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350Z 16th May 2013 07:30 PM

Ford EcoSport Review & Pictures
Ford Ecosport Review Synopsis: Ford Ecosport price tag is between Rs.6.75 – 10.20 Lakh (Ex.showroom, Delhi). It officially launched in India in June 2013.

Ford Ecosport is unarguably one of the very few cars which have managed to settle in the hearts of several thousand Indians much prior of its official debut. Personally, my association with this model dates back to January 2012 when Ford invited The Automotive India to Ecosport’s global premičre just ahead of the 11th Auto Expo. I’m fanatically following the developments of this vehicle ever since and our forum has always been flooded with exclusive information and images on the Ecosport. The buzz generated by this car is perhaps the strongest any car has been able to do in India lately. And there’s a valid reason to it. That’s the new segment in which the Ecosport is going to be pitched in.

You’ve already read so much about the emerging ‘Compact SUV’ sector. That’s where the Ecosport belongs to. However, since the Indian specific model is tailor made for us, Ford has attempted to make absolute utilization of the available resources. For example, the car’s length is minimized to less than four meters to avail the maximum possible tax exemption unlike Brazilian counterpart. There by, translating to a relatively competitive price tag. Yet another important aspect that’s making the prospective owners wait with a bated breath is the all-new 1.0 liter Ecoboost engine which is allegedly more efficient and powerful than a traditional 1.6 liter engine. Having equipped with a smaller capacity engine, it also receives an advantage of tax benefits in India which are applicable to engines less than 1200cc capacity.

Ford India has been successful to maintain the requisite momentum after global premičre of Ecosport. They organized a pre-launch campaign in March 2013 by showcasing the Ecosport in various shopping malls across India and allowing a special sneak peek opportunity to the audience. Around the same time, the company also announced an ‘Urban Discoveries’ contest where in the participants just had to write about their favorite weekend destination coupled along with a picture and top hundred of them stand a chance to drive the Ford Ecosport before its launch, on basis of maximum votes received. Next month might prove to be a major turning point in blue oval’s history with the launch of Ecosport in India. Ford’s preparations are already on full swing. Last week, around 150 selected journalists from across the globe were invited to an all-expense paid trip to Goa for witnessing the abilities of this car in person. We were a part of this event too to cover all the essentials that you need to know. So continue to read on. :smile:

The set of customers that Ford is planning to target is quite evident from the tagline itself: ‘The Urban SUV’. Ford top officials’ associate the typical owner of Ecosport with a hypothetical character named Sameer. Well, who’s Sameer? He’s a 31 Year old urban dweller with a white collar job. He’s hard working and adventure loving, yet understands his responsibilities at the same time. Sameer looks forward to own SUV not just because it’s an extension of his personality but also because he enjoys long drives and is concerned about the safety of his family. Sameer is tech savvy, brand conscious but a serious value seeker. This is exactly what the company kept in mind while making the Ecosport. Before this project was initiated, Ford did its homework by identifying the relevant target customers for research. The R&D department had to put themselves in shoes of middle-class men for a while by visiting their homes, meeting the families to learn what truly influences decisions and to understand their real aspirations.

Ford India is serious about expanding their portfolio to acquire the repute of a top volume seller. The company firmly believes that compact SUV segment has an untapped potential and a genuine sweet spot lies in the sub four meter territory. However, they wish to utilize this segment by introducing path-breaking technologies. The Ecosport is precisely an outcome of it by cleverly blendng the traits of multiple segment vehicles into one. Presently, Ecosport is 65% localized in India and this figure is likely to reach up to 85% in near future. It’s manufactured in Ford India’s plant located on the outskirts of Chennai, Tamil Nadu that also dispatches well-known models such as Figo and Fiesta.

Even though officials still remained tight lipped whenever we questioned about the pricing aspect, but what’s confirmed for now is that this car will be available in three different engine options (1.0L Ecoboost Petrol, 1.5L Ti-VCT Petrol and 1.5L Duratorq Diesel). Luckily, the 1.5L Petrol will be equipped with a fuel efficient six speed power shift automatic transmission too. Overall, there are total ten variants to choose from: Ambiente, Trend, Titanium, Titanium (O) on Diesel, Titanium and Titanium (O) on Ecoboost Petrol, Ambiente, Trend, Titanium on Petrol MT and Titanium on Petrol AT. The exterior color options include: Mars Red, Kinetic Blue, Sea Grey, Moondust Silver, Panther Black, Diamond White and Chill Metallic. There's no mention about Yellow shade which was spotted on a test car sometime ago. Probably it’s reserved for future use whenever car receives a mild refresh.

