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Ananth_pn 22nd November 2012 11:35 AM

1981 Yezdi D250 Classic Restoration
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Hi all
Recently i happen to visit my classmate who does used vehicle sales. Just met him to buy a Bajaj Super (80s model). But saw this 81 D 250 Classic & just fell in love with the Bike. My father had all models of Yezdi till 90s & none of them we kept. Changed my mind & bought the Yezdi . Did not have any Yezdi mechanical knowledge, but knew a bit of biking as i have RE Bullet 2009 (CE Engine). Sharing my experience in brief.

MODEL: 1981
OWNERS: 2 (Excluding Me)
Bought & Restored at : Mysore
Documents: Clear, Got the bike transferred & got the FC done till 2017

Condition at Purchase: Running condition with bad Externals (chrome & Paint etc)

Date of Purchase: 29th Sep 12
Completion of Restoration: 24th Oct 12

Previous Restoration Experience: NIL on Bike, had done a 81 Model MM540

Mechanicals: (Replacements done)
1. Engine 1st Size piston changed,
2. Engine Bearings ( all 3) changed
3. Chain Sprocket
4. Complete Electrical Kit
5. Tyre, Tube
6. Recently changed the Jikov carborator
7. Rewinding of Rotor

Non Mechanicals:
1. Complete Chrome
2. Complete Paint
3. Rubber parts
4. Restoring Speedo / Tail lamp / All original Nuts / bolts (Through Chrome/Nickle)
5. Seat

Engine Side pannel, Head - Did sanding on my own ( Used 600, 1000 grit sand to buff with soap water ) as i did not want the shining surface on Engine pannels.

Paid excess amounts everywhere ( lack of experience hence not disclosing ). As a first time restorer, do not know how it has come, but to my satisfaction it is ok types. But got good amount of feedback from friends & family & few queries when I drove it around 50 Kms in Mysore ( so assume that I have done a fairly good job). I work for a Software company & have very limited time to run around these guys (Biggest lesson on Restoration)

Things learnt:
1. Do not give Yezdi in unknown hand (one who is out of touch of doing Yezdi)
2. Restorations needs huge amount of time & patience (running around too..!!)

Thanks friends. I had posted this in other forums too. Hope there are no such restrictions to put the thread here too.[:D]

Ananth_pn 22nd November 2012 11:38 AM

Re: 1981 Yezdi D250 Classi Restoration
Final Picture.
WIll post few more tomorrow.

freakdude 22nd November 2012 11:57 AM

Re: 1981 Yezdi D250 Classi Restoration
Subscribed the thread straight away, as Yezdi is one bike very close to my heart. Form the pics the bike appears to be coming out well. Awaiting more pics!!


Ananth_pn 22nd November 2012 01:26 PM

Re: 1981 Yezdi D250 Classi Restoration
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this is the final output.
will post some more tomorrow as i forgot the pendrive.

i have covered around 300Kms + & enjoying the superb rold hold of Yezdi. Bike is so light & smooth, its been many days since i took out my Bullet now.

head light is too dim, & night riding is virtually impossible (even changed the rotor , but no use). Any help from expersts will help me drive at night.


Sam Dinkar 22nd November 2012 01:59 PM

Dear Ananth, welcome to the rare and exclusive club of Bullet+Yezdi owners. Being an owner of a Bullet and a Roadking myself, I can understand your glee.

Your's is an 81 ModelB so there's precious little you can do to improve the headlight intensity without making some major mods to the electrical circuit. The 81s electricals run on dynamo and so your options on keeping it stock and achieving bright illumination may not work.

Did you change the entire wiring? If not, please do it immediately (wiring kit is available for as little as Rs. 600 at Bangalore and Mysore) - that would certainly help, though not by much. You can also try additional coil windings.

The other thing to do is to change the entire system to 6v/12v electricals but that requires the services of a knowledgeable electrician.

Its an old bike and therein lies its charm. I would suggest you to keep it as stock as possible, even if that means you have to aviod riding it at night for want of good illumination!

Shall await your updates. And do you mind revealing how much did the entire restoration cost you?

You're lucky (and serendipitious) to be riding a 250cc two-stroke motorcycle in this era. If not for my Roadking, I would have envied you indeed!

