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350Z 5th August 2013 04:44 PM

Volkswagen Polo GT TSi Review & Pictures: Vollkommen Polo

Some cars attempt to allure the enthusiasts but only a few are truly crafted for them. New Volkswagen Polo GT TSi is one such hatchback that belongs to the latter batch. Polo is accountable for writing a success story for Volkswagen worldwide as well as in India straight after its local debut in 2010 and the car still continues selling decent enough to earn bread and butter for the German giant. This fifth generation Polo offers quite almost everything a modern day buyer demands: Sophisticated design, strong built, frugal motor, latest gizmos and much more. The company has been intensely marketing the Polo and Vento (The Polo derived sedan) with tempting deals now and then. The car also received sporadic upgrades throughout in terms of new features and revised styling cues.

However, inspite of gaining recognition, Polo had its own weak spot under the hood that kept off the genuine petrol heads from owning one. To fulfill this wish, Volkswagen introduced Polo with a 1.6L heart pumping a generous power of 105 PS, albeit decided to pull it off the shelf after a while, leaving us enthusiasts disappointed. But little did we know that Volkswagen is aiming to hit hard with a stunning and more powerful 1.2L turbocharged TSi engine mated to an implausible seven speed direct shift automatic gearbox. Thus, making the Polo an ‘absolute package’ in every sense. But ironically all good things come at a price. You are asked to shell out a good Rs.7.99 Lakh (Ex. Showroom, Delhi) to feel that adrenaline rush. That’s some cash huge enough to get a luxurious C-Segment sedan. Unquestionably, Polo GT TSi has redefined the term ‘hot hatch’ in India. It is the best hatchback an Indian car enthusiast can buy today but real question lies whether it’s at all worth spending that amount of moolah in exchange?

350Z 5th August 2013 04:47 PM

Volkswagen Polo GT TSi: Looks and Design

If someone asks me to describe the Polo in a single word; then ‘attitude’ is what I’d better call it. This car oozes a right attitude and character regardless of whichever angle one gazes on it. It doesn’t seem that flamboyant lines, curves or excessive usage of chrome is Volkswagen’s cup of tea. That’s exactly what differentiates the Polo from appearing like an overcooked design. The looks are subtle, sophisticated yet impose a bit of aggression, something that would age forever. Second thing that unmistakably sets Polo apart is the brilliant build quality. Particularly those who’re used to Maruti Suzuki’s and Hyundai’s since decades will find this as a giant leap forward. You will be hard-pressed to find a flaw in build quality as far as the overall metal is concerned. Folks and automated machines together at Chakan are doing an incredible job of ensuring that fit, finish and paint quality meet up to the desired standards.

The best part is that inspite of wearing understated looks, Polo grabs attention if you’re in middle of a parking lot or a traffic signal. If car is in red, then that works no less than a cherry on top of the cake. I can recall enough instances when the car made heads turn and at occasions, on-goers didn’t hesitated to inquire about the GT too while I was using it over a weekend. Perhaps Volkswagen is well-informed that GT TSi version is likely to fetch a limited number of buyers in India. That’s why this model is available only in three most popular shades namely, flash red, candy white and deep black, unlike the regular variants of Polo which have six colors to choose from. The GT in essence appears like any other Polo from outside unless one cares to take a note of the “GT TSi” badges on rear as well as the stickers on C-Pillars. As a matter of fact, there is no ‘Polo’ branding on this model whatsoever and neither the “Volkswagen” lettering (save for logos), which otherwise Volkswagen is using on Indian specific models to improve the brand awareness.

The GT, as it sounds, is a completely different avatar of Polo rather than being ‘just another’ variant. That’s how the company is contemplating to market it too considering there are separate brochures and a dedicated section for it on their official website. Yet, it is amusing that there are no frills on offer for this Polo look-wise. Not that it doesn’t already look sporty, but when someone thinks of a ‘GT’ version and reads a thrilling spec sheet for a family hatchback, a car with body kits and similar enhancements is a first thing strikes into the mind. Of course, those who crave for it can always go for official SR body kits but Volkswagen’s typical stratospheric pricing is always a letdown. There’s also a plethora of aftermarket customizations but having one standard wouldn’t have hurt anyway. Side profile continues to carry modest appearance. The 10 spoke, 15” Estrada alloy wheels seek the attention first followed by the proportionate wheel arches and an athletic tilt of the rear windscreen. Make no mistake. The Polo is a full grown four meter hatchback that looks just as much imposing from side as it does from the front.

