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Akash1886 24th August 2017 09:44 PM

Re: TAIger's Tata Tigor Petrol XZO Review
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Akash1886 24th August 2017 10:34 PM

Re: TAIger's Tata Tigor Petrol XZO: Ownership Review
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Some useful provision in Tata Tigor XZO

Roof mounted Bluetooth Mic

Attachment 230733

A small but useful toll slip holder on right corner of front windshield

Attachment 230734

Bag hook on front passenger foot-well to hold a small bag weighing 1-2 kgs.

Attachment 230735

A storage space below the USB & AUX slot to hold a smart phone

Attachment 230736

Premium knitted roof liner is provided in Tigor XZO but the finishing is not as good and it also catches stains easily.

Attachment 230737

Insulation provided between the door and the door frame

Attachment 230738

Child Safety lock in the rear door

Attachment 230739

The Window Lock Switch equipped with the blinker

Attachment 230740

Open-able Dealer Fixed Front Armrest is overpriced and not as useful. Quality is just OK.

Attachment 230741

The Boot lid gets proper carpeting from inside. A feature which is difficult to find in this segment. My 2011 Ivtec CITY doesn't come with this.

Attachment 230742

Akash1886 25th August 2017 10:10 AM

Re: TAIger's Tata Tigor Petrol XZO: Ownership Review
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Those of you who are owning a Tiago would easily relate to Tigor's In-Cabin layout but for me its my 1st Tata Car so in my view, the dual tone interiors do look good in design and layout. Since I have a Silver color car so I did wish that there should have been an option of Beige interiors for the Top Variant since the Gray/Black color combo in Silver color looks a bit odd and dark. As my other car is a Honda CITY with Beige and for all these years I have been using it so I am used to seeing a Beige / Black color theme which does make the cabin look spacious and bright. As I said, the designing is excellent and with it Tata has taken huge leaps ahead in regards to their car's interiors. The 5 inch Touchscreen console in XZO Variant comes in Gloss Black finish with looks very elegant. Coming to the seats layout, I found them to be comfortable in terms of width & cushioning. The seats in my car have come with Black printed fabric from the OEM so that in itself looks really neat and that is the reason I avoided putting seat covers so early. The knitted roof liner provided to the XZO version does give a sense of premium feel to the cabin but the again the color of the fabric is such that it shall catch stains way too easily. The cabin design overall appears good to me and in comparison to Tiago, features like the rear armrest & touchscreen make a good deal of difference.

Akash1886 25th August 2017 12:13 PM

Re: TAIger's Tata Tigor Petrol XZO: Ownership Review
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The seats of Tigor are well cushioned and give good back-support. However do note, it's just a 4 seater only. I am 6'1in and my dad also is 6'2in and both of us had 2 main criteria i.e rear leg space and headroom. As I sat in the display model at the showroom, I could well feel the good amount of rear headroom Tigor is offering. My dad too had sat in the back seat during the initial test drive in April and since we owned a Esteem, he did mention the following observations:

1) Rear Seats for tall people like my dad is comfortable in terms of back-support and under-thigh support and legroom. Headroom is also acceptable.

2) Ingress and Egress are OK but not the best as told by my dad. A 60+ year old man's view on this is worth considering. Coming from a low seating Esteem, he said, its better than Esteem but still could be much better

3) If front seat is pushed back, the knee-room and legroom is a slight concern.

Now when I sat in the car during the test drive and even otherwise, I felt the front seats to be well cushioned and offer good under-thigh support. Even though I don't need the height adjustment in driver seat, yet the XZO version comes equipped with it. My chauffeur is also around 5'10-5'11 and with a medium built, he too felt that the seats are very comfortable and offer good legroom and headroom even more so when the front passenger seat is pushed ahead. From the front the ingress and egress is excellent for me but the rear ingress and egress needs a slight effort since the slopping roof line makes it a bit tricky.

Important Aspects of Tata Tigor's Seats

The well cushioned and broad rear seats

Attachment 230755

The rear armrest when opened does take the space for a child to sit

Attachment 230756

Increased rear legroom with front passenger seat pushed ahead

Attachment 230757

Front seats do not have seat back pockets

Attachment 230758

The headrests in front seats are adjustable but in rear it is fixed.

Attachment 230760

Attachment 230759

Akash1886 25th August 2017 01:31 PM

Re: TAIger's Tata Tigor Petrol XZO: Ownership Review
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Important In-Cabin Aspect of Tata Tigor

The two-tone dashboard has a contemporary design and feels upmarket. The textured top half gives it a premium feel.

