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350Z 1st December 2013 11:27 PM

Hyundai Grand i10 Review & Pictures: Grand Entrant

September, 1998. Then-unknown brand called Hyundai enters into the Indian autosphere and becomes a renowned name overnight after global premiere of a small car known as Santro; a car that was not only developed for India but also geared up to comply with stringent European regulations. It brought the first multi-valve engine as well as a semi-automatic transmission, as India’s first on any small car. September, 2013. History repeats itself. Same Korean brand makes global-premiere of a small car known as Grand i10; a car not only developed for India but also geared up to comply with stringent European regulations. It has brought a few first in class features as well as much desired diesel engine in company’s compact hatchback portfolio. Ironically, a fact that too remains unchanged is the market position, which Hyundai continues to struggle to snatch from its chief competitor, Maruti Suzuki.

It won’t be wrong to mention that Santro proved no less than a good luck charm for Hyundai. Its successor, i10, that arrived during 2007 immediately swapped as a flagship model in terms of numbers. 5 Years later, company launched second generation i10 after realizing need of an overhaul in this fast-paced market. Time to say hello to Grand i10. Targeted in ‘compact high’ segment to allure individuals from 25 – 35 Years of age group, Grand i10 is strategically slotted between former i10 and i20 in India. Out of 6,50,000 units manufactured at plant near Chennai, 2,50,000 units of this car will be exported to markets including Europe, Africa and Australia. The major factor differentiating Indian version from European is a bonus 100 millimeter length and larger rear windshield area. It’s been three months since the launch of Grand i10 as I write this and it has already found a position in top 5 sellers chart. Does Hyundai have another winner in its hands?

350Z 1st December 2013 11:37 PM

Hyundai Grand i10: Looks and Design

If compared to former i10, Grand is undeniably a significant leap forward. The best part being that Hyundai has come up with a fluidic design which is balanced and not too flamboyant unlike Verna, translating the looks at least wouldn’t disappoint someone, if not truly appeal. While front appears quite innocent, rear is totally poles apart. Eon’s character is clearly reflected in the headlamps but a straight sleek radiator grille settled right above a separate broad hexagonal bumper mesh (unusual to Hyundai’s trend of combining it with radiator grille) gives this car its own distinct identity. Fog lamps although are classic circular shaped but they are located in wide airdam-like silhouette chiseled on the edges of front bumper maintaining sporty figure.

This model is eight inches longer with wheelbase of almost additional two inches than predecessor. Despite the fact that side view is more or less similar to i10, Grand stands true to its name and turns out to be mature overall in terms of design. Finally Hyundai has bid-adieu to flap type door handles in exchange of stylish pull-handles. What further complements the looks are sharp dual tone diamond cut alloy wheels provided with 165/65 R14 Goodyear rubber. A feature worth mentioning which is highly practical in Indian driving conditions is auto-folding outside rear view mirrors. Personally speaking, it was of great convenience to me at several occasions when I easily folded the ORVMs with touch of a button to prevent them from scrapping another vehicle. They also automatically fold and unfold if the car is locked / unlocked, much to the amusement of on-goers.

The rear design is aggressive and refreshing that makes Grand i10 look like a go-getter. Noticeably, there is no separate ‘Hyundai’ marking on the boot contrasting to its local hatchback siblings. Instead, ‘Grand i10’ badge is situated on the left, just similar to the trend that’s usually observed on Hyundai cars sold abroad. The logo has also gone fat but it neatly disguises the electric boot opening button underneath. Matching the tune of front bumper, rear bumper too has sporty air-dam shaped silhouette in which the reflectors are integrated. European counterpart, however, receives rear fog lamps in place which at the moment are not available on Indian version.