All the best and keep TUUUURRRRR....TUTTTT....

Ananth_pn 22nd November 2012 02:13 PM

Re: 1981 Yezdi D250 Classi Restoration
Thanks much SAM.
i did use the new wireing kit , but not much help, despite rewinding the coil.
i would not go for conversion & would opt to limit the night drivings (though miss a lot as week days i do go for a small drive everyday).
did take lot of care during restoration to retain originality so would stikc to it.
the cost of restoration (as mentioned earlier) is too high & lost lot of money due to lack of experience.
here is the breakup , i did all the below without giving the work to mechanic.

cost of the bike 30K (original condidtion with nil modifications, hence extra)
transfer, FC, Insurance Rs 2,500
paint / Tinker : Rs 6000
Crome 4800,
Mechanical (Piston Size 1 /Chainsprocket/Carborator/rotor) Rs 9000
1 tyre, 1 rim - 2250
total rs 55k (not counting many miscellaneous)

whatever, i feel its worth spending when i drive & have decided to keep it till i exist.

Sam Dinkar 22nd November 2012 03:16 PM

@Ananth: Cost of restoration is okay, though I would say you blew at least Rs 5000 more than what was necessary. BUT I AM SHOCKED THAT YOU PAID RS 30000 FOR THE BIKE!! At Rs. 30000, I expect a fully functioning '81 Yezdi with stock bore and no bodywork issues.

Anyways, let bygones be bygones. What matters is that you are smitten by your ride and are enjoying every moment of riding it. And as an ointment, how many bikes are available in the market today for Rs 55000 which have even 10% of the character that your Yezdi has?

Keep this thread updated and ride safe - the Yezdi has BAD BAD BAD brakes!

visran 23rd November 2012 05:39 AM

Re: 1981 Yezdi D250 Classic Restoration
Great work buddy, Mysore is one place where you will find many passionate Yezdi & Jawa owners, i had met couple of yezdi club members few years back but not able to re collect their names their passion and dedication to run this timeless beauty is really commendable.

And so is your's, don't think much about the expenses incurred by you to restore this bike, when that thought crosses your mind just hop on to this bike and take her for a ride and i am sure all those bad feeling will vanish in seconds[:)]

Please restrain using this bike as your regular ride as Sam had mentioned it comes with a really bad brakes.

Please keep updating this thread

jihu123 28th November 2012 03:15 PM

Re: 1981 Yezdi D250 Classic Restoration
I didn't have much knowledge about Yezdi during the past. But now, after hearing a lot from one of my friend. I must say, you are one lucky chap to own one!
Owning an Yezdi in this generation is mighty great. The 250cc- 2 stroke engine with dual exhausts is surely a gem which the current new generation vehicles can't provide.
In short, its True Classic Bike!
Ride Safe & don't hurt her. [:)]

obelixknownothinx 28th November 2012 03:48 PM

Re: 1981 Yezdi D250 Classic Restoration
my heart skipped a beat when i read about the yezdi. great going pal. keep the posts coming, loving it.

sandeep.jagannath 10th January 2013 09:40 AM

Re: 1981 Yezdi D250 Classic Restoration
Hello Ananth,

Great job. The Bike looks really good. The Chrome job is brilliant.

Keep the King alive

sachinsharma 17th May 2013 11:47 AM

Re: 1981 Yezdi D250 Classic Restoration
wow thats a great alteration to this classic bike. who could forget about this royal bike that was of double silencer engine

amit1km 17th May 2013 03:52 PM

Re: 1981 Yezdi D250 Classic Restoration
The chrome job is really fantastic . The sound of the engine is really awesome.It just give you a feel like something powerful you are riding.
BTW what the mileage are you getting.

Faryash 17th May 2013 10:02 PM

Re: 1981 Yezdi D250 Classic Restoration
Wow , great review My uncle had a 1983 model , i cant forget the way he used to start it by kicking it in a pumping style that was weird great post .

snm6699 1st September 2013 01:43 AM

Re: 1981 Yezdi D250 Classic Restoration
I prefer this bike over RoadKing. This looks more of a classic.

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