sail, with a very well spanned website and a well supported app. The car was ready at the airport well before the appointed time with two executives who seemed eager to help. They helped me run through the car check list and the car was handed over in less than 15 minutes and I was up and running. The car was in a spic and span condition and moved like a breeze. Well maintained interiors. The return process was equally smooth and the refund was done in no time. Contrast this with my previous Zoomcar ride wherein I was charged falsely and could not even reach the customer service to raise a complaint. If it is my next ride, it is Revv.

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