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350Z 19th May 2017 05:23 PM

Volvo S90 Review & Pictures: Swede Dish
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Volvo S90 Review Synopsis:
  • Volvo S90 price tag starts at Rs.54.5 Lakh (Ex.showroom, Delhi). It officially launched in India on November 4, 2016.
  • Internationally, S90 is available in Momentum as well as Inscription variants but Indian market receives only the latter.
  • Equipped with 8-speed AT, the 2.0L diesel 4-cylinder engine churns out 190 BHP @ 4250 RPM and 400 Nm @ 1750 RPM.
  • Apart from saloon, other avatars of S90 include long-wheelbase, station wagon and cross country but none are available in India yet.
  • Striking design, strong road-presence, plush interiors and lots of safety features coupled with a decent engine make S90 a very desirable package.

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350Z 19th May 2017 05:24 PM

Volvo S90: Introduction

Volvo’s surely determined to change the idiom from German three to European four in the automotive sector. First the introduction of all-new XC90 marked the beginning of new chapter in the brand’s portfolio. And now the classic S90 trademark is back to reclaim its torch from S80. This second generation S90 was first unveiled in January 2016 at North American International Auto Show in Detroit. However, in India it was introduced on 4th November. Needless to say, it’s evidently bigger than predecessor and looks way too futuristic. Locally it’s available only in Inscription trim with 2.0L diesel motor. Price too has shot up by half million rupees but considering the advancements it offers, premium is negligible. Now the key question: Is Volvo S90 really worth considering over its German counterparts? [Top]

350Z 19th May 2017 05:25 PM

Volvo S90: Exteriors Design

A quick glance and one might end up mistaking the Volvo S90 for a concept car. Considering its stunning design and length, it easily looks a segment bigger. There are apparently no cues from its predecessor since S90 is based on all-new scalable platform architecture. It boasts of respectable road-presence which is enhanced with a wide trapezoidal grille (inspired by nostalgic Volvo P1800) and sleek swept-back headlamps featuring Thor's hammer LED design. Fog lamps are neatly housed in the slit at lower-end of the bumper. I wouldn't say that Volvo has restrained the use of chrome but the subtle manner in which it’s integrated has made all the difference. Even though the brand has been bought by Chinese automaker Geely, the design indisputably remains European.

The side-profile is a real w-o-w factor. Every time you get in or out, the limousine-like feel, at 4963 mm is sure to make your heart swell with pride. It’s only next to Mercedes-Benz E-Class’ 5063 mm length (but then, it’s pricier too). It’s from this angle that S90 reminds of a traditional saloon, thanks to long hood, wheelbase and an edgy design. Except for flared out wheel-arches and a strong shoulder line, you won’t find much creases on this side. The slanting C-Pillar is thick to make up for the elongated boot but it has been prevented from looking hideous with the help of a quarter glass.

Chrome application on this area is limited to window-borders and door-protectors at the bottom. The rear look has invited mixed opinion from all. I, for one, find them to be in line with the car’s futuristic design philosophy. C-Shape taillamps look chic (more like ol’ American gangster cars). There are a few noticeable creases on the boot but they nevertheless help to cover-up its blandness. Apart from the Volvo-lettered badge in the middle, small S90 and D4 Inscription monogram occupies each corner. Dual exhaust tips are tucked on either side too with a thin chrome-stripe placed in between. [Top]

350Z 19th May 2017 05:25 PM

Volvo S90: Interiors Design

Step inside and you’ll immediately notice amount of high craftsmanship that's put into work. The interiors are quite similar to that of new XC90 but noteworthy differences include metal-finished vertical air-con vents inspired by Volvo’s concept cars. There’s absolutely no compromise on quality of material used. From high-grade plastics to real wood-work, S90 blends a true combination of comfort and design. Light beige and wooden theme is most prominent across the interiors, which is justified considering Volvo’s aiming at luxury-oriented genre. Though at the same time, bits like low driving position, three-spoke steering wheel and driver-side tilted center console ensures that sporty-factor remains intact. Leather-wrapped steering is sized ideal, with gray-color outer ring so that it doesn’t soil up fast. You can control most of the in-car related features such as audio-setup, Bluetooth, MID and cruise control using the neat piano-black finish steering mounted buttons.

Apart from digital and very customizable 12” instrument cluster, the tablet-like 9” center mounted touch screen is a real attention-seeker. It’s loaded with Volvo’s trademarked Sensus technology that claims to connect you and your Volvo with rest of the world. It replaces physical buttons with virtual equivalents, making the dashboard clutter-free and easier to use. The portrait-format translates into less scrolling and a larger viewable area. It’s also layered with anti-reflection coating to make use convenient under direct sunlight. You can tune into favorite music track on AM / FM / AUX / CD / USB or simply plug-in the iPhone to make it an extension of your mobile through Apple CarPlay app. Offering a mesmerizing audio experience is the premium Bowers & Wilkins music system coupled with total 19 speakers. It’s enhanced with three room modes to choose from: Concert Mode (recreates acoustic experience of Gothenburg concert hall), Stage and Studio Mode.