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350Z 16th May 2013 07:33 PM

Ford Ecosport: Looks and Design

There’s a huge debate amongst several people on calling the Ecosport an ‘SUV’. You’ll be certainly left disappointed when comparing its dimensions with that of Mahindra Scorpios and Tata Safaris but then; Ford Ecosport isn’t an undersized vehicle either. It’s rather a shrunken SUV with well-balanced design that sits in middle of regular hatchbacks and our homegrown SUVs. Ideally, Ecosport’s dimensions could be compared with its closest relevant competitor – The Renault Duster. Although due to sub-four meter restriction, Ecosport falls short on length by over 300 millimeters but is a tad taller with the difference of mere 13 mm. If all aspects are taken into consideration, only models which Ecosport competes head on, in less than four meter UV region, are Premier Rio and Mahindra Quanto. Yet, a comparison with Renault Duster is also validated for the fact that it has a potential to lure those buyers who’re in the market for Duster.

Unlike first generation Ecosport that was introduced in 2003 for South American market alone, this second generation model is a global product which is already on sale in markets like Brazil and China. It’ll be shipped to the European nations shortly from Ford India’s plant near Chennai. During technical briefing in Goa, an attribute that Ford’s exterior designer, Ehab Kaud, constantly stressed upon is the aerodynamic nature of Ecosport’s design. The car is claimed to have undergone though around 1,000 wind tunnel tests for improving aerodynamics. With a co-efficient drag of 0.371, their efforts indeed reflect in terms of design elements that are incorporated to deliver some positive fuel consumption figures. Take the ridges on hood for example. They’re created such that the air bounces away from windshield. Or the front baffle built into the bumper which is existing to prevent recirculation of air and improve flow under the car. Similarly, air deflectors present on front and rear wheels enhance the flow of air.

Ford Ecosport isn’t as intimidating to look at as the Renault Duster. Nor it holds a solid road presence which one usually expects when we talk about an SUV but what’s sure is that this car is an attention grabber and stands out from the crowd. At least, our media car in Mars Red did. I have lost the count of people who didn’t miss a chance to peek inside the Ecosport during our pit stops. In fact, on one occasion, a driver of Renault Duster (with temporary registration) approaching from front lane hooked his eyes onto our car with stun until it disappeared from his vision. It gave us journalists a nice reason to make pun. Well...he must have felt lament for booking a little too early, we giggled. :biggrin:

Jokes apart, Ecosport carries more of a sleek and trendy design opposed to a macho and rugged look. The idea behind swoosh type elongated headlamps and curves flowing across its profile is to offer the car a sense of motion even when it stands still. Needless to mention, it has a thin radiator slit but a wide trapezoidal lower grille is designed to keep this car in line with Ford’s trademarked kinetic design. While talking about the future designs at press conference, “We make siblings, not twins, triplets or quadruplets…” stated an official. As in most of the SUVs, lower-end of the entire car is wrapped with a black plastic cladding. To save on repair expenses, the front bumper is made up of three separate pieces. On a closer look, You will also figure out that the front edge of the bumper is marginally shoved inside as an attempt to fit the Ecosport under four meter length.

Talking about the side profile, I’ll stick to those words that I uttered when I saw the Ecosport for the first time; it’s like hatchback on steroids with a spare wheel mounted on rear. The wheel arches are moderately flared out as a usual case in Fords. Particularly what I like the most is an impressive design of alloy wheels. Trust me, they look no less than any branded aftermarket alloys. The shoulder line rises upward as it reaches towards the rear quarter, curtailing height of the windows for rear seat occupants. A miniature wraparound glass on D-Pillar inspired from Mercedes Benz M-Class is another attempt to stuff more of an SUV DNA. Just like global Fiesta, about half of the Ecosport’s body is composed from high-strength steel, including boron steel. There’s nothing to nitpick about exterior panel gaps which are surprisingly tight and even throughout. However, we experienced a peculiar problem whenever shutting the doors. They almost never closed properly in single shut. I can think of two possible causes of this issue: 1. Their hinges weren’t lubricated well. 2. You’d have to always apply a greater force to close its doors than usual due to their bulkiness.

