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srikany 23rd December 2016 10:37 PM

Nostalgic Biker's Dilemma: Bobby Rajdoot GTS. To Buy or Not To Buy?
Dear all,

There are times when the head and logic dictates things and there are times when heart and emotions take over. I am in one such dilemma. I have never ridden a RD bobby before, but only have experience with Rajdoot 175 3 gear one. There is this fellow biker from my hometown who has a Bobby in bits and pieces. My heart says go for it, but the head says...Final cost kitna hoga...log kya kahengey( I am over six feet tall and a hefty one Hundred ten plus kilos so you can picture that )

The parts available are
1) Complete frame in good condition with rear swingarm
2) Front fork without shockabsorber
3) Gearbox (4 speed deluxe) +Genuine Block and Head of Rajdoot Bobbby(no piston though )
4) Rear light bracket
5) Ignition switch
6) Front mudguard (chrome type with a few big holes- may be only useful for getting a replica )
7) Seat plate (New replica painted with primer)
8) Original pressure plates in OEM packing
9) Chain guard
10)Headlight dome
11)Rear shock absorbers(OEM)
12) Chain sprocket set
13) Kick-start lever
14)gear lever
16)air filter box( I guess of deluxe regular model)
17)Brake and clutch levers( with yokes)
18)Back rest

The things missing are (not limited to, as i did not checkin person)
1) Fuel tank
2) Both front and back rims
3) Exhaust/silencer + bend pipe
4) Silencer guard grill( both pieces)
5) Front shock absorbers
6) Complete wiring kit
7) Stephney holder
8) Fuel Tank side plates and logo
9) Side shields and logo plate for them
10)Headlight dome and dome strip
11) Tyres
12) Front and back hubs
13) Front and back brake switches
14) Handle switches both left(horn + light) and right
15) Side shields/covers
16) Leg Crash guard
17) Saree guard

Here are my queries
1) Can we retrofit the old bobby head and block to the newer 4 gear bottom end...
2) what would be the cost of missing spares alone
3) Approx total restoration cost including painting and assembly - best of man and material.
4) Is there a way to get this registered after restoration - what would it cost

##Considering the above, what would be reasonable price to purchase the existing bits from him

bhvm 24th December 2016 10:04 AM

Re: Nostalgic bikers dilemma - to buy or not to buy - Bobby Rajdoot GTS
It appears too much work for a start.
If you love tinkering & modding yourself, only then go for it.

Otherwise it will end up too costly.

pravin1987 25th December 2016 07:41 PM

Re: Nostalgic Biker's Dilemma: Bobby Rajdoot GTS. To Buy or Not To Buy?
buying this bike will be like a marriage( gamble..looks good when it comes off).. if you are willing to spend time and money looking after the bike, go ahead and buy it..

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