Fortunately the shoulder line isn’t very sharp rising or it would have further restricted the roominess of rear cabin. Opposite to the aggressive front design, rear has a jolly outlook. It has strictly no chrome or unnecessary badges, just a set of simple tail lamps and a spoiler providing required sportiness. An interesting fact is that Polo doesn’t come with a dedicated handle bar or keyhole to open up the boot. All you have to do is unlock the car through central locking, press the rear ‘VW’ monogram and tuck the fingers underneath. Voila! You’ve just unhooked the hatch. Since GT is a highline variant of Polo, it's also equipped with rear parking sensors by default. Even though parking a hatchback usually isn’t a big deal but Polo could be marked an exception due to its limited rear visibility, more so with two XL sized rear seat headrests. The sensors are acoustic based translating that there’s no screen and one has to depend on intensity of the beep but it work wonders whilst struggling in disorganized parking spots. The sensors have a wide range and cover even tightest corners of the rear bumper.

350Z 5th August 2013 04:50 PM

Volkswagen Polo GT TSi: Interiors and Comfort

The Polo flaunts its well-built character on the interiors as well. Those plastics feel sturdy as if they are built to last forever. Although space, obviously, cannot be called a USP of Polo but it’s the wide opening angle of all four doors that greatly assists to conveniently enter and exit from the car. Once settled in – You would find the front seats adequate for an average Indian but they could have been much better and well-contoured. More so when the variant in question is GT TSi. The seat pulling mechanism is rough to operate which is irritating. Driver’s seat receives an additional luxury of height adjuster, a feature that has now become a norm in the competition. Volkswagen offers a leather package covering the most often used components: steering wheel, gearshift and handbrake but not the seats. Instead, seats and door pads have fabric upholstery that Volkswagen calls “Milan Titanschwarz”.

They’re dual-tone not simply because of the color combination but also due to the material used. The seat front is made up of fabric while its back (including the headrests) are of artificial leather, meaning that cleaning unwarranted marks caused from shoes or chocolaty hands of kids sitting behind will not be an issue anymore. Polo is among those selected cars in which the occupant can ruthlessly slam the door and you would still not feel furious about it. The rugged build is truly evident in solid knock of the doors like any other typical German car. On utility note, door pockets are slim but sufficiently deep and could effortlessly hold a 1.5 liter bottle. There’s no bottle holder on the rear doors though. How I wish if Volkswagen had added a layer of soft touch fabric (not just the plain fabric) on all door armrests since at present, keeping the elbow on them is as comfortable as resting on a granite floor. Polo comes with a few such ergonomic flaws. Electric outside rear view mirror adjuster knob is another. It’s placed in an awkward manner and needs some time to get used to. Likewise, opening of the glove box is hindered in case a bottle is stored in the dedicated bottle holder on left hand side and so is the hood unlock lever which obstructs with the driver’s side door unless it is opened.

The dashboard is mounted high but its design is quite functional and the cabin feels airy. Tilted center console not only provides a better reach to the driver but also adds a tinge of sportiness inside the car. There’s a logical use of chrome and piano black finish alike for up market appearance. It’s always a delight to get behind that chunky three spoke steering wheel which is mounted with audio controls. Besides, the instrument cluster dials are simplistic but emerge graceful in white color when lit in dark. Multi function display is certainly one of the best inventions of the recent times. One in the Polo gives essential information about the exact gear you’re running; otherwise it would be nearly impossible to judge considering the car is automatic. Apart from it, MID features distance to empty, average fuel efficiency, second trip meter (resets itself on each trip), average speed, digital speedometer (Personally this is the mode I was using); outside temperature and time taken for the recent trip (measured using second trip meter). Plus, main trip meter, watch and a digital fuel gauge. It tells if car is scheduled for a service too. However, there is no temperature gauge in Polo but a secret trick could activate it whenever required (More information in this link). These modes can be switched with simple tap of a button located on tip of the wiper stalk.