The rear end is an important portion where Ford has worked to make Ecosport abide by its ‘SUV’ label. And tailgate mounted spare wheel plays an important role here. According to Ehab, this characteristic provides the car an ‘authentic’ SUV stance. Plus, this is an ideal location since it’s much easier to access the spare and at the same time, it doesn’t eat boot space too. It was a win-win situation for Ford because the spare wheel affixed on rear is not counted in overall length of the car in India. Thus, legally the Ecosport remains under four meter length. In some markets, this wheel will be wrapped with a plastic cover and in some, it won’t.

The company isn’t planning to offer variants without tailgate mounted spare wheel at this moment. Second thing you’ll observe about rear design is a set of smart tail lamp cluster. There’s a reason I call them smart. Someone can be easily deceived for them being regular tail lamps but the team of designers has flawlessly embedded the door handle camouflaged in between chrome. Don’t mistake this handle to be a pull-type. All you have to do is press a tiny black button and open the door. It opens from right hand side which is a bit unusual for the Indian market. I’m predicting that some enthusiasts from India who don’t fancy a rear spare wheel wouldn’t mind going Brazilian way, by modifying to give the rear a clean shape. The reverse lights are located far at bottom on bumper coupled along with reflectors. Apart from it, the black rear bumper carries four-point parking sensors which prove to be a boon while struggling in tight parking spots. They’re audio + visual based. i.e. You can view the location of obstacle on center mounted screen as well as hear an intense ‘beep’ if you’re nearing one. I recommend not to solely rely on sensors because the protruded spare wheel wouldn’t be taken into account.

350Z 16th May 2013 07:37 PM

Ford Ecosport: Interiors and Comfort

Ford created hoopla about Ecosport’s interiors and unveiled it months later after the global premičre in Delhi. To simply put, users of Ford Fiesta 2011 will feel at home inside the Ecosport. This car shares most of the interior bits with its sibling. Be it the dashboard layout, instrument cluster, center console. You name it. Steering wheel is a direct pick from Fiesta too but talk about some features and technologies and there comes the difference. Nearly a decade old relationship between Ford and Microsoft Corporation has invented the SYNC technology which is based on ‘Windows Embedded Automotive’ software platform and it’ll be first of its kind on a car in India. Hands-free SYNC allows the occupants to pair up to twelve Bluetooth enabled mobile phones, regardless of OS, with car’s on-board device. It replicates phone’s data (read phonebook, music tracks etc) so that you can conveniently make / receive calls or play the desired song using voice command. You could also search the music by genre, album, author or its title. Good part is that the data isn’t accessible unless the phone is paired.

Come back into the car and data updates automatically based on the changes done in phone. A 3.5 inch screen located right in middle of dashboard shows all the essential information, including contacts list, caller log, signal strength, caller ID, call waiting and phone battery level. SYNC is capable of reading SMS text for you and understands certain common abbreviations and smilies too. Eg: LOL and :-). If you’re in mood of listening similar tracks, then on-board device will instantly compile a list through ‘Play Similar’ command. The voice control on Ecosport is supposedly superior to the one we tested on Fiesta 2011. Presently, SYNC understands only UK English but it’s tuned to recognize 150 voice commands and deal with the variations in accents. The on-board computer recognized commands 8 times out of 10 in our voice command test. Even when it didn’t, Serena (a sweet female voice) was kind enough to offer us very close suggestions. Ford is now working with their partner, Nuance Communications, to make the voice control feature more friendly and intuitive for the first time users.

Another interesting feature Ecosport comes packed with is the ‘Emergency Assistance System’. It’s a useful life-saving tool which maybe first for the Indian market but is already popular abroad. Here’s how it functions: God forbid; if your car is involved in an accident serious enough to deploy the airbags or automatic fuel cut off is activated, SYNC will initiate a phone call via the Bluetooth paired mobile phone to India’s emergency number 108 (allowing a ten second time frame to cancel it using hang up button if not required), then it informs about accident and forwards location coordinates to the authorities, subsequently letting you to talk further with the operator. Note that upon pairing the phone for the first time, screen prompts to confirm if you’d like to enable the emergency assist or not.