Attachment 230762

The plastic used in the dashboard is of premium quality and the overall finishing is very good.

Attachment 230763

The rear seat belts are provided and do note the small loop to pull out the rear armrest

Attachment 230764

The rear transmission hump

Attachment 230765

Rear Door Coin Pocket

Attachment 230766

The wiring is not properly covered and insulated and its visible in the driver side foot-well area

Attachment 230767

Attachment 230768

Storage Space between front door and steering

Attachment 230769

Fuel Flap Opener and Hood Opening Lever

Attachment 230770

Attachment 230771

Akash1886 25th August 2017 01:56 PM

Re: TAIger's Tata Tigor Petrol XZO: Ownership Review
11 Attachment(s)
The front window glass goes down full but the rear one has a little bit of glass visible after going down to max.

Attachment 230772

Attachment 230773

The front seat adjustment lever is the conventional one but to my liking the seat travel range could still be better

Attachment 230774

The double insulation provided to doors is of good quality but the fitment is not upto the mark. On the rear door edge rivets are placed to hold the insulation.

Attachment 230776

Attachment 230777

A small triangular cover is fixed near the rear quarter glass from inside to possibly cover the screw or a rivet.

Attachment 230778

The height of the adjustable front headrest could have been better.

Attachment 230779

In the dealer provided gear lock, there is no provision to hold the metal lock and it keeps on falling often.

Attachment 230780

Provision of USB, AUX and 12V Charging socket in front along with a provisional cut-out to include an aftermarket cigarette ligther etc

Attachment 230781

Driver and Passenger Side Sun Visor get vanity mirrors but no illumination

Attachment 230782

Attachment 230783

Akash1886 25th August 2017 02:40 PM

Re: TAIger's Tata Tigor Petrol XZO: Ownership Review
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Misaligned Glove Box lid is an eye sore. Though Tata has provided a double level glove box with soft touch push button and cooling feature in XZO but the ill fitting looks ugly. Also there is no illumination in it still a very thoughtful design element included in the glove box is the family of elephants which are etched inside. It goes on to show a sort of family hierarchy.

Attachment 230784

Attachment 230785

Attachment 230786

Attachment 230787

Piano Black Corner AC Vents with Chrome surround. The option of Black color AC vents is available only in Silver Color and their design is similar to those in Tiago.

Attachment 230788

Center AC Vents are are in Black color with chrome surround. Their design looks a lot like the ones in JLR cars

Attachment 230789

The Hazard Lights Switch in it's conventional position

Attachment 230790

Good Quality door hinges provided with proper wire insulation between door and body frame

Attachment 230791

Non Height Adjustable front seat belts

Attachment 230797

Piano Black Accents on the Steering Wheel

Attachment 230798

Akash1886 25th August 2017 07:19 PM

Re: TAIger's Tata Tigor Petrol XZO: Ownership Review
10 Attachment(s)
The Auto AC Unit in the XZO Variant.

Attachment 230799

The Fan Speed and Temperature Adjustment Knobs have chrome surrounds. There is a sensor in the center of both knobs. The quarters in both the dials are for using Auto Feature, Econ Mode for AC, to Switch of the Auto AC Unit and to Switch on/off the AC

Attachment 230800

Attachment 230801

The door knob is like the Alto that I am having at present. The driver side one can be used to lock all the doors.

Attachment 230802

Back-lit Center Console, Power Window Switches & Auto AC Unit Buttons

Attachment 230803

Attachment 230804

Attachment 230805

Bottle Holders in front and rear doors

Attachment 230807

Attachment 230806

Good & Durable Quality Plastic used in Indicator and Wiper levers. The indicator lever also has the beam adjuster integrated.

Attachment 230808

Akash1886 25th August 2017 08:09 PM

Re: TAIger's Tata Tigor Petrol XZO: Ownership Review
10 Attachment(s)
Manual Adjustment IRVM with good viewing space.

Attachment 230809

Gloss Black Door Handle Grip with Chrome Door Latch

Attachment 230810

Attachment 230811

Electric ORVM adjuster on Driver's Side

Attachment 230812

Durable Quality Roof Mounted In-Cabin Door Grips provided. Rear Right Grip gets a coat hook.

Attachment 230813

Attachment 230814

Attachment 230815

Fabric inserts provided in front and rear door armrest for a plush feel.

