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carcommentor 2nd May 2017 07:13 PM

LLR For Handicapped Requires Owning a Car?
One of my seniors has no problem doing any work ,though he has club hands. He wanted to drive car so he got Ability certificate from Rehabilitation Hospital in KKNagar Chennai. RTOs in chennai prefer certificate from this hospital only. However, when he approached the RTO with the ability certificate for Learners license, the RTO asked him to show his car. My senior argued that he is there for learner's license and that he can buy a car only after he has learned to drive. As the RTO refused to issue LLR, my senior asked will he get LLR for sure if he buys a car? RTO refused to give any assurance.
My question is why does RTO insist on a car even for LLR ? What happens if RTO refuses LLR if my senior buys a car? Note that the ability certificate mentions no modifications so my senior doesn't need any special modified car. In fact he had no problem driving my car near beach when he drove for a short trail. Why car is needed even for issuing LLR? This is strange law. Is this the case all India or is it unique to TN?[confused]

bhvm 2nd May 2017 07:16 PM

Re: LLR for handicapped requires a Car?
Ask him to show his friends car or something.
This is INDIA. Straight Logical approach often does not work.

carcommentor 9th May 2017 08:02 AM

Re: LLR For Handicapped Requires Owning a Car?
Update: The RTO insisted that the car has to be owned by my friend. The car has to be registered in his name. The driving school which acted as a broker has also confirmed that this is the case across India! Physically handicapped persons have to buy a car and register it in their name before getting an LLR. The rules are same even if car modifications are not needed.[surprise]

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