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Ashton20001 8th May 2014 01:05 PM

Peugeot 309 Restoration
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Hi All,
Just thought I will post some pictures of the restoration work done on my Peugeot 309.
Hope you guys will like what I've done on the car.

Some of the work done on the Car other than the exterior Body work are:

Engine fully rebuilt with all new parts, including Brand new Block.
Gearbox rebuilt with all new Syncros and 2nd and 5th gears replaced.
Complete suspension replaced with new OE products including the rebuild of the Rear Axel and Trailing Arms.
Complete car has been re wired.
Airconditioner Compressor, Expantion Valve, Liquid Receiver and Blower Motor replaced.
Cracked Dashboard rebuilt using real Carbon Fiber and Resin.
Bonnet covered in Carbon Fiber Vinyl
All external Plastic trims, Grills and side view Mirror housings finished in Carbon Fiber effect.
All 4 Lenso Racing Alloy Wheels buffed and repainted.
Latest Pioneer music system with Bluetooth music playback and Mobile Handsfree.
Hertz Front and Back Speakers with Sony Subwoofer powered by a Sony dedicated Amplifier.
Mapmyindia 5" GPS Unit with latest maps
Reversing Camera with Night Vision
Reversing Proximity sensors
New Brake Booster, Master Cylinder, Front Brake Rotors, Rear Brake Drums, Brake Pads and Shoes.
Goodridge Stainless Steel sports Braided Brake Lines.
New Clutch Cable
New Accelerator Cable
New Speedometer Cable
New Handbrake cabe.
New Tail Lights

generalmax 8th May 2014 01:22 PM

Re: Peugeot 309 Restoration
Let me congratulate you on this extremely rare job.This vehicle was not sold in great numbers but was really a premium car during its time.It takes great courage to restore this car since the parts will be almost rare.Hunting around for the parts and making it up to date deserves a big congratulations.[clap] Post more photos of interiors and engine bay .Tell us also about your riding experience. [cheers]

Ashton20001 8th May 2014 01:42 PM

Re: Peugeot 309 Restoration
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Thank You Generalmax,
Parts are indeed rare so have been keeping contacts in Mumbai, Delhi etc for parts.
What is not available here I get down from France and England when I or my friends travel.
My uncle was the 1st owner for 8 years and now I've had it for the last 8 years.
Just completed its Fitness Certification and got all Paper Work uptodate.
Drive comfort in long drives is great with a healthy mileage of around 19 Kmpl with the AC running.
Regularly use this car to drive to Bombay, Goa, Kholapur, Chennai and Kerala.
It touches a max of 160 Km/hr which is amazing for a 1.5 litre Diesel 16 year old car.
Steering at standstill is the only issue as I have wide Yokohama Racing tires with no Power Steering.

Ambylovers 8th May 2014 02:57 PM

Re: Peugeot 309 Restoration
Its really a great job done. Only the people have much affection towards the car can do this. Wonderful commitment.
So how is the engine performance after the Rebuild?

350Z 8th May 2014 03:10 PM

Re: Peugeot 309 Restoration
This is one of the rarest of the rare restorations. A huge round of applause for this job, Ashwin. I haven't come across a better looking 309 yet in India. I'm sure it must be running equally well. How much did the overall restoration cost? Keep us posted. I'm subscribing to this thread with a hope to find out more interesting pictures and details.

Drive Safe,

gaddambhargavareddy 8th May 2014 03:18 PM

Re: Peugeot 309 Restoration
wow yours 309 looks really great car its one of my fav car your restoration job done simply superb this Peugeot 309 cars is powered by 1.5L TU5 motor and it also powers indians most wanted maruti zen DI and some other premier cars due to premier motors fulishness this beautifull car RIP in our roads [frustration] the same thing done with FIAT UNO too thats why i hate Premier motors [anger]

rakeshkn 8th May 2014 03:43 PM

Re: Peugeot 309 Restoration
Wow what a wonderful car. Lovely restoration. I really wish to drive this beauty. [clap]

Octy_Vin 8th May 2014 06:06 PM

Re: Peugeot 309 Restoration
Wow, Great work. That is still my most favourite car. I did not go for it just for one reason - spares. Otherwise i would have gone for it. I liked its straight line design more than my Octy. Hats off to your dedication and involvement in keeping the car in good shape.

ASIR 9th May 2014 04:37 PM

Re: Peugeot 309 Restoration
@Ashton20001, Always happy to see a classic car gets a new life. Great work[clap]. Kingly share us the cost involved in the Restoration. Peugeot 309 was the first upmarket sedan i used to remember in my High School days. A Doctor near our school had this with the same colour.

sureshisme 9th May 2014 09:48 PM

Re: Peugeot 309 Restoration
Simply amazing! [clap]
Glued to this thread to see more pictures and updates.
Great to know that you are using this beauty as a regular highway runner.

Ashton20001 10th May 2014 07:20 PM

Re: Peugeot 309 Restoration
Hi All,
Thanks for the great comments you all have posted.
Will be shortly uploading some more pictures of the car and its upgrades.
Thanks again.

adil3996 12th May 2014 12:16 AM

Re: Peugeot 309 Restoration
This is One of the Best Peugeot 309 i have seen till date on a automobile sight...[clap]
Congratulations Ashton20001[:D]

Sam Dinkar 12th May 2014 03:26 PM

Re: Peugeot 309 Restoration

Originally Posted by Ashton20001 (Post 384089)
Hi All,
Just thought I will post some pictures of the restoration work done on my Peugeot 309.

Ah, the 309 GLD with the TUD5 engine!

I remember I was head over heels with this car and had almost made up my mind to buy it but couldn't because I was too young to have any money with me at that time:stupid:. Loved the petrol motor too. Added benefit of the TUD5 was the better ride quality courtesy the stiffer dampers that were necessitated owing to the added weight of the TUD5.

Noisy, clattery but a hell of a tough engine, this. Good for its time though.

Those were the days when Peugeot made well nigh indestructible cars. Solid, mechanically reliable, and extremely comfortable. And that styling - drawn, not carved. Sketched, not moulded.

Good job there by your mechanic. How much for the restoration? Could you please submit a cost breakup for various jobs? Premier was fitting the Rio with TUD5 motor till very recently - maybe you could approach a Premier dealership for spares if needed, provided you could find a Premier dealership first:biggrin:.

Feels great to see you spend so much on this car. Take my word for this - you pamper this car and it will hold itself so well that you could one day inherit it to your progeny.

Tough times dont last, but tough cars do[cheers]!

Well done. Thanks for sharing.


350Z 2nd June 2014 02:41 PM

Re: Peugeot 309 Restoration
Ashton: No further updates? We're all eagerly waiting for more information on this neat restoration. Please do the needful.

Drive Safe,

kenlitting 2nd June 2014 06:38 PM

Re: Peugeot 309 Restoration

Originally Posted by Ashton20001 (Post 384089)
Cracked Dashboard rebuilt using real Carbon Fiber and Resin.

Could you give me more details of how you repaired the dash with carbon fibre. actually i wanted to put carbon fibre on my indica vista dashboard(got faded due to sunlight exposure) but the car accessories guy was reluctant saying its better for car exteriors mainly.

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