Overall interiors plastic quality is somewhat acceptable, except for a few fit and finish issues, which come standard on the interiors of Fords. I couldn’t check the ice blue backlit instrument cluster but I’m convinced that it appears better than the traditional red or green color. The dashboard is broad and slanted forward with no cubby holes whatsoever, making it ideal only to keep a light document or two. The first thing I saw from driver’s seat through windshield wasn’t the road but dashboard reflecting awfully on the windshield. Look at the center console – You’ll need a while to figure out what button does what. Upper end of the dash is equipped with audio and SYNC controls, including central lock and hazard lamp buttons. While lower-end contains the switches we’re habitual to, the air conditioner or automatic climate control (on top versions). Ford’s engineering team has put on use a new energy efficient compressor in order to achieve better mileage. Must admit, it’s effective enough to cool the cabin in no time. In fact, glove box has an inlet from air conditioner to store cold drink cans or whatever you prefer during the trip.

Thanks to start-stop button (Known as ‘Power’ button on Ecosport); one doesn’t require a key to start the vehicle. Ignition will turn on as long as the key fob is in your pocket. Similarly, reach near the car and doors unlock automatically without pressing a button. Those who measure a car’s build with the ‘thud’ of doors will be satisfied. Ingress and egress on front and rear alike would be a breeze for people of all age groups due to the car’s height; it’s neither too high nor too low slung. Each door has a long and cushioned armrest, but there are no buttons to individually lock the doors. The door pockets are not too wide but can store a magazine and 600ML bottle. Just as New Fiesta, Ecosport’s front bucket seats are well-bolstered and extremely supportive. Finding a perfect driving position is matter of seconds considering adjustable steering (reach and rake) along with height adjust, lumbar support and armrest exclusive to the driver’s seat.

Unlike Renault Duster which felt far more comfortable and spacious on rear, this isn’t the place I’d like to be in an Ecosport. The rear seats are neither as cozy as front, nor do they feel roomier. Anyhow legroom is decent enough. Practically, it can accommodate two full-sized adults in comfort and even with three average built persons; it’ll be a sort of congestion. Despite of it, Ecosport’s rear bench holds a unique advantage in its class. Its seatback can recline depending upon one’s own comfort. The boot space is adequate for regular shopping bags but variants above ‘Trend’ also furnish 60:40 split for additional 705 liters of cargo compartment which can gulp a 650 liter washing machine as per Ford.

Unfortunately, there’s no interior color option of beige (India’s favorite, mine too). Nevertheless, I do think that if ever offered, it’ll add the much desired liveliness and sense of spaciousness in Ecosport. For the time being, designers have worked on different tones of dark depending upon the variant and given a reasonable attention to detail. For example: Top surface of dashboard and door pads is layered with little squares of varying sizes. It is inspired by cellular structure in plants and named ‘Sqaureflec’. On Ambiente variant, interior fabric is worked around the theme of ‘Techtronics’ stitched with metallic yarn. It’s labeled as ‘Patna’, the capital of Indian state Bihar. Similarly, the interiors on ‘Trend’ variant revolve around the modular theme with geometric shapes. Its seat fabric is a circular knit called Beijin (named after capital of China) and insert fabric named ‘Dali’ is embossed to give a three dimensional look. Customers of top-end ‘Titanium’ variant will have a choice between fabric and leather upholstery. The fabric interiors are inspired by clay art and use a microfiber cloth titled Shanghai, which is water and stain repellent. The leather upholstery option has Torino leather with a contrasting cabernet red stitching.

350Z 16th May 2013 08:29 PM

Ford Ecosport: Performance, Ride and Handling

Like most of us around, I was a bit skeptical in beginning about the performance of a one liter petrol engine even though it is turbo charged unit, but a first few kilometers of drive proved that Ecosport truly takes forward the Ford’s legacy of classic driving dynamics. Producing 123 BHP and 17 kilograms of torque, Ecoboost engine is a new invention in the automotive industry. You won’t realize you are driving a car of this size with just a 999cc heart pumping under its hood. The rev friendly engine does have an insignificant initial turbo lag hovering between 1500 – 2000 RPM mark but speed up and its punchy mid range is what one will fall for. The vehicle remains stable on three digit figures though one thing I was left disappointed with is manual gearshift which is accurate but quite rough to use. ABC pedals are smooth to operate and a light clutch aids convenience in urban driving for which Ecosport is meant.

The Ecoboost is developed together by a team of 200+ engineers at Ford’s technical centers in Dunton, UK and Merkenich, Germany. They came up with an innovative solution to overcome NVH and refinement challenges that crop up in smaller displacement engines, by purposely unbalancing the pulley and flywheel with weights precisely to counteract the natural shaking forces and drive the energy in a less sensitive direction. Further, engine mounts are also designed to decouple as well as absorb the shaking forces.