You can also take command of automatic climate control for front and rear seats through this setup. The built-in navigation system served us well during the test. Other options include HUD settings, ESC mode, wiper service position, passenger seat adjust (using driver seat controls), rear headrest fold, foglamps with cornering lamps, reverse camera as well as automatic park-in and park-out function. Advanced users can peek into the technical statistics too including average fuel consumption. On the utility front, there are ample of cubbyholes of almost all shapes and sizes. For example: mini storage pockets and cup holders on the center console, practical coin holder on the driver’s side, magazine nets on the front transmission tunnel, lockable medium-size dual partitioned cooled glovebox and one-liter bottle holders on front doors (which are somewhat vague). However, the door pockets in itself could have been slightly bigger.

The front cabin is wide and spacious (feels more so with sunroof flap open). Nappa-leather seats are well-bolstered and superbly supportive. Both are ventilated and electrically adjustable with memory function. You can adjust bolstering and lumbar support in four ways. The under thigh support can be extended too electrically which is very convenient for long trips. Should you decide to take back seat, your chauffeur can adjust front passenger seat’s backrest and forward + backward motion for increased rear legroom using his own seat controls. The rear sofa-like seat in itself is very large and comfortable. Although it’s meant to accommodate three but thanks to big transmission tunnel hump, it’s best for only two adults. Legroom isn’t an issue even with front seat fully back but when totally forward, it’s safely comparable to that of a limousine. Headroom, too, is adequate for six-footers. The cubbyholes for rear occupants include two small door pockets, center armrest storage space and cup-holders. The temperature and fan-speed of rear vents (Middle and on B-Pillars) can be controlled separately. [Top]

350Z 19th May 2017 05:26 PM

Volvo S90: Engine Performance

Globally, Volvo S90 is available with a choice of Petrol (T5 & T6) and Hybrid (T8) versions as well apart from D3 and D5 variant diesel engines. The D4 version that we receive in India is a 2.0L (1969 CC) diesel, four-cylinder in-line motor that produces 190 BHP @ 4250 RPM and torque of 400 Nm @ 1750 RPM. It’s mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission. Needless to say, it’s super-refined although not exactly an enthusiast’s delight, especially if you compare it to a BMW. The specs on paper are similar to that of a BMW 520d or an Audi A6. However, Volvo being substantially heavier (2962 Kgs) results into a power-to-weight ratio of 64 BHP per metric ton opposed to BMW’s 97 BHP per metric ton and Audi’s 120 BHP per metric ton. Switch on the ignition by turning the engine start-stop knob and S90 gracefully comes alive. There’s an initial judder but in a matter of seconds, you’ll find yourself indulged in absolute tranquility.

The TFT LCD instrument cluster performs a clean swipe every time it’s turned on. It’s customizable into different themes (Glass, Minimalist, Performance and Chrome Rings) and is quite intuitive too. Aside from displaying speed in analogue and digital forms, it shows odometer / tripmeter, tachometer according to driving mode, outside temperature, basic car information and GPS with road signs. You get a clear head on view from driver seat. The blind spots which are left out are thankfully compensated with a staggering combination of camera and sensors on each direction, thus, making the task of maneuvering a car of this size a cakewalk. BTW think twice before making those tight U-Turns in congested areas though. This palace on wheels demands a space of its own.

Shift the slick transmission lever to D mode and gently tap on the accelerator. S90 picks up her gown and magnanimously moves forward. Volvo has evidently tuned it to offer maximum comfort and it shows. The front suspension is double wishbone with coil springs while the rear receives a set of air-suspension. It does a neat job of absorbing bumps at lower-speeds though a thud or two could end up making it way on higher speeds. NVH levels are equally well-concealed. Push the power-window button down and then up. You literally feel a vast difference in the noise pollution that filters out. However, on high-speed driving, the wind noise tends to find its way inside the cabin. You have a choice to drive the Volvo S90 in one of the following modes: Eco (re-calibrates the car to deliver optimum mileage), Comfort (optimizes the suspension setup and other functions to suit city driving), Dynamic (stiffens suspension and shifts up at higher RPMs for enhanced driving dynamics).