350Z 1st December 2013 11:40 PM

Hyundai Grand i10: Interiors and Comfort

The interiors are purely welcoming and premium. Particularly the dashboard plastic quality as well as finish is a notch above. You barely feel sitting in a car of this segment and that’s what eases off the stress of being caught in a traffic jam when you have a few things to fiddle around. The in-car entertainment comprises of an in-built dual DIN head unit which supports MP3, radio, Bluetooth, Aux-in and USB ports. Plus, first in class 1GB default internal storage capacity is a wonderful addition. Handsfree calling and audio features can be operated through steering mounted controls with feather touch buttons. But on the other hand, same softness could also become irksome for folks who have a habit of holding the steering near its spokes as it accidentally ends up turning on the music system or changes its channels.

The central console as well as instrument cluster light remains on with full brightness even during daytime and slightly fade off once headlamps are switched on at night to aid stress free vision. Instrument cluster is not too fancy albeit it’s highly legible and has thoughtful touches such as a separate warning icon if the hatch is unlocked. However, multi information screen details are limited to a couple of trip meters, average speed and time since the trip begun, apart from odometer and gear shift indicator. For a car that is feature loaded and has much attention to detail, absence of predictable functions like speed sensing door locks and automatic climate control is surprising.

Talking on the utility aspect, Grand i10 has an adequate amount of cubbyholes for knick-knacks but most usable out of all is the storage bin besides gear lever. You could use it to keep mobile phone, coin change or even the car’s key fob itself. Glove box has a reasonable depth and has an adjustment knob to keep it cool. Other storage spaces include four bottle holders, two cup holders, and two magazine holders along with a vacant slot next to handbrake lever. The dashboard top, however, is flat which doesn’t make it too practical apart from sticking a car perfume bottle or laying a document or two.

Ergonomically, there is not much to nitpick about in the Grand i10. All controls are well within the driver’s reach and situated where they are supposed to be. Gladly, even windshield wiper and headlamp stalks are as per local norms, so anyone upgrading from a smaller Maruti will not end up turning on the wipers while trying to flash indicators. Near-to-the-dashboard gear lever placement concept is taken forward from predecessor and is easy on the arm. Front seats are comfortable and offer a decent under thigh support but there are a couple of caveats. For short drivers, height adjustment (equipped on driver’s seat) lacks adequate range and high-mounted dashboard doesn’t help either. For tall drivers like me, fixed head rests serve as more of a neck rest. :biggrin:

The rear bench is relatively more relaxed but is strictly for two adults. Not to forget, launch of this car also introduces a new trend in the segment – rear air conditioner vents. On a side note, I like the manner in which interiors have a blend of beige and black color combination opposed to older i10 with all-beige interiors that were easily prone to soil up. Not anymore since now its black color that dominates the interiors. There’s use of beige for those who are fond of it but only where required. Yet another instance of how Korean carmaker has attempted to be diplomatic with this launch to appease a wider range of audience.

350Z 1st December 2013 11:41 PM

Hyundai Grand i10: Engine and Performance

Under the hood, limelight of Grand i10 lies in Diesel engine, although it also comes with an option of former peppy 1.2L Kappa VTVT Petrol. Our test car was equipped with the diesel mill and therefore, that’s what further text will be in context to. Hyundai has utilized its smallest diesel engine from the family of famous U-series engines which was developed in collaboration with subsidiary, Kia Motors. This straight 3 cylinder, 12 valve powerplant has a cubic capacity of 1120, delivering power of 71PS at 4,000 RPM and 16.3 Kgs of torque between 1,500 – 2,750 RPM through five speed manual transmission. Petrol variant, however, also offers a choice of 4 speed automatic transmission.

The 1.1Liter U2 engine is basically a 3 cylinder version of i20’s bigger 1.4 Liter unit, made up of cast iron block and aluminum cylinder head with chain driven DOHC that uses Bosch’s common rail direct injection with VGT (Variably Geometry Turbo) technology. To overcome customary vibration issue from a typical 3 cylinder motor, engineers have incorporated a 1½ engine order balance shaft mounted under crankshaft driven by helical gears. It has in fact helped to considerably limit the overall vibration, which otherwise is somewhat prominent only when the engine is switched on and off. On top of it, noise levels inside and out are amazingly well-controlled too.