Attachment 230816

Attachment 230817

Proper plastic cladding provided from inside near the door sill area. Looks like an extension of the door sill.

Attachment 230818

Akash1886 25th August 2017 08:30 PM

Re: TAIger's Tata Tigor Petrol XZO: Ownership Review
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Illuminated Key Hole. The inserting of Key in it needs slight effort as that is not smooth.

Attachment 230819

No coin pockets provided in front door armrest

Attachment 230820

A ventilation vent provided below the center console

Attachment 230821

Air Vents on the Dashboard corners

Attachment 230822

Hand Brake Lever Console

Attachment 230823

Additional Cup Holders and Charging points in the cabin. Cup Holders are provided in rear armrest too.

Attachment 230824

Attachment 230825

Akash1886 25th August 2017 10:05 PM

Re: TAIger's Tata Tigor Petrol XZO: Ownership Review
11 Attachment(s)
The Black Door Grip will show stains easily and the door pad area near it would be most prone to stains during servicing so do take note. The plastic on the armrests in front door is also prone to stains if polished and by chance water falls on it.

Attachment 230826

Attachment 230827

A solar sensor is also placed on the dashboard

Attachment 230828

Front Windshield defogging vents provided

Attachment 230829

From front the hood is not visible but a good thing is that the reflection of the dashboard on the windshield is also not there as well.

Attachment 230831

ORVM visibility is also quite good

Attachment 230832

The Rear Visibility can be a issue if the rear sear is occupied by tall passengers

Attachment 230830

Driver's seat height and backrest adjustment levers

Attachment 230833

Air Pressure levels for Tires mentioned on driver side door frame

Attachment 230834

Steering mounted telephony button.

Attachment 230835

If the armrest hampers the smooth accessibility of the handbrake then you may push it up. The armrest's flap is extendable as well.

Attachment 230836

Akash1886 25th August 2017 10:44 PM

Re: TAIger's Tata Tigor Petrol XZO: Ownership Review
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Instrument Cluster Of Tata Tigor Styleback.

Tata Tigor comes with a dual barrel instrument cluster i.e a speedo-dial and a RPM dial me accompanied by an MID unit in between them. To avoid any visibility issue the cluster has a very well designed cowl above it. The instrument cluster comes with White illumination and the MID shows info(s) like Gear Indicator, Time, Temperature, D.T.E, Number of Kms done, Fuel Efficiency, Door Open Icon, Trip A & B details and to get these details the driver/owner can press the Black "Mode" button. Also, the drive modes icons appear when the car is cranked. Blue icon is "CITY Mode" and Green Icon is "ECO Mode".

Akash1886 26th August 2017 12:00 AM

Re: TAIger's Tata Tigor Petrol XZO: Ownership Review
10 Attachment(s)
Some Important Internal & External bits of Tata Tigor

Ground Clearance from Front End.

Attachment 230849

Front tow hook location on the front bumper. Its neatly covered and has proper mark for pressing it.

Attachment 230853

Smoked Headlamps are the most prominent feature of Tigor that differentiates it from the Tiago's front profile.

Attachment 230848

High and Low Beam of the Projector + Halogen Bulb setup is quite impressive

Attachment 230850

Attachment 230851

Sharp and Stylish Coupe like Rear Door Design. An Excellent Design Feat!

Attachment 230845

Wide Rear Window for good visibility from inside

Attachment 230846

Triangular & Slightly elevated rear quarter glass

Attachment 230847

Fuel Flap comes with a "CS" Embossing maybe highlighting as "Compact Sedan" and the fuel cap is attached to a string as to avoid it from being misplaced. The Cap mentions "Petrol" as per the engine. The flap often malfunctions though atleast in my car.

Attachment 230852

The Rear Bumper gets a C Shape type design feature near the rear reflectors on both sides which accentuates the rear profile and gives it a stylish look.

Attachment 230854

An Important Emergency Feature in Tata Tigor: Power Windows can be operated for few minutes even when key has been taken out

Akash1886 26th August 2017 06:16 PM

Re: TAIger's Tata Tigor Petrol XZO: Ownership Review
3 Attachment(s)
Tata Tigor: Engine and Transmission and Technical Specs

Attachment 230884

Attachment 230885

Attachment 230886

Tigor gets 2 options in engine i.e 1.2 L 3 Cylinder engine for Petrol called Revotron and a 1.05 L 3 Cylinder engine for Diesel called Revotorq. As I was looking for a Petrol Car only hence I went ahead to book the Top End Petrol Version. The Diesel and Petrol Variants come equipped with Drive Modes i.e CITY and ECO mode. CITY mode is default mode and you may select the ECO mode depending on requirement. Even in the Test Drive earlier this year, I had driven the car in ECO mode and CITY as to understand it's driving characteristics because for the 1st time I was going in for a 3 Cylinder car. At that time I had shared the following observations:

Date Of Test Drive: 03rd April 2017

1) Gear Vibrations are very very less in petrol version. (Also I made a video of this now)

2) Gear Slotting is quite smooth too. No jerks.