The center console is quite idiot-proof inspite of being gadget laden. First thing being USB, Aux-in, SD card and Bluetooth compatible head unit, which would serve the purpose for non-audiophiles. Second is the automatic air conditioner. Or Climatronic in Volkswagen’s language. This system can detect and set up the desired temperature as well as air distribution using an on-board device. Offered along is a choice of air circulation modes for manual user selection. Overall, the air conditioner is quite effective and outfitted with a dust and pollen filter. The vents have a traditional design and ability to stop flow of air individually. However, Polo skips a practical facility of cooled glove box which its sibling, Skoda Fabia was equipped with. During night time, dashboard spectacularly lights up in the shade of red (and white for the screens) with ambience lighting for the storage compartment straight behind front cup holders.

Slip into the rear and a quick impression will make oneself understand why Polo GT TSi remains best only when behind the steering. Although rear bench is decently sized with adequate under thigh support but legroom and headroom sure come for a premium. Third person on the rear seat is a strict no-no if there are already two well-built adults accommodated. Further, a large transmission tunnel hump restricts the comfort levels for the additional passenger if somone is keen to sit anyhow but the rear seats can be put to a resourceful use in case there’s some serious cargo to pack. Just flip it to form a flatbed and there is enormous space available in addition to the 280 liters of standard boot space which is already among the largest in its segment.

350Z 5th August 2013 04:57 PM

Volkswagen Polo GT TSi: Performance and Handling

My hands were itching to write the performance section from a while now because this is where Polo GT surpasses everything else. Let us get to the meat of the matter without taking further time. I have been using a Fiesta Classic for well over a year which was then known as the best driver’s car in this price band. However, driving the Polo GT TSi made me realize that there’s a life beyond Fiesta. You’re certainly underestimating the abilities of this vehicle if judging it solely based on the relatively smaller 1197cc engine. This unit although has the same capacity as of regular Polo but is far different than one due to the four cylinder TSi motor along with a turbocharger, translating into maximum output of 105 PS @ 5,000 RPM (Equivalent to now defunct Polo 1.6) and diesel-hatch rivaling torque of 175 NM @ 1,500 – 4,100 RPM. Yet another unique factor that differentiates GT is a seven speed direct shift gearbox (DSG). Yep. You read it right. It’s a seven speed automatic transmission which is first of its kind in the segment. Though this would be a welcome addition for some; our nation still has its own fair share of buyers who are alien when it comes to automatic transmissions and think twice before getting one. I’m afraid; this factor alone could go against Polo GT TSi since most of us are taught to worship manual transmissions by birth.

Primarily there are two main myths against the automatics that I would like to clarify:

> Using automatic cars are beyond my understanding.

> Performance hatch with automatic. Huh? Must be boring.

The story is totally different in reality with Polo. First, driving an automatic is the easiest and most convenient task one could learn to do. All you have to do is operate between the brake and accelerator meaning your left leg has no business and no pain due to constant use of clutch in bumper to bumper traffic. Sedate drivers will also not require touching the gear lever when car is moving forward. Second, the direct shift automatic ‘box on Polo features a sport mode as well as tiptronic to provide as much or dare I say it, more pleasure than driving a counterpart equipped with manual transmission. Here’s an explanation of automatic modes available in Volkswagen Polo GT TSi:

> P: This mode is used when car is at a halt and to prevent its accidental movement by enabling parking pawl to lock up the transmission. The car cannot be started nor can its keys be removed unless the gearlever is switched to park position.

> R: Just like a manual gearbox, slot the stick to ‘R’ mode to engage the reverse gear. Use it only when the car is on a complete halt to avoid damaging the transmission.

> N: Neutral is similar to the park mode but with major difference being that transmission doesn’t locks up and wheels are freely movable.

> D: Slot the GT into ‘Drive’ mode to get going. The car automatically up shifts on this mode when engine reaches speed of 2,000 RPM. Gearshifts are somewhat synchronized with the vehicle’s speed. For example: 2nd gear in 20 Kmph and 6th gear in 60+ Kmph and so on. This mode is suitable for sedate driving and during start – stop traffic conditions to achieve maximum fuel efficiency figures.

> + / - : Move the gearshift towards left from drive mode and the car transforms into semi manual. Gentle tap back or forth gives ability to downshift or upshift on desired RPM ranges to extract maximum performance from the turbocharged motor. All this without hassles of a manual clutch pedal. This is the mode Polo GT TSi deserves to be driven in but then it equally proves to be a gas guzzler too.