There is no denying about the fact that this small motor is much refined and efficient. You wouldn’t realize while driving it’s a diesel car. Turbo lag is totally negligible and power begins to build up from initial RPM range, allowing the vehicle to pull cleanly from as low as 1,000 RPM if up shifted earlier. Anything below, it judders but still manages to pick up. This power delivery remains linear all through, meaning, it isn’t meant for those drivers who seek to press their foot for a spirited highway driving. Grand eventually tends to lose its breath on high speeds.

Gearbox is clearly tuned for city driving and requires minimum interruption. A super-light clutch additionally makes it a delight to use. However, typical Hyundai steering isn’t too definite and has a vague feeling into it. Needless to say, i10 is not an outright performance handler; instead it just does the job. On the flip side, suspension is nicely tuned and sorted out to provide comfortable ride quality. Standard ill-patches are flawlessly absorbed but beware of noticeable thud that glaringly makes way in the cabin if driven over a fairly large pothole. Braking is good enough on average speeds but it could take time for some to get used to the pedal to inspire confidence for high speeds. To sum it up, Grand i10’s refined diesel engine and feature laden attribute makes it one heck of a contender in the already flooded hatchback segment. Although it’s certainly not a car to satisfy the ‘enthusiast’ in you, but it is an ideal urban workhorse, which is a delight to drive for the purpose it is designed.

350Z 1st December 2013 11:45 PM

Hyundai Grand i10: Likes, Dislikes and Report Card

You'll Love: [thumbsup]

> A modern, stylish and balanced design.

> Strong dealership and after sales network.

> The refined 1.1L Diesel CRDI engine and well-controlled NVH levels.

> Handy features (Parking sensors, keyless entry, auto-fold mirrors, rear A/C vents).

> Perfect for city runabouts, thanks to light clutch, lag free engine and practical functionalities.

You'll Loathe: [thumbsdown]

> Typical Hyundai steering still has float like feeling.

> Diesel engine lacks the punch that ‘enthusiasts’ look for.

> Missing 60:40 split function on rear seats limits their utility.

> The rear seat is ideal for two if occupants in question are well-built adults.

> Surprisingly skips certain features like speed sensing door locks and auto climate control.

The Report Card:

> Design and Quality......................:

> Comfort and Features.................:

> Engine and Performance.............:

> Handling and Ride Quality...........:

> Safety and Security Levels..........:

> Overall Fuel Consumption............:

> Sales and Service Network..........:

> Value For Money Factor................:

> The Automotive India’s Verdict.....:

Links To Hyundai Grand i10 Ownership Reviews:

> My Hyundai Grand i10 Asta (O) Petrol Review

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350Z 1st December 2013 11:49 PM

Hyundai Grand i10: Less Known Facts and Feedback

Did You Know?

> Grapevine suggests that Korean carmaker is working on Grand i10 sedan to replace Accent.

> Steering wheel locks completely only when driver’s door is opened after turning off the ignition.

> To turn on headlamps with ignition switched off, open driver’s door, turn parking lights on, off and on.

> Instrument cluster and center console lights automatically turn on with max brightness even in daytime.

> Hyundai doesn't take responsibility of malfunctioning of certain parts supplied by external vendors. Such as tyres, batteries etc.

> You can take out manual key which is neatly integrated into remote by pressing tiny silver button if remote runs out of battery.

> Similarly, it is also possible to start the car in case remote control has low battery by directly pushing it against start-stop button.

> If the car is used for commercial purpose, warranty is 24 months / 40,000 Kms opposed to regular 24 months / unlimited kilometers.

> On a different note, a friend from Costa Rica who's working with Hyundai has hinted that Indian-made Grand i10 will debut there in first week of March 2014.

Feedback To Hyundai:

> Please offer airbags (at least driver’s side) and ABS as option on lower variants too.

> Add the remaining essentials tidbits: Distance to empty, average fuel efficiency in MID, speed sensing locks, climate control etc.

> Consider taking the initiative of launching the Diesel A/T version to conquer this untapped segment. It’s bound to sell like hot cakes if sensibly priced.