Note that it’s named Dynamic, not Sports, and rightly so. There’s a perceptible distinction when switching between three modes but in Comfort and Dynamic, it’s no way extraordinary. The S90 is a luxury saloon and best if driven like one. Though it feels at home on high-speeds and enjoys tight cornering but serious driving-enthusiasts will be still disappointed. The eight-speed automatic transmission provides smooth and timely shifts. Steering is ideal for city-driving and there’s a remarkable change in its behavior as soon as there’s prominent speed variation. Lane-assist is a sensible feature but it’s practicality in the Indian road conditions is still questionable. It helps you stay in lane by detecting road-markings. You're instantly informed through mild vibration in steering should the car move off-course.

In the comfort mode, S90 cruises seamlessly on 80 Kmph @ 1500 RPM while in Dynamic mode, the same occurs at about 1800 RPM. Braking ability is superb and you feel absolutely in control at all times. You can vouch for safety and security while sitting in a Volvo and S90 is no exception. The car is equipped to brim with some of the most advanced technologies. I, in fact, had a chance to experience the reversible seatbelt pretensioners in action while climbing up fast from an underpass. The car detected a collision-like situation (which, of course, it wasn’t) and rapidly kept pulling the seatbelts taut. My co-passenger was left in horror for some time. Not because of the incident, but because of the seatbelts. :biggrin: Other safety features include: six-airbags, ABS with EBD, ESP, hill assist, traction control etc to name a few.

For the price tag of Rs.54.5 Lakh, Volvo S90 certainly has a lot going for it. First, it’s a breath of fresh air in the territory which is mostly ruled by three-pointed star, four rings and a propeller. It looks a segment bigger and is bound to make heads turn; it’s also supremely luxurious and well-equipped. The driving performance may not be enthralling but it ain’t a spoilsport either. If you prefer to be chauffeur driven mostly, the S90 presents itself as an excellent proposition. [Top]

350Z 19th May 2017 05:27 PM

Volvo S90: You'll Love, You'll Loathe & Star Ratings

You’ll Love: [thumbsup]
  • Competitive price tag makes it an attractive deal.
  • Limousine-like length and a concept car like design.
  • Highly spacious. Supremely comfortable ride quality.
  • Gorgeous interiors with top-notch finish and materials.
  • Plenty of advanced safety features as well as technologies.

You’ll Loathe: [thumbsdown]
  • Lacks driving punch of German counterparts.
  • Sales and after-sales support is very limited.
  • Volvo brand suffers from snob-value issues in India.
  • Available only in D4 Diesel variant at present in India.
  • Maneuvering a car of this size in congested areas is a task in itself.

Volvo S90 Star Ratings:
Here's how to interpret above ratings: [Top]

350Z 19th May 2017 05:28 PM

Volvo S90: Price, Specifications & Brochure
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Volvo S90 Price (Ex.showroom, Delhi):
  • Inscription: Rs.54,50,000

Volvo S90 Specifications:
  • Engine: 1969 CC
  • Power:190 BHP
  • Torque: 400 Nm
  • Transmission: 8-Speed AT
  • Front Brakes: Disc
  • Rear Brakes: Disc
  • Front Suspension: Double Wishbone
  • Rear Suspension: Air Suspension
  • Fuel Tank: 55 Liters
  • Length:4963 mm
  • Width: 1879 mm
  • Height: 1443 mm
  • Wheelbase: 2941 mm
  • Ground Clearance: 152 mm
  • Tyre Size: 245 / 45 R18

Volvo S90 Exterior Colors:
  • Black*
  • Magic Blue
  • Mussel Blue*
  • Crystal White*
Note: Asterisk (*) denotes our preferred choice of colors. [Top]

350Z 19th May 2017 05:29 PM

Volvo S90: Videos Review
Volvo S90 Exteriors NVH
Volvo S90 Interiors NVH
Volvo S90 Interiors NVH
Volvo S90 Modes: Eco, Comfort & Dynamic
Volvo S90 Modes: Eco, Comfort, Dynamic

350Z 19th May 2017 05:30 PM

Volvo S90: Pictorial Review
Head turning design. Big thumbs up to ‎Thomas Ingenlath and team.

Looks classy from this angle.

The Volvo P1800 inspired wide grille with 23 concave slits.

Thor’s Hammer LED DRLs are now customary in all latest Volvo models. It also serves as turn-indicators.

On a closer look at headlamps, you’ll read “Full-LED Active High Beam” and Volvo markings.

Love-it or hate-it taillamps design. I choose the former.

Volvo hasn’t hesitated from using chrome but it’s done very tastefully.

The washer jets are integrated with the wipers.

Tight shut-line and lots of bold creases on the hood.

ORVMs have a perfect size from usability perspective as well as in proportion to the car.

Chrome surrounded door handles. Keyless entry is a boon.

L-o-n-g hood will double up as a dining table if you go out camping. :wink:

This is one of those areas which still has a tinge of S80 on it.