> S: Sport mode is apt for having fun without being ‘too enthusiastic’ and at the same time, being fairly light on the wallet. Polo delays upshifts in this mode by as much as 3,000 RPM to provide an adequate balance between driving pleasure and economy.

Since the engine builds sufficient torque from as low as 1,500 RPM, driving in traffic becomes quite effortless and the turbo lag is hardly noticable. Get this - Volkswagen Polo GT TSi can flawlessly do up to 6 Kmph without throttle input at all. Torquey motor makes driving uphill an easy affair and hill-hold function is an added bonus. It provides approx. 2 – 3 seconds time to switch the pedals by preventing the car from rolling. To enter into the ‘fun’ zone, one requires up shifting either to ‘S’ mode or Tiptronic and get into the mid-range. That’s when the GT tends to show its actual character. Be a little firm on the accelerator and it literally pushes back towards the seat, like no less than a sports car. You sure would not mind repeating this a few more times on an open stretch to feel the adrenaline pumping.

The claimed top speed is 190 Kmph while 0 – 100 Kmph is possible in around 10 seconds. That’s quick enough to even guess if the car has already touched three digits without looking into speedometer. The Polo remains constant at 150+ speed and it still had ample of potential to do more. Noise, vibration and harshness are brilliantly controlled on the interiors and exteriors alike. There’s a decent balance when it comes to ride and handling which is more than sufficient for normal use, unless you’re planning to participate in serious ‘pedal to metal’ motorsport stuff with this car. The ride is well-settled and handling remains superb. Although steering feels lighter than it should be when doing three-digits figures, even though it is driven by a speed sensitive mechanism. This hatchback also has a tendency to understeer on sharp maneuvering. Plus, current set of brakes isn’t the best one around. The ones on our test car felt spongy up to an extent and therefore didn’t inspire enough confidence. Hope Volkswagen takes a note of this issue. After all, as someone rightly said, with great power comes great responsibility.

350Z 5th August 2013 04:58 PM

Volkswagen Polo GT TSi: Fuel Efficiency and Verdict

All said and done, Polo GT blends an impeccable match of an exhilarating engine along with a quick gearbox which is reasonably fuel efficient too, considering it delivered an average mileage of 11.5 Kmpl on test with air conditioner turned on. For a change, it even returned 14.3 Kmpl while driving sedate. The actual manufacturer claimed figure is otherwise 17.2 Kmpl based on ARAI test. Calling the new Polo GT TSi a ‘hot hatchback’ would be quite an understatement. This car has truly opened up a new chapter in the Indian automotive industry and deserves a definition of its own. Now a million dollar question arises whether it is worth spending that eight plus lakh on a hatchback? Sure. If right now you’re in market for a powerful automatic hatchback, Polo GT TSi is an absolute bang for the buck in comparison with the Hyundai i20 automatic which costs just as much amount. However, those who place social status above their passion will look for a sedan. This is exactly what eight people out of ten answered in our random survey. Indian market has a minority of enthusiasts but Volkswagen has attempted best to cash in the niche segment. This move has only evoked interest of more manufacturers and the future is going to be nothing but exciting for us. [thumbswink]

350Z 5th August 2013 05:07 PM

Volkswagen Polo GT TSi: Likes, Dislikes and Star Ratings

You’ll Love:

> An understated and a sophisticated design.

> Outstanding quality levels throughout the car.

> Pure enthusiasts' delight: Turbocharged TSI + Direct shift gearbox.

> Reasonable fuel consumption figures for an automatic transmission.

> Well-equipped in terms of safety functions (Airbags, ABS, ESP, Hill Hold etc).

You’ll Loathe: [thumbsdown]

> Excessively steep price tag.

> Expensive long-term maintenance costs.

> DSG transmission has a questionable reliability.

> The interiors lack roominess. Best for four adults.

> Volkswagen India’s thin sales and after sales network.

Star Ratings:

> Design and Quality......................:

> Comfort and Features.................:

> Engine and Performance.............:

> Handling and Ride Quality...........:

> Safety and Security Levels..........:

> Overall Fuel Consumption............:

> Sales and Service Network..........:

> Value For Money Factor................:

> The Automotive India’s Verdict.....:

350Z 5th August 2013 05:24 PM

Volkswagen Polo GT TSi: Did You Know and Suggestions To Manufacturer

Did You Know?

