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MoRa 20th July 2017 01:06 PM

My Tryst with Adventure of DL Renewal (July '17)
Hi All

I had plans to renew my DL since a month. However, it was getting postponed for various reasons, and I did do it at last moment. Expiry date was 17 July and I went for renewal on 14th at last.

I had read on net about process and went there to get it done. Woke up early on Friday, (yes, I had taken leave for this) had breakfast and left for RTO. All RTOís in Bengaluru see tremendous influx of all types of humans on weekends and hence I chose Friday for my adventure. While getting into car saw that it was punctured and had to get this corrected. Thought of changing to stepney but decided against it as it will take more time. So filled some air and drove to puncture (no wait, itís punture) shop and got the screw removed which was so fond of my tyre that it gave good resistance to clamps of the owner of shop. He sweated it out and removed it at last and had to pay him 120 Rs for a puncture. (phew.. Bengaluru is costly). I was in hurry and didnít argue with him much but mentioned that itís very costly. He blamed government for the same.

I drove straight to Yeshwantpur RTO on a ring road and parked the car in premised and entered the building. One odd-looking broker started pestering me and had to dismiss him. I went straight over to a shop there and bought required forms (1 and 9) for renewal and started filling it. I was finished with it and owner said I had to get doctorís certificate and he pointed to a resident RTO doctor and went there to get myself certified. He was a grumpy old man who was willing to do the honors for a princely sum of 100 Rs, for which I happily obliged and paid and got myself certified that I am mentally and physically fit to drive. He was happy that business had started early on Friday.

I climbed up old and dirty stairs to second floor and found a gentleman with vermillion smeared on head and asked me why I had come told him the reason and he let me in after looking at my documents. I was told to go to counter C and get it verified by another grumpy-angry- old man and he signed it saying its fine and ordered to pay fees on 3rd floor. I climbed yet another old and ugly stairs to meet a huge woman sitting and doing multi-tasking, i.e, talking over a phone in one hand, messaging in other, dealing with broker kind of looking guy with so many forms for various things and talking to a colleague at the same time. I was left wondering and stood behind what looking like a mob but it was queue. At last, she pitied us poor souls who were standing to pay her fees and started collecting it. I managed to get to the counter and was asked to pay 400 after looking at my form which I paid but got receipt only for 350, for which I lodged a slight protest. She told, ďAshte kododuĒ. (only that much)

I mumbled some curse and climbed down to 2nd floor and stood in another queue which had a photo session. Queue was beginning to move and then I saw a high-ranking government official cut the queue and go straight to the lady sitting there and getting his photo session done and move out. No one uttered a single word and I kept to my counsel as was previously warned not to behave like alien. I smiled at photo and did invisible signature on a worn out pad with lakhs of signatures scribbled across it from eons.

I was told to stand in another queue which had data entry board stamped near the counter. I moved to counter after 15 mins and gentleman there told me that as I am coming from different RTO, I need to get DL extract ( I cursed myself because I had not read about this) from the RTO from whom I got the license. I told them that I am giving them original DL but they refused to listen.

I had to go to Yelahanka RTO to get DL extract, which is another 10 Kms approximately. I went there and applied for DL extract and was given a receipt which said it will take 7 days (note that cost is 10 Rs for this). I was flabbergasted, itís simple document and donít know why they need 7 days for it. I went to RTO superintendent of Yelahanka, MRS. Roopa and conveyed my problem. She obliged and wrote on application to issue it to her colleague. This colleague was not happy about this and she made me wait for 1 hour saying she has some urgent work and delayed it. I did wait and probably she was expecting some remuneration and when I waited for 1 hr, she realized probably that she wonít be getting it. I had a leisurely lunch in the meantime in a nearby hotel and went over to her desk and got the extract at last with a cursory look on her face. I was happy guy at last. I hate bribery to the core.

I drove to Yeshwantpur RTO proudly with DL extract and submitted to data entry counter. You will not believe it if I say it there was hardly any queue on Friday afternoon for DL renewal. Counter was manned by a guy, a look-alike of Chakravarty (remember hero of Satya movie). I complimented him for same and he remarked that he was told that several times and was happy about it. I was shown on screen the data thatís entered in their systems and I made sure that everything is right and left the counter by 3:30 PM with the assurance that DL will be sent to my residential address in a monthís time. I was given a receipt, itís a piece of paper with a RTO seal in it and DL renewal application number mentioned on it and I can drive with it. A happy ending at last and here ends my DL renewal adventure with a positive outcome.

Thanks for reading. You have patience if you have come this far.[:)]

GrandRk 20th July 2017 02:20 PM

Re: My Tryst with Adventure of DL Renewal (July '17)
Nicely written. It is always an adventure for common people to get work done from government offices. We go there with least expectation like it should get completed in that single day itself.

vijay_968 20th July 2017 02:51 PM

Re: My Tryst with Adventure of DL Renewal (July '17)
I will have to go to same Yes'pur RTO in few months' time. Your experience will be pretty useful to me. Thanks a lot.

My original DL was a plastic card issued in 1993, from Ghaziabad RTO. When I went to Yes'pur RTO, for renewal, I too heard the same story of "extract from Ghaziabad RTO". Got irritated and applied for a fresh DL same day, got the LL, coolly kept driving my Matiz (with Ghaziabad DL in pocket), and finally got the DL a month later. I feel "Indian Rules were made to enforce corruption upon Common Public. These cranky guys and their useless rules. [frustration]

MoRa 20th July 2017 05:23 PM

Re: My Tryst with Adventure of DL Renewal (July '17)
That's nicely done Vijay. It's like here have it on your face. :-) They and their useless rules, it's a shame the way they work there.

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