You’re cocooned from the outside world after getting inside this car. Overall NVH levels are incredibly controlled and comparable to New Ford Fiesta. There’s a layer of sound deadening material all through the body, including even the roof, assisting Ecosport to achieve high articulation index at speed of up to 130 Kmph. Contrarily on the outside, three cylinder Ecoboost engine is audible but within limits (refer to video below for more).

The major portion of our media drive included ghat sections along with slight traffic conditions of Goa. Since Ecosport was available only for a limited period of time on a route pre-decided by Ford, it was impossible to test the car on different terrains and conditions at fullest (it also explains why this review is titled as ‘first drive’). However, zigzag roads provided a pleasant opportunity to test what Ecosport does best – Handling. If there’s an SUV I have driven recently apart from Renault Duster that handles well, then it’s the Ecosport without second thoughts. Being based on Fiesta’s proven platform, it naturally contains certain characteristics to outperform competitors when it comes to handling. The sporty steering is precise and responsive making cornering a fun with negligible amount of body roll. You can literally throw the Ecosport into corners like a low-hung sedan and it would oblige, given only at logical speeds, bearing in mind that this is after all an SUV with relatively higher center of gravity.

The electronic power assisted steering comes equipped with a ‘Pull drift compensation’ function that senses crosswinds or crowned road surface and commands steering to adjust automatically to help the driver compensate for pulling and drifting. It also varies assistance based on speed, angle, cornering forces and acceleration or deceleration. Moreover, ‘Active Nibble Control’ serves to reduce vibrations felt during high speeds. The car has a turning diameter of 10.65 meters that makes driving through crowded U-Turns a less tedious task.

There’s usually a tradeoff between ride and handling but Ford has again found a nice point of balance. Ford Ecosport smoothly swallows the ill patches of our nation’s popular road conditions but all in all it still receives a strong competition from Renault Duster in this area. The suspension uses dampers with hydraulic rebound stop that consumes hydraulic fluid to dissipate energy when the damper approaches to its full extension. This technology is claimed to reduce the peak force by two to three times if compared with traditional mechanical rebound stops, providing a comfortable ride and also preventing damage to the suspension. Similarly, low rolling resistance 205/60 R16 tyres also plays a crucial role to supply an efficient grip and ride comfort. Lower-end variants are likely to be equipped with 195/65 R15 tyres though.

On event of sudden hard braking, Ecosport remained well under control and lived upto the expectation. Hill launch assist and electronic stability program (ESP) are another couple of handy features but equipped only on 1.5L Petrol Powershift Automatic. As name itself suggests, hill launch assist enables to start the car smoothly in case it’s parked on an incline, by holding the vehicle for three seconds after removing the foot from brake pedal. ESP prevents losing the control from Ecosport when negotiating through surface with insufficient grip. It automatically detects and reduces engine power as well as selectively applies brakes to individual wheels in order to regain the traction.

Keeping aside the famous Ecoboost engine, Ecosport will be available with a 1.5L Petrol Ti-VCT Engine and 1.5L Diesel TDCi Engine borrowed from New Ford Fiesta. Ti-VCT delivers a peak power of 110 BHP @ 6300 RPM and torque of 14 Kgs @ 4,400 RPM. It’s also the only engine option in Ecosport offering an advanced six speed powershift automatic transmission which has a fantastic blend of performance and fuel efficiency over traditional automatic transmissions. On the other hand, Diesel engine returns almost 90 BHP @ 3750 RPM and torque of 20.8 Kgs from 2000 – 2750 RPM. It’s fitted with Bosch high pressure fuel injection system, a mass air fuel sensor, electric exhaust gas recirculation valve, electronic turbocharger, waste gate control and exhaust catalyst to sustain a balance between performance, fuel consumption and emissions.

350Z 16th May 2013 08:29 PM

Ford Ecosport: Safety, Fuel Efficiency and Verdict

Ford has generously loaded several safety features that allow Ecosport to set a new benchmark in its class. Some features such as emergency assist and six airbags (two front, two side, two rollover) are first in segment. It’s also supplemented with ABS, pull drift compensation, electronic stability program and other small but significant features include automatic fuel cut off on collision, automatic hazard warning indicators, seat belt reminder etc.

