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MoRa 25th May 2017 01:08 PM

Re: Arrival of Yamaha Alpha. My New Scooty
HI Gurrala

I understand your point of view. I know well that it's not the best scooter out there. Yes, that may not seem right approach; however, I cannot keep two 2-wheelers in my house, so had to let go one. What I liked was Maestro edge as it was good value for money. I had mentioned in my review also that Hero Motors lost my custom as they were not offering better value to their own bike. So when I couldn't choose what I like, I choose what's economically more viable, which is obvious. Also, you may have observed my running is very very less, so I am ok with it.

I personally feel like Yamaha in 2-wheeler segment is like FCA (Fiat) of cars. (No offence meant to fiat fan boys). They have best out there in the world, but give not so good product to India.

Yamaha could have introduced SBK's much earlier than other brands, but they sat on the opportunity and lost it.

Ayush7898 5th August 2017 08:08 PM

Re: Arrival of Yamaha Alpha. My New Scooty
I have an Yamaha Alpha myself. I find it to be an excellent scooter. Though the seat heating is strange. I never felt any heating in my alpha. Have been using it for 2 years and i am happy with the peppy performance and oodles of space. I even once did a 180 km round trip in 6 hours. Though the vibrations in the footwell are evident. And also full face helmet fits easily in the Alpha. Maybe you you neet to twist and turn it a little bit. Gives less fuel efficiency but a pretty good scooter. And also the gear oil is not a con job. I have changed it several times in my scooter. It cost mere 55 bucks for a 90ml bottle in delhi. But it doesn't need to be replaced on every service. Insist on getting the consumables and parts replaced in front of you from next time.

MoRa 23rd August 2017 02:30 PM

Re: Arrival of Yamaha Alpha. My New Scooty
Thanks Ayush for the suggestion. Will do so from next service.

last month there was service again and I decided to skip it as vehicle has only run 1k Kms from previous service. So from next service will go for FNG for service.

MoRa 29th September 2017 11:04 AM

Re: Arrival of Yamaha Alpha. My New Scooty
Vehicle crossed 1 year in July 17. It's less running around and has done only 7,200Kms odd. Will update if service done at 9500 Kms. I decided to stop visiting showroom every 3 months for service as I personally feel this vehicle don't run much and service not required every 3 months.

MoRa 18th December 2017 03:47 PM

Re: Arrival of Yamaha Alpha. My New Scooty
1 Attachment(s)
I got highest mileage from my scooty last week, it's 51.8Kms. [:)]

Tyre pressures at rear was 36 and front 28. Ride was bit bumpy and I have reduced tyre pressure to 33 at rear and 27 at front. Let's how much I will get this time. Screen shot attached.

Scooty just crossed 8500 Kms, still 1000 Kms for service. I could also find that engine harshness has reduced. My friends complimented that it's very smooth comparitively and one of my friends friend drove my scooty and is impressed with it's refinement and was mentioning of buying it, I suggested to look for Maestro Edge or other new arrivals.

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