350Z 2nd December 2013 12:00 AM

Hyundai Grand i10: Price, Comparison and Technical Specifications
1 Attachment(s)
Hyundai Grand i10 Diesel Competitor Comparison

Price (Ex.showroom, Delhi):


> Era: Rs.4,31,953

> Magna : Rs.4,51,451

> Sportz: Rs.490,852

> Asta: Rs.5,18,003

> Asta (O): Rs.5,49,852

> Sportz (Automatic): Rs.5,64,852

> Asta (Automatic): Rs.5,92,001


> Era: Rs.5,25,743

> Magna: Rs.545,242

> Sportz: Rs.5,84,642

> Asta: Rs.6,11,792

> Asta (O): Rs.6,43,644

Technical Specifications:

> Petrol Engine: 1197 CC, 4 Cylinder, 16 Valves.

> Petrol Engine Power: 83 PS @ 6000 RPM

> Petrol Engine Torque: 11.6 Kgm @ 4000 RPM

> Diesel Engine: 1120 CC, 3 Cylinder, 12 Valves

> Diesel Engine Power: 71 PS @ 4000 RPM

> Diesel Engine Torque: 16.3 Kgm Torque @ 1500 - 2750 RPM

> Transmission: 5 Speed Manual / 4 Speed Automatic

> Front Brakes: Disc

> Rear Brakes: Drum

> Front Suspension: McPherson Strut

> Rear Suspension: Coupled Torsion Beam Axle

> Fuel Tank: 43 Liters

> Length: 3765 MM

> Width: 1660 MM

> Height: 1520 MM

> Wheelbase: 2425 MM

> Front Track: 1479 MM

> Rear Track: 1493 MM

> Tyre Size: 165 / 65 R14

> Turning Radius: 4.8 M

> Ground Clearance: 165 MM

350Z 2nd December 2013 12:00 AM

Hyundai Grand i10: Videos Review
Hyundai has a default track on audio system to quickly brief about the features. Nice touch.
Hyundai Grand i10 Introduction - - YouTube

Exterior noise level was less embarrassing than the Polo Diesel we tested a week earlier.
Hyundai Grand i10 Diesel NVH - - YouTube

350Z 2nd December 2013 12:01 AM

Hyundai Grand i10 Diesel: Pictorial Review
A couple of scenic shots.

No ‘fluidic’ lines seen on the hood of Grand.

Stylish headlamps have a tinge of Eon.

A wide front windshield.

Cleverly integrated windscreen washer jet. And it works like a charm.

Sound deadening material on the cover of compact hood.

The hood cover supporting rod has to be fixed downwards unlike other cars.

Dual tone diamond cut alloys are chic.

Simple foglamps house in a sporty silhouette.

The single sleek chrome stripe radiator grill is separated from hexagonal grille.

Gracefully integrated indicator on outside rear view mirror casing.

Technology woes? No problems! Simply flip the traditional key out from the keyfob.

Yes. The rear window does open completely in this hatch.

350Z 2nd December 2013 12:01 AM

Hyundai Grand i10 Diesel: Pictorial Review
The rear looks aggressive in comparison to front.

This place is occupied by rear foglamp on international model.

Electric boot opening button nicely tucked under Hyundai logo.

The ribbed roof antenna.

Although all doors open wide, egress for some rear passengers could be little challenging.

Supportive front seats have fixed headrests. Just like previous i10.

No door pad design or fabric. Front doors can hold 1 liter bottle as well as some documents / magazine.

The rear door can hold only one of it at a time.

Boot space is generous for a hatchback of this size.

Missing split feature on the rear seat.

Spare wheel is not an alloy.

Hook and an auxiliary lamp provided inside the boot.

All default items inside the boot are tightly packed. Tool kit has a Velcro to prevent it from rolling around.

Also seen in the image is a strap to easily pull up the cardboard for accessing spare wheel.

350Z 2nd December 2013 12:01 AM

Hyundai Grand i10 Diesel: Pictorial Review
Steering is good to hold but while driving it has a vague feeling.