While we do not have accurate fuel consumption figures at present but if built-in multi information screen is to be believed, the car delivered an overall impressive mileage of 15 Kmpl with A/C switched on all the time. On paper, Ecoboost delivers 18.9 Kmpl, TDCi 22.7 Kmpl, Ti-VCT (Manual) 15.8 Kmpl and 15.6 Kmpl (Automatic) based on tests performed by Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI).

Ford brand is quite infamous for expensive upkeep costs in India but company is devising new techniques to reduce overall maintenance and repair expenses after learning lessons from hot-selling hatchback, Figo. The Ecosport too uses ‘child part’ strategy to save time and bucks. As I mentioned earlier in review, its front bumper is made up of three separate parts, thus allowing changing only the damaged part instead of replacing the entire bumper. Likewise, door’s skin (middle part) can be changed rather than entire door assembly and so the outside rear mirror scalp. Ecosport’s service interval is also similar to the one on Ford Figo. i.e. 1 Year or 10,000 Kms (whichever is achieved earlier). However, 2 Year / 1 Lakh kilometers warranty (with optional 2 Years more) matches with Ford's standard warranty offers on all its cars.

In midst of the curiosity and suspense floating for Ecosport’s pricing, I’m confident that Ford has a winner in their hands already. It has more than sufficient potential to turn up the fortune of their Indian subsidiary which is lagging behind a lot in terms of market share in the recent times. For prospective buyers, I would just advice keeping the expectations level-headed and Ecosport will not fail to please you by any margin. Now it’s all upto Ford to write their own destiny by pricing it right.

350Z 16th May 2013 08:29 PM

Ford Ecosport: Likes, Dislikes and Star Ratings

You'll Love: [thumbsup]

> Practicality, good design and a strong build quality

> Awesome handling and Ford’s typical driving dynamics

> Exceptional performance from award winning Ecoboost engine

> Well controlled NVH (Noise, Vibration & Harshness) levels on the interiors

> Equipment levels, including unique features (SYNC, Emergency Assist etc)

You'll Loathe: [thumbsdown]

> Best suited for only four adult occupants

> The not-so-smooth gearshift plays a spoilsport

> The interiors lack luster with average plastics and upholstery

> Poor headlamp beams. An upgrade is strongly recommended

> Long term reliability yet to be seen being an all new product (including engine)

The Ratings:

> Design + Quality................:

> Comfort + Features...........:

> Engine + Performance.......:

> Handling + Ride Quality.....:

> Safety + Security Levels....:

> Overall Fuel Consumption..:

> Sales + Service Network:...:

> Value For Money Factor......:

UPDATE (June 26, 2013): Ford has launched the Ecosport in India. Visit this link for launch coverage.

Ford Ecosport Price (Ex.Showroom, Delhi):

1.5 TiVCT Petrol

> Ambiente: Rs.5,59,000

> Trend: Rs.6,49,990

> Titanium: Rs.7,50,990

> Titanium (Automatic): Rs.8,44,990

1.0 Ecoboost Petrol

> Titanium: Rs.7,89,990

> Titanium Plus: Rs.8,28,990

1.5 TDCi Diesel

> Ambiente: Rs.6,69,000

> Trend: Rs.7,60,990

> Titanium: Rs.8,61,990

> Titanium Plus: Rs.8,99,990

Ford Ecoboost Engine Facts:

> The Ecoboost technology adds 125 new patents to Ford’s name.

> Ecoboost engine holds the prestigious ‘International Engine of the Year - 2012’ title.

> It’s small enough in size to fit on A4 paper or in airplane overhead luggage compartment.

> It has 25% fewer moving parts and claimed to offer 1.6 Petrol engine rivaling performance.

> The ‘split-cooling’ system has a separate thermostat for the cylinder head and block to allow a quick warm up.

> The exhaust manifold is cast into cylinder head so the exhaust gases can be water cooled to enable optimum fuel-to-air ratio across a wider rev band.

> Its unique cast iron block warms to the engine quicker than a conventional aluminum block, cutting the amount of warm up energy required by 50%, thus increasing FE.

> Two main engine drive belts are immersed in oil to deliver a quieter and more efficient engine while variable oil pump ensures optimal oil pressures across the full speed range.

Did You Know?

> Ecosport is pronounced as ‘Echo-Sport’ NOT ‘Eeco-Sport’.