Strong shoulder line starts from front to all the way back.

Wheel arches are subtly flared out.

350Z 19th May 2017 05:30 PM

Volvo S90: Pictorial Review
Ground clearance of 152 mm is adequate but watch out for bumps at high speeds.

Thick chrome door guards with ‘Inscription’ inscribed on it.

Long fuel-filler cap pops out of the blue. Diesel markings are tiny.

All windows are big and airy. The quarter glass in itself is pretty big.

Sunroof adds to the charm. When not in use, simply keep the plastic flap open to increase the sense of roominess.

Shark-fin antenna, now a norm in almost all premium cars, is visually very appealing.

This is the maximum level rear windows can go down.

Notice the subtle integrated lip-spoiler.

The large hood cover is well-insulated and opens almost upright.

The small hood unlock lever is wrapped with plastic so you don’t end up getting hurt.

The rear high mounted stop lamp looks beautiful like jewel even when not lit.

The boot door is fully insulated too.

Press this button to open it manually.

Generous boot space at 500 liters. It’s marginally smaller than Audi and BMW.

The reverse camera is tucked right above the number plate on the bumper.

350Z 19th May 2017 05:31 PM

Volvo S90: Pictorial Review
Rectangular dual exhaust pipes are nicely integrated with the rear bumper.

You’ll find lots of sensors in every nook and corner of S90.

Low Beam vs High Beam

Key color matches with that of interiors. Looks nice but easily gets dirty. Buttons take sometime to get used to.

Luggage room itself has plenty of pockets and hooks to carry knick-knacks.

Full-sized spare wheel with tool-kit.

Chassis number is also engraved on the door-sill. Tyre pressure placard on right. Note the “Made in Sweden” marking.

Egress and ingress is very convenient. Thanks to all four doors which open wide enough.

Illuminated door scuff plates.

350Z 19th May 2017 05:32 PM

Volvo S90: Pictorial Review
Cockpit offers a commanding view. Dashboard design is so gorgeous that you can keep glancing at it forever.

Cruise control and audio controls on left. MID and voice command controls on right.

Stalks feel good to touch and are made up of very high quality plastics.

Different avatars of instrument cluster: Engine Off. Comfort Mode. Eco Mode. Dynamic Mode.

You can permanently set it to one of the themes: Glass, Minimalist, Performance and Chrome Rings.

Front seats are adjustable in many ways and are highly supportive.

The roof lamps although look small but are powerful enough to entirely bright up the interiors.

Sunvisors with vanity mirrors and lamps on both the sides.

Stylish frameless inside rear view mirror.

Volvo has used very high quality materials.The interiors feel plush with light-beige, gray, wooden and chrome combo.

Small brake pedal although it works effectively.

350Z 19th May 2017 05:33 PM

Volvo S90: Pictorial Review
Manual steering wheel adjustment in a car costing more than half crore-rupees is shocking.

Front seats can be configured in numerous ways. Four-way lumbar and bolstering support is standard.

Here’s a neat attempt from Volvo to remind us that it was them who invented seatbelts.

You operate most of the car’s features using this highly functional 9” touchscreen center console display.

Premium Bowers & Wilkins audio setup is one of the biggest limelights of S90.

Vertical front AC vents. Volvo says they’re inspired by their concept cars.

SIM slot is seen on the left. Audio, re-circulation, and hazard lamp controls are practically the only buttons on dash.

Glovebox size is decent. Separate shelf for ownership manual, though it also restricts usability in a way.

Push this button to let cool air-flow inside the glovebox.

You just can’t complain about lack of storage spaces. There’s one for just every item.

Front armrest under storage also houses ports for USB, Aux-in and CD.

350Z 19th May 2017 05:34 PM

Volvo S90: Pictorial Review
12V socket on the front, rear and in boot.

The S90 clearly flaunts Bowers & Wilkins speakers on all four doors.

No start-stop push button here. Turn that knob instead. Unique.

Nifty hook on B-Pillar.

Manually operated rear window sunblinds. Door pockets are rather small.

You can individually operate the climate control zones and fan speed for rear passengers.

Rear center armrest can store a wallet or mobile. Pop out additional cupholders if required.

This big transmission tunnel hump makes accommodating the fifth adult passenger an inconvenient affair.

Sufficient room left even with front seat fully back. Move it fully forward and you've a limo-like legroom.

The rear seat can also double up as a seat for younger one.

Observe the variant name (inscription) written in tiny letters right next to D4 badge.

© Republishing the text or pictures anyway without prior consent of our authorities is strictly forbidden.

350Z 19th May 2017 10:39 PM

Re: Volvo S90 Review & Pictures: Swede Dish
Note: Thread Now Live.

Drive Safe,

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