Flat surface on top of the dashboard limits its utility.

Just keep the keyfob in your pocket and you’re all set to go.

Steering mounted audio buttons are soft and spread across the steering. Sometimes prone to accidentally turn on the audio.

Headlamp stalk is located on right hand side as per Indian norms.

Truly premium quality plastic used on the dashboard.

Only auto-down function for driver’s side window. Notice the button to electrically fold ORVMs. It’s a real boon.

The dead pedal is missing but clutch is super light.

Hook to prevent the foot mat from sliding.

Fusebox, OBD Port and a unique main fuse cut-off switch. Located in a covered compartment on extreme right of dash.

Most practical storage bin in the car. You can charge your mobile phone or simply plug-in to listen your favorite audio track.

Multiple cubbyholes. Note the larger one has a carpeted bottom.

Glovebox lid boasts of a solid quality. Chillness of the compartment can adjusted through the knob.

Height adjust (only on driver’s side) doesn’t have a wide range.

No seatbelt height adjust but it’s neatly integrated on the B-Pillar.

Simple reading lamp for the cabin.

Vanity mirror only on co-passenger side. Driver’s side sun visor has a ticket holder instead.

Insider rear view mirror is wide enough and offers a decent view.

Parking is never a concern with hatchbacks. Parking sensors further aid in the tight situations.

First in class rear air conditioner vents. Note these are only vents and don’t have a separate compressor.

Pleasantly surprised to see some car after a while with low transmission tunnel hump.

Central console and instrument cluster looks gorgeous when lit at night.

Multi-information display screen details are limited to following.

Headlamps have a respectable throw of beam. Take a look.

Low Beam.

High Beam

Globally, Grand i10 replaces the former i10. However, Hyundai intends to sell both the models together in India.

© Any attempt to republish the text or pictures anyway without prior consent of our authorities is strictly forbidden.

350Z 2nd December 2013 02:30 AM

Re: Hyundai Grand i10 Diesel: Review | Test Drive | Pictures
Note: Thread Now Live From T.I.P Zone.

Drive Safe,

nkonamme 2nd December 2013 03:02 PM

Re: Hyundai Grand i10 Diesel: Review | Test Drive | Pictures
Finally!! was waiting for this since long time[clap]
Kerb weight is given wrong,it is 1090 kg not 935 kg

GM88 2nd December 2013 04:25 PM

Re: Hyundai Grand i10 Diesel: Review | Test Drive | Pictures
Wonderfully written report 350Z. Grand i10 is surely another winner from the Korean giant. Hyundai has lately managed to make cars which have a feel good factor about them and I think this is one thing which every buyer is looking for before plunging his/her hard earned money. This can be seen in the tremendous growth Hyundai has achieved worldwide in the last 4-5 years. Grand i10 is no exception to it. At the price point at which it competes, I guess no other car have a feel good factor as much as this one does. It doesn't have the most peppiest of engines and doesn't have a ride and handling to boast about, but still overall as a package surpasses most of its competitors. No surprises to see it already in the top 5 best sellers and I am sure it will continue to do so in the near future.

Although its biggest competitor at the moment I feel is its bigger sibling itself, the i20. With over 40-45k worth of on-going discounts on the i20, I feel it makes for a better buy against the Grand i10 as the price difference reduces to just about 30k between the two. One gets a bigger 4 cylinder engine, more cabin space, marginal extra boot-space, feels atleast half a segment above but misses out on a few features like the rear AC vents,etc. But at the end of the day, it would be Hyundai who'll be gaining from this segment over-lapping positioning of the Grand i10.

draneeshpm 2nd December 2013 07:14 PM

Re: Hyundai Grand i10 Diesel: Review | Test Drive | Pictures
Hi Vibhor,
That's a comprehensive review.To see why Hyundai needs a standing ovation, just have a look at the November sales chart.The day is not far away when Wagon R will be over thrown from the fourth position.As much I hate the cars from Hyundai stable for their lousy handling,one can't but appreciate the way they treat us Indians.

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