> Ford Ecosport has been one of the largest selling car models in Brazil.

> Ford has invested 142 million US dollars for manufacturing the Ecosport in India.

> There are total 20 practical storage spaces in the car which are accessible by driver.

> The vehicle has an approach angle of 25 degrees and departure angle of 35 degrees.

> Thanks to speed sensing door lock function, all doors lock automatically beyond 20 Kmph.

> The screen in middle of dashboard also informs about exact door which isn't properly shut.

> The air conditioner is designed to function only when outside temperature is 4+ degrees celsius.

> Today, there are more than five million vehicles worldwide that are equipped with SYNC feature.

> The hill launch assist feature (on powershift) will be automatically deactivated on over-acceleration.

> You can drive the Ecosport on a pool of water upto 550 millimeters of car’s height without worrying.

> Steering’s center piece is small which means you literally have to take your hands off to sound horn.

> Audio set up has a nice sound quality. It's volume adjusts automatically depending upon the speed of vehicle.

> Multi info display tells average speed, average fuel economy, distance to empty as well as total fuel consumed.

> The remote keys locked inside will be automatically disabled. You’ll have to contact your dealer to reactivate them.

> Ford claims Ecosport’s A/C is efficient to bring down the cabin temperature from 65 degrees to 30 degrees in just ten minutes.

> The car has undergone various tests in temperature ranging from -25 to 50 degrees Celsius and at altitudes of upto 4300 meters.

> It has also racked up more than 20 Lakh kilometers in more than 12,000 road and laboratory tests conducted across various countries.

> Here’s what Ford had to say on fuel efficiency front of Ecoboost engine during press conference in Goa:

- You can visit Chandigarh, Agra or Jaipur from Delhi and back with still 50% fuel left.

- You can visit Goa from Mumbai and come back with still 30% of fuel left in the tank.

- Similarly, You can go to Chennai from Bangalore and return with nearly 25% of fuel left.

350Z 16th May 2013 08:29 PM

Ford Ecosport: Specifications Comparison
Ford Ecosport Price Comparison

Now that the pricing has been announced, we pitch Ecosport against competition in terms of price tag.
Note: Pricing Ex. showroom, Delhi. Only manual transmission variants included.

Ford Ecosport Dimensions Comparison

Let’s take a look at how Ecosport flares against its direct and indirect competitors on paper.

350Z 16th May 2013 08:29 PM

Ford Ecosport: Video Review

350Z 16th May 2013 09:09 PM

Re: First Drive: Ford Ecosport Test Drive Review
Some scenic shots of Ecosport indulged in the beauty of Goa.

This Ford in Kinetic Blue won hearts of some fellow journalists.

The cars were lined up and all set to kick start the exciting media drive.

Figos accompanied as camera support cars.

It’s a stunning sight to witness so many E-Sports parked together prior launch.

The crew proceeded forward conquering through Goa’s traffic, winding roads et al.

350Z 16th May 2013 09:22 PM

Re: First Drive: Ford Ecosport Test Drive Review
Sufficient sound deadening material used to bring down NVH levels inside the car and outside too.

That’s the Ecoboost engine. Small enough to fit on an A4 paper sheet. Engine cover is missing though.

Somehow this shot reminds me of Range Rover Evoque.

Blue oval emblem remains on a diet on Ecosport unlike other latest car models.

A closer look of follow-me headlamps. No DRLs for now but they’ll be introduced in future.

Exterior fit and finish is nearly flawless. The panel gaps are even and tight throughout.

A wide trapezoidal grille is something that you’ll find common in all upcoming designs from Ford.

Front bumper is marginally sliced to fit this car under four meter length.

Chrome surrounded foglamps appear sporty and beautiful.

I'm already a fan of these alloys.

The washer scatters the fluid for an efficient wipe. Note the location of VIN is similar to that of Germans.

Front quarter glass sharply extends till the fender.

Outside rear view mirrors are borrowed from New Fiesta but house a separate indicator design.

Mirrors offer an adequate view and are dual contoured (separated by a thin dotted line).

350Z 16th May 2013 09:22 PM

Re: First Drive: Ford Ecosport Test Drive Review
Keyless entry means there is no keyhole to manually lock or unlock the car.

The doors doesn't shut in a gentle attempt.

The wraparound rear quarter glass appears heavily inspired from Mercedes M-Class.

Fuel cap is borrowed from Fiesta as well.

