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deville_56 20th September 2017 07:29 AM

The Pony Car - Ford Fiesta 1.6 SXi 2009 (Pre-Tamed Beast)
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One fine evening, brother said, lets buy a car, shocking me, with fund arranged. All he wanted was a powerful petrol car, used one. And after all wanted only Fiesta 1.6, thanks to @vishnuvichu (Brand ambassador of Fiesta 1.6 of Trivandrum, instrumental in sudden influx of all the 1.6s to city, as far as from North East [lol])

If we can't find a Fiesta, plan B was a Gypsy project car.

The Search:

He had already searched a lot in used car sites.

Fiesta 1.6S's have already been sold out and remaining ones were asking insanely high prices or flood affected or raped cars.

Next option was normal 1.6 Fiesta. There were 100s of Fiestas for sale, but petrol was less than 1/100. And that too have ran 70-90k km.

Then we came across a doctor-owned single owner car in Trissur. Decently maintained, new tyres. 81k km run. Not even a single aftermarket accessory. Doctor's dad was too adamant and no way he was letting a proper deal. No TD. Have to pay him full and change papers and then only take the car. Sent Vichu's friend to check the car as it's 300 km one way to go and personally check it. Attitude of the owner really pissed him, so did us. So we let it go.

Then, more search. Two cars at Kochi. Both similar age and odo, 75k km. One was top model and the other was mid model. One was with 2nd owner, other was with Hyundai dealer. Decided to go and check and get the better one. Price was better than the doctor's, but body shape was not great.

The eve before our trip, an Ad popped up in OLX, a super lotto. A low km (just 39k), "Black" top model 1.6. That guy was online, got number, called and dealt right away. Car was in Mavelikkara, just a slight detour from our planned route.


Next morning, we started off with Vichu and another friend. Oh my my, it was a looker at first sight, the black color. Owner was a nice gentleman, an NRI, using the car only a month per year. Working in automotive industry, he was not a noob unlike other owners we talked with. All of us TD'd the car. Final price was reasonable. Got the car right away. Bonus was brand new upsized tyres, new insurance (but only 3rd party) and not so old MF battery.


One hell of a driver's car. Pin-precision steering. Shocking mileage in highway of 15ish. Power across all rpm. Can do 20 and 100 in 3rd gear. Maruti-ish maintenance cost. Harder, but yet better suspension than Polo.


(Again) Shocking mileage in city, drinking up whatever is filled. Rest to find out.

Home Run

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Attachment 232393

Home Sweet Home

Attachment 232394
Attachment 232395

akshay380 20th September 2017 07:36 AM

Re: The Pony Car - Ford Fiesta 1.6 SXi 2009 (Pre-Tamed Beast)
Congrats bro.

-From a black 1.6Sxi owner. :). Mine is 2009 model bought last year.

rakeshkn 20th September 2017 01:19 PM

Re: The Pony Car - Ford Fiesta 1.6 SXi 2009 (Pre-Tamed Beast)
ohooh, its raining Fiestas in TAI, Congrats for the car man, Its looks stunning in black color :)

Vishak 20th September 2017 08:53 PM

Re: The Pony Car - Ford Fiesta 1.6 SXi 2009 (Pre-Tamed Beast)
Congrats on the new car 👍


Originally Posted by deville_56 (Post 548855)
thanks to @vishnuvichu (Brand ambassador of Fiesta 1.6

True True True 😂😂

deville_56 20th September 2017 09:43 PM

Re: The Pony Car - Ford Fiesta 1.6 SXi 2009 (Pre-Tamed Beast)
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Customery Ownership pics [;)]

First Sighting.

Attachment 232437

Highway run with German bro

Attachment 232438

I hate mudflaps, first mod.

Attachment 232441

Sexy as it gets.

Attachment 232443

Antenna is rusted. Vital for our only entertainment [frustration]. No stock at dealer. Put in a sleeve for temporary aesthetic fix.

Attachment 232440

Eyesore chrome SXi badging.

Attachment 232439

Solved. Piano Black [evil] Was thinking of adding a pair of indicators, but instead.

Attachment 232444
Attachment 232445

Service Time. @Harry Ford, Trivandrum

Attachment 232442

Inspection revealed the car to be in pretty good shape. ABS was showing warning, which was common in unused cars.

Took Flexi Service Plan Tier2 - ₹ 4,745.00 (-10%+GST), which covers paid service including consumables for 1 year/20,000 km. With service interval 1 year/10,000 km, its good for high miler diesels. If I do next service before exactly 1 year mark, I get 2 paid services with oil and filters for under 5 grands.

