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anuj@etios 2nd October 2014 09:12 AM

CNG Retrofitting Market in Delhi
Recently had my etios retrofitted with CNG. Want to share my experience for others help.
Most of us are aware that large chunk of CNG kits are mainly imported from Italy,Argentina and Poland. I researched for a month. Together with my search and reading more reviews lead to more confusion. Price offered for sequential was 35K(min)with RTO. Maximum offered Kit was Tomastto. One thing is clear by that time is that its only the reducer which is branded are rest all parts(fuel cables, injectors , valves ,EMC are fake(Chinese origin). As we read CNG ranges from 35K to 60K, it means how much original parts you want. Some nexus is going on as those in business are not afraid and even RTO is approving these vehicle with spurious parts. Same brand is available with same dealer with price difference of 15k. I saw my dealer doing same things or other cars and caught them when they tried same gimmik on my car and forced them to use original parts although at a premium. This is a long story and I will share more details if required.
If you are planning to retrofit, keep these points in mind, and it seems that Tomoasto brand is most spurious available brand(personal view). Original ECM(engine control module)is most important part to regulate the cng supply in sequential kit. Original one from company is around 15k, whereas Chinese is available at 2.5K(shared by CNG manufacturing company employee), so you can imagine the quality compromise on our cars.
Be aware, always insist on original bills, make some payment by card, and never pay them full money, till all your paper work is complete.

anuj@etios 4th October 2014 12:34 PM

Re: CNG Retrofitting Market in Delhi
In continuation to above post, I want someone to help me on legal front. While finalizing deal, it was agreed that I will do all my RTO myself and dealer will provide me the all required papers and for this and gave discount of 3500/-. After waiting for 20 days, he was not able to provide me required papers mandatory for RTO clearance and asked me to go thru agent and he will pay the amount for that except RTO fees to be borne by me. I agreed but after waiting for 10 more days, my file has not reached RTO office. Dealer is not confirming the exact reason. I had one temporary bill of the amount paid to him, card payment receipt( of partial amount) and copy of form20+ RC with dealer seal and phone call details.
I am thinking of nailing him thru consumer court ir shall I go ahead and register FIR against him for indulging in unfair practice like not proving the bill and making false assurance.
Please suggest soon and this is giving me lot of harassment and forcing me to drive illegally.

deepak8491 5th May 2015 10:07 PM

Re: CNG Retrofitting Market in Delhi
Hi Anuj,

I too recently got CNG installed in my car. Is your paperwork complete? Can you share some info on the process? Which CNG dealer did you chose? and which CNG kit?

anuj@etios 5th May 2015 11:32 PM

Re: CNG Retrofitting Market in Delhi
I went with BRC kit after much negotiations with dealer with at last minute. Initially he offered Romano for 35K, but looking at spurious parts used by them, I almost made my mind to let my car eating petrol. Informed the same to dealer, who offered me BRC for 49K, but I made him clear of my budget and finally he agreed for 42K(without RTO), assuring that he will provide complete papers for registration within a week. Then torture started with myself running after him for papers, but mentioned earlier, they all deal in fake bills and fake kits, its difficult for them to provide complete papers. After 1 month follow up and legal notice, he agreed to get RTO work done thru agent by sharing the cost of 3K, which I denied and made him clear that I will pay only 550/-(actual RTO fee).
Dealer was based in Pul Pahladpur on MB road, work done is ok and kit is fabulous. Its giving 22KM/KG(with ac) in city and highway is around 28KM/KG on 1500 cc. Dealer to be avoided for its unprofessional attitude.

deepak8491 5th May 2015 11:52 PM

Re: CNG Retrofitting Market in Delhi
Even I am in the same kind of dilemma. I went to Expert CNG solutions at Dabri, West Delhi. I went ti get Tomasetto installed, but after seeing the duplicate kit I informed the dealer and he too agreed. He recommended me automoto and I agreed on it. Why I chose automoto was because it was original with automoto logo not sticker, equipment number engraved on the kit, ecu was original and so were the wiring. The car is running smoothly just my only concern for now is the screeching sound in the engine. I am yet to collect the bill from the dealer and I had paid him full amount [cry] [frustration] But I am still bit worried. The dealers are.selling brc, lovato, tomasetto duplicate in the market and hardly anyone is concerned. Can you tell you sent the legal notice. It might be useful for me in case of dispute. Thanks.

anuj@etios 6th May 2015 11:58 PM

Re: CNG Retrofitting Market in Delhi
It was on simple A4 paper, one softcopy and one hardcopy. That served my purpose[clap]. Will check my email and try to fetch the softcopy for your ref.
One ore thing to add for checking originality:In most cases dealers themself program sequential kits but for branded one, there are designated engineer appointed from of company. In my case that guy turned to be one employed by BRC and he covers most of north India. [:)]

bike2Car 8th August 2017 07:59 PM

Re: CNG Retrofitting Market in Delhi
Hi Guys, How is your car doing on CNG ? I am also planning to install CNG kit on my Etios 1.5L in coming weeks. Can you kindly advise some good CNG fitment center in West Delhi/ Near Dwarka ? Kindly give some advises / special attention points to avoid any future trouble in Etios or at mileage part ?


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