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Ambylovers 28th September 2011 04:49 PM

My HM Ambassador 6666 Renovation (Pics From Page 9 Onwards)
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I have not seen too much Amby owning guys over here in Automotive India site.I am one of the proud owners of Ambassador.

Age of my Car : 43 (Model 1968).
Engine : Imported 4FG1 Isuzu (2400cc 84 bhp).

I have attached some images of my car and i am planning for some modifications too.
Planning for :
1.Tinkering (Not too many patches).
2.Painting (DuPont White).
3.Bucket Seats from Koyas (Currently am having Semi bucket).
4.Neat Wiring.
6.Customized Console (Optional).

I have some designs and plans,but i need to check how my ideas will suit Ambassador.
Let me Update it very soon.

Surfer 28th September 2011 04:53 PM

Re: My Ambassador 6666
Ambylovers Welcome to TAI
Your amby loos great. Nice fogs (Which one?) Also share your ownership experience.

Ambylovers 28th September 2011 05:01 PM

Qualis is having the same kind of fog lamps,but due to some frequent travel ,I could not able to keep it clean.In rainy season,the water went inside and the glasses were shine off.
But ,in next modification i have planned for some extra care to the fog lamps.

Ownership Experience :
The Ambassador – Affectionately called as AMBY is very very popular in India.Now a days there were very less amount of Amby cars in all the cities.Tamilnadu is having quite a good Amby population.

I am also one of the proud owner of an Ambassador Car for more than 14 years.Its a Mark 2 Model before 6 years,Then when I start earning,I use to change its look and feel of latest Amby.But some of things like the bumpers,grills ,Wheel Discs etc., are bit odd for me in new Amby.

Before 14 years,when my Dad bought this car.I was very happy and there were no words to describe that feeling.I used to sleep inside the car atleast 4 or 5 days in a week for around one year. I will even comb the hair only using the car mirrors. After 1 year, I am into Hostel Life for 2 years.

The engine we had before is Matador F305 Engine which served me for more than 12 years.Its with the normal 4 Speed gear box before.

From year 2000,I was fond of Isuzu Engines,the sound and the pick up was awesome.One of my neighborhood friend had an Amby with Imported C1 Isuzu Non-Turbo.(Finally in 2010 October,that car came into my family circle,I bought that car to my cousin brother).

But at that time I am not working.In 2006,I started working.I am staying in Bangalore from Aug 2006 till now.After earning some money,I did the changes what ever I need one by one.
From 2007 Feb onwards, I used to take my Amby to Bangalore. Monthly twice or thrice based on the need.

First Change : Switching to Isuzu 5-Speed Gear Box.
Second Change : Air conditioner and it was the first problematic thing.I almost spent more than 20000 for the old AC in 2 years (2008-2009).Nobody can identify why the gas leak is there,even though the compressor,Tubes are new ones.
Finally I found the right persons for the AC,and it was success fully done and cooling was perfect.

Thrid change : Gypsy Discs fittings
My Dad fitted new Nova Discs on 2006 Jan only, But I like the Gypsy Discs with Ring. I planned to fit that after getting scolding from my Parents. My Friends were also warning , Don’t spend like this. But I told them, “The dream will come true only if we take a step” and did the change of Discs. It was awesome for the car(From my point of view) .