Front Brake Pad Kit (YS612K021EA) - ₹ 1,942.41
Hood Stay Grommet (E890270S) - ₹ 83.21 (Hood stay was not staying in place)
ABS Sensor Assembly (2S6Z2C204A) x2 - ₹ 7,850.63 (Both front wheel sensors replaced)

Front Brake Pad Replacement - ₹ 900.00 + GST
Front ABS Sensor Replacement - ₹ 850.00 + GST
VCM/IDS Programming - ₹ 490.00 + GST

Got 25% off on all labor for monsoon campaign

Included in Flexi Plan:
40k km Paid Service
Engine Oil 10W30
Oil Filter
Drain Plug Gasket (F5T96734BA)
Wash Fluid Pouch
Wheel Alignment

Total Bill: ₹16,898.00

deville_56 20th September 2017 10:37 PM

Re: The Pony Car - Ford Fiesta 1.6 SXi 2009 (Pre-Tamed Beast)
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Control the beast

Attachment 232455

Crap plates are gone.

Attachment 232446

New plates and custom LEDs (1.5Wx2)

Attachment 232453
Attachment 232456

Low beam conked off en route and we never noticed. Bought Philips X-treme Vision H7. There is notable difference from stock, say some 30-40% improvement, may be more can be attained with beam adjustment, currently pointed too low. But costly deal at ₹ 750.00/piece. Got from a wholesaler at ₹ 663.75/piece (Manikantan Automobiles). Made in Poland.

Attachment 232447
Attachment 232448
Attachment 232449
Attachment 232450

Wiper Blades were Chinese ones, pretty new, but passenger side was not wiping properly. Got Bosch Clear Advantage 16" from Manikantan Automobiles for ₹ 278.40 (MRP ₹ 290.00)

Attachment 232451
Attachment 232452

Headlight + drive lamp combo one of the best I have ever driven. Perfect beam. Very much miss drive lamp in Polo. When I first installed one in Estilo, many guys made fun saying just show off.

Attachment 232454

deville_56 20th September 2017 11:01 PM

Re: The Pony Car - Ford Fiesta 1.6 SXi 2009 (Pre-Tamed Beast)
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Wipers. Passenger side does not overlap with driver side like in other cars. Needs some adjustment. Annoying at times.

Attachment 232464

Single horn, but loud enough. Might upgrade sooner or later. There is symmetric mounting hole on cross member.

Attachment 232457

OE accessory spoiler (AFAIK not standard fitment). Also had OE add on door cladding and reverse sensor.

Attachment 232458

Came with upsized, Chinese tyre (common term for el cheapo tyre here[;)]). Was skeptical about its performance. Forceum Hena 205/60R14.

Attachment 232459
Attachment 232463
Attachment 232461
Attachment 232460

But just a reckless TD by a friend in heavy torrential rain and nil visibility changed the perception. It held pretty well at 80-100 kmph heavy rain cornering and some near misses and panic braking (and he wont be driving it again [frustration]). No road noise too, indeed Good Year Eagle was more noisy.

It was made in Indonesia, not China.

Attachment 232462

(Forceum MT/AT tyres are of pretty demand here among Thar owners with good reviews. Price also almost half of Maxxis Bighorn)

deville_56 20th September 2017 11:48 PM

Re: The Pony Car - Ford Fiesta 1.6 SXi 2009 (Pre-Tamed Beast)
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ORVM indicators + electric mirrors, needs extra care. Costly deal [lol]

Attachment 232465

Tweeters are mounted inside sail panel. Most conveniently placed mirror adjuster. I hate it when placed with power window switches or headlight level adjuster.

Attachment 232466

Door panel with leather inserts. Door speakers are oval, 5x7" Door pockets are big enough to hold bottles + a couple of books and is partitioned.

Attachment 232467

Original Ford mats. The locking notches are ruined by the flooring guy, I believe.

Attachment 232468

Captain's seat. Back support is pretty good. Height adjustable. Leather seats. Got it cleaned at Travancore Auto Spa for mere ₹ 600.00.

Attachment 232469

The "Fan Regulator" switch. I always liked the steering stalks. Headlight does not feel sturdy like the VW ones. Front and rear fog lamps can be turned on with park light unlike VW, which needs headlight to be on for that. AC vents can be fully closed. Boot release is electronic and needs just push of the button. Key remote also has boot release button.

Attachment 232470

Distance-to-empty gives peace of mind, at least can start looking for gas stations.

Attachment 232471

ICE. Belongs to an era when USB was not mainstream in OEM market. CD/Radio/Aux in. Sound quality is pretty good. No jarring at high volumes. 2 pairs ovals+a pair of tweeters. Even produces decent bass. No plans to upgrade audio. HU is theft proof and needs 4 digit unlock code to resume every time HU or battery is disconnected. Demister switch sits above. Also had digital clock in earlier models, but discontinued. Aux and 12 V port sits below.

