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Moonndust 19th September 2017 05:36 AM

Need Help To Claim Zero Depreciation Insurance
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I've many deep,long and wide scratches all over my car with a broken left tail light and even i've a small hole in my back bumper. The car is insured with sbi and i do have zero dep add on. Local workshop quoted more than 10k and i think its time to avail the benefits of zero dep. I've pictures attached guys do guide me what to do.

allhyundaicars 19th September 2017 01:07 PM

Re: Need Help To Claim Zero Depreciation Insurance
you can't claim every dent on your car in a single claim.
i don't think you should claim anything.

you can get the tail lamp for 1800rs (original) from the local market or get just the red glass cover for 200rs and get it fixed from a mechanic. i have done the same on my santro's tail light and if the mechanic seals the glass properly there won't be any issue. not sure if you can get only the glass for elite i20.

i think the damages in the 2nd pic can be buffed out using waxpol buffing polish.

no point in getting the bumper painted or even claimed in just 5 months old car. the damage is not that much to claim.

Moonndust 19th September 2017 06:00 PM

Re: Need Help To Claim Zero Depreciation Insurance
I can't find just the glass I've to replace the whole tail light. My bumper is very messed up man the pictures won't do justice it looks very bad for a 5month old car and no the 2nd pic scratches are deep the local mechanic said ive to repaint the whole panel.

I'm thinking for claming the left tail lamp, rear bumper, left rear fender and if somehow i managed to convince the surveyor about the right rear door nasty scratchs (2ndpic) that'll an icing on the cake.

How much are the filing charges? What else ive to pay apart from labour? And does anybody have experience with sbi zero dep?

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