Fourth Major change: Engine Swap to MAT F305 to Isuzu G1.
In Dec 2009,the Matador engine which was already crossing 3 Lakh Kms is asking for a rework.That was a great engine.In Coimbatore ,there are many good (Mechanics)names to do this rework.But I need something different from them.I was searching for a nice and perfect person to do this.I heard about a Mechanic in Salem name Durai,He was around 64 years old and very good in engine reworks.I called him and told about my car and Engine condtion.I took my car and I reached his workshop.There I saw Sumo,Tavera,Amby,Fiat Padmini for Engine Rework.
I told about what I need and how the outcome of this project.He replied,he will start working in my car after a week,since he has to deliver some cars.Approximate cost will be 25000 Rupess.I agreed and at the time of leaving thw workshop,I saw an Amby there , which came for Rework.Its an Isuzu Powered.That was the time my mind changed.Suddenly a thought came to fit an Isuzu.
I told him that is it possible to fit and Isuzu.He told whatever I need, he will do for me.Then I took 3 days time to analyse what Isuzu Engine (B1,C1,D1,G1).I enquired ‘n’ number of guys and finally I told to fit Imported G1 Isuzu 2400cc (Non-Turbo).Then the search started,In bangalore no engines .There are people ready to sell the car with G1 engines,but I need only their engines.20 days gone and the Salem Mechanic Durai told that there are 2 engines in Chennai.I told him to go and get it.Engine cost 30000 Rupees and fitted in my car.I was in Bangalore and I didn’t saw the car for 35 days,that’s the first time I am not near the car for more than a month.Finally he called me and told to come to take delivery.
I went and the test drive was ready. I was very much surprised on the pick up and sound of that engine. Overall 59000 Rupees charge (Including fittings , oil change etc.,)In the highway its crossing 100Kmph and that’s the first time I was driving an Amby with enormous pick. That was the Last time My Car was driven by others. I really love this car a lot and driving is a pleasure all through the days rolled and the days going to come.

Problems :
1.After 7 days I found that the oil Level is going down and I top up oil.Again it was gone and the smoke told clearly, that the engine is drinking the oil. I called Durai and asked about it. He told we will change the rings, I am not satisfied and gave the car keys and told to Rework Completely.
1 week, Rework done and the sound of the engine is bit higher and he told after 2000 kms it will be ok.2 times I took from CBE to Bnglr. The sound didn’t stop and I reworked the pump. The sound gone and everything was smooth.

After 8 months, I noticed some oil was there in the car parking area where I park the car. It was from the Crank shaft, and told that Engine again need to be assembled. Then again Engine reassembled in the same workshop and finally engine was again in its ride. The car now ongoing smooth with 30000kms Totally 3 times the engine was assembled with in 25000 kms

Fifth Change : Power Steering
In Jan 2011,I thought of fitting Power steering for my Amby and that too I did it in Salem Durai Workshop.The power steering is a used unit and the complete suspension got changed (Bearing type to Bush type).Bill is 40000.I also altered my grill as per my ideas.

Now its running very smooth,Sometimes I face the heating problems.From 2007-Current Date My Amby has done around a 87000 Kms with me (MAT 305 and Isuzu G1).Now am taking the car Thrice in the month to CBE to Bnglr.My old MAT 305 Engine was now fitted to another car in my village last month (Sold for Rs.2500 with self motor) and to surprise,it was running fine after oil change and the owner told first time while starting the engine after fitting was very very tough.

I took a Used Santro Zip Drive for my parents by Mid 2010(My Parents only paid for it).It was our cousin family car.Karnataka registered.That car was awesome and it was great to drive it after having an Amby for years.Power Steering,AC,Front Power Windows etc.In single word “Its Fantastic”.One time I took that car to Bangalore,I don’t know all of sudden how to switch on rear wipers.I was Laughing at myself that day.

I learnt many things in my life and I love Automotives a lot.Amby and Santro serving our Family well and they are also part of our Family.
UpComing Upgrades : Bucket Seats,Tinkering and painting.I am planning this upgrades with in this year.

jalex 28th September 2011 05:47 PM

Re: My Ambassador 6666
Whoever did the car up into a later avatar made the wrong decision.[frustration] It should have been left untouched and would have been a classic and a head turner!

350Z 29th September 2011 12:06 PM

Re: My HM Ambassador 6666
Ambylovers, Welcome to The Automotive India. And congratulations for being one of the fortunate owners of the old Ambassador which still looks to be in a mint condition considering its age. Nice write up too, please keep us posted as and when you decide to perform further modifications.


Originally Posted by Ambylovers
I have not seen too much Amby owning guys over here in Automotive India site.I am one of the proud owners of Ambassador.

