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TSIVipul 29th July 2012 12:29 PM

Most Unsafe and Dangerous Roads in India!
Hello friends,Roads and travelling is a part of our lives,especially if you are a petrolhead.There are many roads in India like NE-1,Manali-Ladakh road etc which are like a boon for the travellers.Every petrolhead gets a meter wide grin on his face if he/she is asked to drive a powerful machine on those roads.
But there is an another side of the coin too.Some roads in our country are dangerous or say unsafe too.Unsafe roads are of two kinds:-
  • Dangerous to drive with tough terrain etc or passing through forests where you can meet an elephant any day.
  • Dangerous in terms of anti-social factors like the incidents of murders,loot and kill etc.
So here we can discuss both of these type of roads at your place and when it is safe to travel on those roads.This may actually help the people who are coming at your place to select the correct travelling time etc etc.

Let me start first:-
Dangerous roads to drive or passing through forests:-
  • Haridwar-Dehradun stretch:This road passes through Rajaji national park and its really easy to encounter some elephants or other wild animals during the night time on this road.
  • Chilla road-Haridwar:Straight but very narrow,many times people speed up seeing the empty road and end up either throwing their cars in gorge or in the river on another side.This road is also having the risk of facing elephants,tigers or deers which can suddenly come in front of your car/bike.Also the tight curves of this road make it very dangerous sometimes.
  • Ganganani to Hursil on the way to Gangotri:Prone to landslides,very steep inclines,very narrow road and slippery conditions during these days make it an expert driverís road.This is the best road to sharpen your skills.
  • Chamoli to Badrinath stretch on NH58:Narrow road,full of landslides.Steep inclines as well as declines overall this road will not give you a second chance and hence you need to be careful and donít get fooled by some wide and straight sections,maybe there is no road ahead of that blind turn ahead.
  • Najibabad to Kotdwar or Rishikesh stretch of NH-119:This road is passing through dense forests of Rajaji National park,donít get fooled by seeing any straight empty stretch,you yourself donít know when a group of elephants will start crossing road in front of your car.

Roads dangerous in terms of anti-social factors:-
  • Upper Ganga canal road:This road which runs parallel to Ganga canal is connecting Haridwar to Muradnagar(near Delhi).People take this road because this is about 30-40 kms shorter than NH58 and remains quite empty too.People get tempted thinking this but this narrow single lane road is most famous for loot-kill and throw dead bodies into the canal incidents.Though this road is strictly closed after 7 pm in summers and 6 pm in winters but this is not safe even during day time.
  • NH58 between Meerut to Roorkee:Though it is a national highway but its quite prone to criminal activities,especially in the district Muzaffarnagar.Three days back some criminals looted three cars one after one on a flyover in the midnight and then sent them away.Looting running buses is already quite often,those people enter the buses as passengers,then take them hostage on NH and keep on carrying out the work while bus keeps ion running.
  • NH 72 between Muzaffarnagar and Saharanpur:This is one completely broken patch of road and is famous for the incidents of violence,kidnapping,looting,murders etc.No doubt this is one very dangerous patch of road and is not advisable to travel even during the daytime.
  • Mawana to Kotdwar/Rishikesh stretch of NH 119:This stretch is good to drive during daytime but in the night you will find it best to avoid this stretch.This road is not only affected by criminals but wild animals too make it even more dangerous.Till Bijnour you are okay,but after you cross it,the road becomes even more fearful,no lighting,no person in sight and dense forest on both the sides.Hence in the midnight,after Bijnour policemen make caravans of 5-10 vehicles and send them together and its better for people to move in the caravan only.About a week back policemen added a Swift of a Delhi based family with a Caravan of 3 trucks,2 cars and 3 buses.The Swift driver sped up and went ahead of caravan moving at 50-60 kph and after about 30 kms the caravan found the dead bodies of two men and one unconscious woman beside the road.Those people were looted and men were killed by the criminals.
  • Delhi-Shamli-Muzaffarnagar-Saharanpur state highway:Weather its day or night,you are unsafe both the times.Any time on this road,weather traffic is moving or not this road is unsafe.And its better toa void this road for any travels until its necessary.

Username 30th July 2012 05:37 PM

Re: Most Unsafe and Dangerous Roads in India!
I don't know much, but yes elephants can be seen many times in night on Dehradun-Haridwar road. My father's friend was caught between those elephants group and luckily nothing happened to him..

mukeshus 1st August 2012 09:40 PM

Re: Most Unsafe and Dangerous Roads in India!
The dangerous roads down here in South is Mangalore-Udupi stretch.

Where the local bus drivers has made this stretch dangerous.

When in rains Shiradi-Mangalore is one of the treacherous roads.

I am dumbstruck by the recent accident of my uncle's friend.

Puttur : Congress Leader Bondala Jagannath Shetty (46) Dies in Accident

dicor 25th May 2017 03:29 PM

Re: Most Unsafe and Dangerous Roads in India!
Time to dig out an old thread but I believe all roads / highway in West UP (Specially areas near Saharanpur and Bulandshahar) can also be categorized as dangerous and unsafe for females.

Yesterday a gang has raped 4 women and looted their cash and ornaments. When head of the family protested they shot him dead.

This happened near Sabot which is close to Yamuna Expressway.

highway loot gangrape axle gang west uttar pradesh criminals - Jurm AajTak

dicor 19th June 2017 02:21 PM

Re: Most Unsafe and Dangerous Roads in India!
Muzaffarnagar, UP should also be put in this list
Chennai couple shot at on NH 58 in Muzaffarnagar | Bareilly News - Times of India

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