Attachment 232472

Well weighted steering wheel. Leather wrapped and well contoured. Feels so good to hold on. Houses airbags. Steering stalks are ultapulta from LHD market, cost cutting. Wind screen washer is push at the tip instead of pull closer. Got 6 speed intermittent timer.

Attachment 232473

Passenger side airbags and small pocket.

Attachment 232474

Another sore part. Cost cutting. Bonnet release inconveniently placed in passenger foot well.

Attachment 232475

Rear leg room is generous for a max 5'3" family. Hump in the rear seat is pretty uncomfortable though.

Attachment 232476

And there is arm rest with cup holder.

Attachment 232477

Rear parcel tray houses the second pair of ovals. Comes with rear demister, which works pretty well.

Attachment 232478

Stands among crowd.

Attachment 232479

Warning for tail-gaters.

Attachment 232480

Hate the odd looking reverse sensor. Don't want to change bumpers to get rid of it.

Attachment 232481

deville_56 21st September 2017 07:04 AM

Re: The Pony Car - Ford Fiesta 1.6 SXi 2009 (Pre-Tamed Beast)
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Deep boot. Comes illuminated.

Attachment 232493

Added benefit, foldable seats in a sedan. Got metal back for extra load [evil].

Attachment 232494
Attachment 232495

Push release for seat folding. And it works from either side and no need to push both sides.

Attachment 232500

As good as a single bed.

Attachment 232496

OE Ford mat.

Attachment 232497

Original used-only-as-spare stepney.

Attachment 232498

Brand new 3 ton bottle jack. Previous owner's last buy. Even the packing was not opened. Effortless to use.

Attachment 232499

No padding. May be cost cutting, but there are enough holes to mount one.

Attachment 232501

The mended antenna.

Attachment 232502

deville_56 21st September 2017 07:16 AM

Re: The Pony Car - Ford Fiesta 1.6 SXi 2009 (Pre-Tamed Beast)
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Dimmable mirror.

Attachment 232503

Visor mirror on both sides.

Attachment 232506
Attachment 232509

Lights lights everywhere. Reading lamp one each for all 4 occupants in addition to the standard dome light. Glove box also gets one. Down side is reading lights won't go off with locking.

Attachment 232510
Attachment 232511
Attachment 232504
Attachment 232505
Attachment 232513

Fuse box behind glove box. Though they did not change location with RHD conversion, it is very conveniently accessible, no need to kneel down.

Attachment 232507

Fuel cut off bypass switch.

Attachment 232508

Piano black claddings on B pillars. Even the black car gets them [:D]

Attachment 232512

akshay380 21st September 2017 07:17 AM

Re: The Pony Car - Ford Fiesta 1.6 SXi 2009 (Pre-Tamed Beast)
Well captured. I didn't even know the rear seat could be tumbled! Which year car is this? Also how much you paid :)

deville_56 21st September 2017 07:26 AM

Re: The Pony Car - Ford Fiesta 1.6 SXi 2009 (Pre-Tamed Beast)
10 Attachment(s)
Pull-type door handles

Attachment 232514

Steering adjuster. Only height, no reach adjustment. See the smaller storage compartment in dash.

Attachment 232515

Convenient hood opener, no need to finger between the hood.

Attachment 232516

Double barrel. Surprisingly no rusting or flooding or fading of fog lamps.

Attachment 232517

Engine compartment.

Attachment 232518

Attention to detail, honeycomb.

Attachment 232519

Amaron MF battery, 2 years old.

Attachment 232520

Engine cover houses the air filter. Bit pain to change filter.

Attachment 232521

Replaced parts. ABS sensors and brake pads.

Attachment 232522
Attachment 232523

deville_56 21st September 2017 07:31 AM

Re: The Pony Car - Ford Fiesta 1.6 SXi 2009 (Pre-Tamed Beast)
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First milestone - 40k

Attachment 232528

Some random clicks.

Attachment 232524
Attachment 232525
Attachment 232526
Attachment 232527

deville_56 21st September 2017 07:32 AM

Re: The Pony Car - Ford Fiesta 1.6 SXi 2009 (Pre-Tamed Beast)

Originally Posted by akshay380 (Post 548977)
Well captured. I didn't even know the rear seat could be tumbled! Which year car is this? Also how much you paid :)

2009 model. Paid just a little over 200 grands.

rakeshkn 21st September 2017 11:34 AM

Re: The Pony Car - Ford Fiesta 1.6 SXi 2009 (Pre-Tamed Beast)
Hi Devil,

Which paint you using for the black coats and which primer, list them in detail for others benefit, Well detailed report :) even my Aspire doesn't have these much features which is Titanium trim. A bit jealous about that too!

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