Here's a link to one:

Drive Safe,

Shrikanth 29th September 2011 03:23 PM

Re: My HM Ambassador 6666
Amby lovers
Your Amby looks really cool man! It shows your effort for maintaining this car in a good shape with some mods!! Great! keep it up. Did you bought this car second hand from other state? why i am asking this is, being a 1968 model if its from Tamil nadu means its original registration should be some MDB, MDM or like that which refers to Madras state that time.
The letter T for vehicle's registration started only after 1970's. We had an 84 model Amby. Its a Coimbatore registered vehicle. Its regn is TDB. Your car is TCT means i think it should be Tirunelveli or Tuticorin. Am i right? Anyways your dedicated work towards that car should be highly appreciated!

Ambylovers 29th September 2011 08:03 PM

Re: My HM Ambassador 6666
You are right,The car number is based on Tuticorin.We had 2 cars TCT6666 and MSQ7429.Both were ambys,This was the body of MSQ7429.

The 86 model Amby has been given to my uncle,who sold the body and other parts.

Shrikanth 1st October 2011 01:16 PM

Re: My HM Ambassador 6666
Thank you Ambylovers for the information. I am having a doubt regarding Ambys on a particular issue. Thats most of the Ambassadors are having single wipers. (particularly older Ambys and even some which came after 2000.) Even the Amby we had also had a single wiper only. Eventhough the car has provision for fitting another wiper blade, most of them are with single wipers. When i asked about this to a taxi driver, he said that Ambassador has a small windshield and so one wiper is enough.

Another fellow said that Ambys wiper motor doesnt have enough power to work with two wiper blades. Is it true?

(Note: Even older Padmini's have only one wiper in the front.)

Vishwas 1st October 2011 01:50 PM

Re: My HM Ambassador 6666
Congrats for your car Ambylovers.From the picture i can say that you have really maintained the car well and the color is pleasing.Post some interior pics also.

Ambylovers 3rd October 2011 07:35 PM

Re: My HM Ambassador 6666
I too had 2 wipers,But my wiper motor is brand new.It was working fine.But the Nurling type with screw is not perfect when the wiper works more than 15 minutes.

The alignment of the wiper will change if it works for a period of time.It will work by crossing the beeding of the glass.But the latest type is coming with bolts,So wiper alignment will not change.

Shrikanth 4th October 2011 06:00 PM

Re: My HM Ambassador 6666
Oh Thanks for the information. I have seen some Ambys in which driver side wiper too would go beyond the beeding and in some Ambys, both the wiper blades will be in a different position. But i dont know thats the the reason. Even the Amby we had also, the wiper blade (single) was going below the beading. It had an ordinary ON/OFF switch for wiper and during rains i will usually off the switch when the blade goes near the beeding.

As your wiper motor is new, better change the screw type rotators to a bolted one and fit another blade also. It will look nice. Thanks once again.

Shrikanth 4th October 2011 09:55 PM

Re: My HM Ambassador 6666
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Oh Thanks for the information. I have seen some Ambys in which driver side wiper too would go beyond the beeding and in some Ambys, both the wiper blades will be in a different position. But i dont know thats the the reason. Even the Amby we had also, the wiper blade (single) was going below the beading. It had an ordinary ON/OFF switch for wiper and during rains i will usually off the switch when the blade goes near the beeding.

As your wiper motor is new, better change the screw type rotators to a bolted one and fit another blade also. It will look nice. Your car being a 1968 model, you can try to source its original parts for interiors such as old type steering wheel with centre dials. Since its a long process for changing the exteriors, try for changing the interiors. It will be very nostalgic. For ex:

harishankar 5th October 2011 09:36 PM

Re: My HM Ambassador 6666
Hey, your amby looks great. And your model is a lot older than mine. You've kept it in great condition, I can see. :)

And your car has a great history as well. It's good to see so much passion in upgrading the car.

Yes, an Amby is a head-turner these days when every car looks like every other car. Amby stands out, proud and distinct from the crowd.

Welcome to the club :)

codename47 20th October 2011 07:01 AM

Re: My HM Ambassador 6666
nnice ride
I cant forget this one We had one of these in the past :)

goodluck with the upgrades

indiakram 4th August 2012 01:04 PM

Re: My HM Ambassador 6666
Hi Amby Lovers, I am glad to meet you all. I have been building my ambi, its is 88 make body and engine is fitted with Isuzu G1.

Now that the quantity works are done but quality work is awaited, need to know which is the best place to get the amby doctor.

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