3) I drove the car in Eco mode and the acceleration is low and the lag is felt. The car makes effort to please you. The more you accelerate in Eco mode, the more evident it becomes that the 3 cylinder motor is under the hood. It is best suited for 70-80 km/h speed and normal cruising in city and not for a Fast & Furious street Race.

4) City mode is better to drive in. The car's performance is much better in it.

5) NVH wise surely a good job done specially in petrol. The in-cabin insulation are good enough.

6) In terms of ride, the suspension is well balanced and unscientific speed breakers in my sector didn't give much jerk to my dad in the rear seat.

7) Steering feedback also was very good. Though its light enough to turn still in the range of 70-80 km/h speed range, the feedback is very assuring.

Important Technical Videos of Tata Tigor

Akash1886 26th August 2017 06:56 PM

Re: TAIger's Tata Tigor Petrol XZO: Ownership Review
8 Attachment(s)
My Initial Driving Experience with Tigor Petrol.

It has just been 10 days since I bought the car and the ODO stands at 125 Kms in total. Most of the driving that I have done in it i.e 35-40 odd kms has been done on ECO mode and the rest is done on CITY mode. The car is mainly driven by my chauffeur so I will write about just my part here. To me, this 1.2L is fairly rev-happy and an easy going engine. Also, after the initial throttle a familiar 3 pot engine sound comes for a couple of seconds. The drive in CITY mode is quite smooth and no harsh jerks felt in the drive but yes when my driver drives specially in 2nd gear, at times there is a very light jerk which I feel could be because he isn't used to driving this one and still feels its the Ivtec mill[lol]. Upon cranking, the vibrations in idle are very very low and that's because Tigor gets a balancer shaft which helps in controlling the vibrations produced during the idling. That sound is way lower and it seems TML people have made a genuine effort here after getting the feedback from Tiago owners. The NVH levels are reasonably good as well in petrol model as I have experienced so far and the gear lever vibration as many have pointed out in Tiago, in Tigor, that is very well controlled too. In terms of city driving this car is a very good option and is a no-nonsense car. Though its a 3 cylinder engine but even then the drive feels quite relaxed. I have driven it at speeds of 60-70 km/h and believe me you'll not require frequent acceleration; it is that well tuned and even with the AC switched ON, I am quite happy with the performance of the car in CITY mode. I have not driven on highways so far so won't be commenting here on that but definitely coming from 4 cylinder engine to 3 cylinder, the performance would surely be different. All in all, in these initial days, I can say that this petrol motor has a reasonable performance for those guys who don't intend to do a drag race or drive it past 100+ km/h. So far in CITY drive Mode, my car gives me a FE of 8.9 to 9.5 km/L in traffic with AC. Talking of the transmission, Tigor gets only 5 speed manual transmission for both petrol and diesel engine. No AMT or AT on offer presently. The gear shifts are smooth and the indicator on the MID does help a lot showing the slotted gear. So far, when I have driven the car, the transmission has worked smoothly. Now, when I drove in ECO mode, there was a apparent difference in performance of the car. It is mainly tuned for giving best possible FE. I felt the car lagged in acceleration and the effort to perform was clearly evident in ECO mode.

Some Important Under hood observation from Tata Tigor

Proper Carpeting under the hood.

Attachment 230887

Aluminium Engine Cover

Attachment 230888

Firewall Protection provided and the insulation used on the wiring is of durable quality.

Attachment 230890

No Hydraulic Structs for the Hood. A conventional lever provided to hold the hood.

Attachment 230889

Suspension Mounts covered properly with plastic enclosure to protect from contact with water / dust.

Attachment 230891

Plastic extensions of headlamps properly fixed inside the hood

Attachment 230892

Good Quality Plastic stripe provided with rivets to hold the front bumper and gives protection to fingers from touching any hot metal part while opening the hood.

Attachment 230893

The horn is visible from behind the grill and the sound quality of dual horn is quite good.

Attachment 230894

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