> The full form of ‘GT’ is ‘Grand Tourer’. An abbreviation used on high-performance cars.

> Introduced in 1975, Polo is one of the best-selling models from Volkswagen worldwide.

> All doors of Volkswagen Polo will automatically unlock in case the airbags are deployed.

> Volkswagen Polo comes with a respectable 6 Years of paint defect warranty as standard.

> Surprisingly the central locking activates even if one of the doors is not completely closed.

> Polo GT TSi comes equipped with electronic stability program (ESP). More information in this link.

> European Polo’s key remote is fitted with a panic button to sound horn and flash lights from elsewhere in case of emergency.

> The ownership manual has mention of several European spec features (such as the one above) which aren’t relevant to Indian market.

> There is no separate lever or button to unlock the fuel door cover. Just unlock the car through central locking and press the cover. That’s it.

Suggestions To Volkswagen:

> Launch the Polo GT TDi version as soon as possible to offer complete bang for the buck.

> Offer paddle shifters, front armrest, sporty colors and body kits exclusively for Polo GT TSi.

350Z 5th August 2013 05:25 PM

Volkswagen Polo GT TSi: Price and Specifications Comparison
Volkswagen Polo GT TSi Price & Specifications Comparison

Here's how Polo GT fairs against a similar priced automatic hatch (i20), a fun-to-drive diesel hatch (Punto 90HP) and the much renowned driver’s sedan (Ford Classic).
Note: Prices are ex. showroom, New Delhi.

Volkswagen Polo GT TSi Technical Specifications

> Engine: 1197cc (4 Cylinder)

> Power: 105 PS @ 5,000 RPM

> Torque: 175 NM @ 1,500 - 4,100 RPM

> Transmission: 7 Speed DSG Automatic

> Front Brakes: Discs

> Rear Brakes: Drums

> Front Suspension: Mcpherson strut with stabiliser bar

> Rear Suspension: Semi-independent trailing arm

> Fuel Tank: 45 Liters

> Length: 3970 MM

> Width: 1682 MM

> Height: 1453 MM

> Wheelbase: 2456 MM

> Front Track: 1463 MM

> Rear Track: 1463 MM

> Tyre Size: 185 / 60 R15

> Turning Radius: 4.97 M

> Ground Clearance: 168 MM

350Z 5th August 2013 05:26 PM

Volkswagen Polo GT TSi: Video Review
Volkswagen Polo GT TSi 360° View

A charming all around view of GT with engine turned on to demonstrate exterior noise levels.
Volkswagen Polo GT TSi Ignition

A video showing the noise levels while switching on the ignition.
Volkswagen Polo GT TSi Reverse Parking Sensor

A video showing reverse parking sensors at work as well as the view of well-lit cockpit during night

350Z 5th August 2013 05:27 PM

Volkswagen Polo GT TSi: Pictorial Review
Volkswagen Polo GT TSi Scenic Shots

Volkswagen monogram serves the function of boot opening handle.

The boot door flies up nearly upright.

In-built handles to pull down the hatch door.

280 liters of boot space is among the best in class for a hatchback.

The rear seats fold to form a flat bed for utilizing additional cargo capacity.

A view of the loading / unloading area.

Sharp design of rear quarter glass provides a bit of sportiness.

Cheap GT TSi stickers on C-Pillars. They could have looked much better in a different font.

All doors open wide enough for a convenient ingress and egress.

This underbody plastic panel was hanging off in our test car.

No front skirt required. This part of the front bumper in itself is one of the best design elements.

The roof antenna is fully removable.

The clear-lens side indicators look pleasing.

Panel gaps are consistent throughout. You can swipe a credit card to verify the same. No kidding. Volkswagen claims it.

Unlocking the doors through central locking sounds a solid gun-shot sound.

Two wheeler proof outside rear view mirrors.

GT TSi gets 15" Estrada alloy wheels.

Exhaust pipe is so cleanly hidden under as if it doesn't exist at all.

350Z 5th August 2013 11:58 PM

Volkswagen Polo GT TSi: Pictorial Review
GT means some serious business.