A small flap hung outside to meet the tyre wall width requirement on export models for homologation.

Stylish aluminum roof rails complete the look.

These ribs support the strength of the roof.

These images define the ‘Compact SUV’ dimensions.

Thanks to spare wheel, the rear looks bulky.

Just two lug nuts and a lock on the spare wheel. Good part, spare wheel is an alloy too.

It took us a while to figure out how to switch off the rear wiper.

A smartly incorporated door handle onto the right hand side tail lamp cluster.

Same slot in left hand side lamp is vacant but both look similar from a distance.

Reverse lamps and reflectors are placed at bottom on the rear bumpers.

The badge says it all.

350Z 16th May 2013 09:22 PM

Re: First Drive: Ford Ecosport Test Drive Review
Ford prefers keeping the exhaust pipes hidden.

Tyre placard reveals the lower variants will be equipped with 195/65 R15 tyres.

The front doors open wide enough.

Not so on rear but ingress and egress is convenient.

You'll require more space to access cargo in comparison to a lift-type door design.

There's a single bottom mounted strut supporting the door (apart from hinges).

Be it Fiesta or Ecosport, I always love getting behind this wheel.

Twin instrument cluster dials are simple but sporty.

The Ecosport comes with a 'Start-Stop' button. Tap it once with clutch depressed and you're all set to move.

Yes. There’s a foot rest (dead pedal) to comfort your foot while cruising.

The mobile phone influenced center console is a straight pick from Fiesta too.

The climate control works like a charm. Air conditioner chills the cabin in no time.

Glove box is chilled and contains multiple slots.

Microsoft SYNC and Ecosport logos are present on center console. The slits above can be used to store visiting cards etc.

Aux-in, USB and 12v ports are near the handbrake.

Gearshift is good to hold but rough to operate.

350Z 16th May 2013 09:22 PM

Re: First Drive: Ford Ecosport Test Drive Review
Front seats are the best place to be in. Though upholstery and some plastic bits could have been better.

Underseat box is a useful stowage location. It can accommodate a maximum load of 1 Kg.

Front door pockets can hold 600ML bottle as well as newspaper or magazine.

Outside rear view mirrors are electronically adjustable. A more convenient location would be like the one on Classic.

The rear door pockets are good for nothing.

You can't lock the doors individually from inside.

The clean roof houses a sunglass holder.

An airbag marking. Ecosport has total six of them.

Amusingly, there are no grab handles.

Vanity mirror is present only on the co-driver side and has an individual lamp. Sunvisors doesn't have a ticket holder unlike Brazilian model.

Just one interior lamp on rear which serves for boot and rear occupants alike.

A view of seat fully pushed back with adult of height 5'10" seated behind. Notice the absence of center armrest.

Plenty of legroom when the front seat is moved forward. Headroom, obviously, isn't an issue either.

Two adjustable rear headrests and that's the maximum number of adults rear seat can comfortably accommodate.

Variants above 'Trend' offer 60:40 split rear seats.

You can also fold 'em forward completely.

A rising shoulder line translates that rear seating doesn't feel as roomy as Renault Duster.

A metal rod is exposed under front seats somewhat like Tata Nano. Looks cheap.

12v socket on rear to keep kids busy with their gadgets or charge your laptop on the go.

The slot on other side is vacant. BTW That's the strap you have to pull to recline the rear seats.

View of rear from inside is similar to that of a sedan with high positioned boot. Parking sensors are recommended (equipped on top-end version).

Just a casual click of the wrap-around rear quarter glass.

Luggage space has a detachable parcel flap.

Even without the seat folded, luggage space is adequate for shopping bags. Those expecting a full-sized SUV like cargo will be disappointed.

A unique image comparing Ford Ecosport with its own siblings - Figo and Endeavour.

It's arriving at the showrooms this June. Watch out.

© Any attempt to republish the text or pictures anyway without prior consent of our authorities is a punishable offence.

350Z 19th May 2013 09:59 PM

Re: First Drive: Ford Ecosport Test Drive Review
Ford EcoSport exhaustive road test report now on air. Thanks for reading the review.

Drive Safe,

rahul_s 19th May 2013 10:52 PM

Re: First Drive: Ford EcoSport Test Drive Review
Awesome review with a great set of accompanying photos. Looking forward to the pricing.

Lack of space in rear seat and this being a 4-seater is a disappointment.

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