Foglamps stretch all the way to the side view.

And so does the sharp elongated headlamps.

VW has chosen an odd location for the tyre pressure placard.

The vehicle identification number plate is located on the front passenger door side panel.

Better slow down at the speed bumps or you risk a chance to scape the belly of Polo

Adequate sound deadening material even for the Petrol GT.

Those with eagle eyes would see the 'Audi' logo on engine block.

Design flaw? The driver's side wiper cannot be lifted upward unless put in a service position.

The inverted edges of the outside rear view mirror practically create a blind spot.

Maximum limit the rear windows will roll down.

The GT TSi exclusive scuff plates are fitted only on the front door sills.

Acoustic based rear parking sensors cover a wide range.

A neatly integrated spoiler.

Excellent attention to detail. The washer jet is covered with a red cap so it doesn't stick out like a sore thumb.

Made for each other: Buddh International Circuit and Volkswagen Polo GT TSi. :smile:

350Z 6th August 2013 12:03 PM

Re: Volkswagen Polo GT TSi Test Drive Review
Horn is positioned right in the center and feels a bit rough to operate.

Steering mounted buttons control the audio system and calls if paired via bluetooth.

RHS stalk not only controls the functioning of wipers but also the MID and trip meter.

A pleasing view of the instrument cluster when lit during night time.

Volkswagen Polo GT TSi - Low Beam

Volkswagen Polo GT TSi Low Beam + Fog Lamps

Volkswagen Polo GT TSi High Beam

Volkswagen Polo GT TSi High Beam + Fog Lamps

GT also receives exclusive aluminum sports pedals. Your left foot has no business so a dead pedal isn't required.

Yet another design flaw. Hood release lever cannot be operated without opening the driver's side door.

A single interior lamp. Skips theater effect feature which is common in many modern cars.

The immobilizer light situated on driver's side door.

Electric ORVM adjustment knob placement is not-so-convenient.

Headrests hinder the view of interior rear view mirror.

Though the view is amazingly clear if headrests are removed.

The rear view is virtually limited. Thus, parking sensors are good to have.

Passenger side sunvisor equipped with vanity mirror while the one on driver's side offers toll ticket holder.

Upmarket remote control with a key that pops up like a swiss knife.

A center console image showing the RCD 320 head unit and automatic climate control.

350Z 6th August 2013 02:44 PM

Re: Volkswagen Polo GT TSi Test Drive Review
Traditional air conditioner vents design with ability to completely stop the flow of air if required.

Glove box isn't deep but wide enough. Surprisingly it is not illuminated either.

A dedicated sunglass and coin holder inside the glove box.

Front footwells are deep.

This is the only place where I was shocked about the quality. This plastic isn't only cheap but also very ill-fitted.

The carpet on driver's side has a patch of rubber surface to bear the abuse caused due to usage of pedals. Nice touch.

12V socket is surrounded by an illuminated ring. There's also an ambience light in the storage compartment right behind.

Good utilization of space near the handbrake area.

Huge transmission tunnel bump causes great inconvenience to the rear seat middle passenger.

Nifty bag hooks on the B-Pillar.

An attempt to improve the legroom by a margin.

The rear seat base is supported with just a couple of thin metal rods.

Tool kit is nicely packed in the spare wheel.

An additional slot in the boot to store long item along with straps to fasten it.

Our test car is back to its home. Hope you enjoyed reading the review as much as I did writing it.

© Any attempt to republish the text or pictures anyway without prior consent of our authorities is strictly forbidden.

Neelkanth 6th August 2013 04:37 PM

Re: Volkswagen Polo GT TSi Test Drive Review
@350Z Wonderful review. [:)]

Doesn't the Polo GT TSI have 60:40 split rear seats?

MightyMe 6th August 2013 06:19 PM

Re: Volkswagen Polo GT TSi Test Drive Review
A very special review of a very special car,thanks 350z[clap].
VW Polo-the only car which was love at first sight for me,how I wish VW offered that brilliant engine with a manual transmission[cry].


Originally Posted by Neelkanth (Post 313434)
@350Z Wonderful review. [:)]

Doesn't the Polo GT TSI have 60:40 split rear seats?

The 60:40 split option was removed when the car was updated with features and the top model got a price cut.

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